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  • Uploaded on Web-Based Business Solutions. Overall Goals. Increasing registration or ticket sales. Streamlining expenses. Learning from events to improve future events (iterative process). In other words, improving the return on your event investment. Return on Event.

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Web-Based Business Solutions

overall goals
Overall Goals

Increasing registration or ticket sales

Streamlining expenses

Learning from events to improve future events (iterative process)

In other words, improving the return on your event investment


Return on Event

What does Return on Event mean?

ROE - Return on Event | The ratio of money gained or lost by investing in an event, relative to the amount of money invested in the production of an event.


About Cvent

  • In business for the past 11 years
  • Largest event management software company in the US
  • 600+ Employees
  • 200,000 events planned per year using Cvent
  • 35,000 meeting planner users


Promoting Your Event

Enhancing Your Event

Measuring Your Event’s Success


Problem: Too Much Work & Not Enough RSVPs

“Just getting people to register is a full-time job – even for mandatory internal meetings.”

  • Registrants phone, fax, mail and email in their registrations
  • Hours upon hours of data entry
  • Invitees throw away print collateral
  • Broadcasting an impersonal email campaign to everyone yields low results
build an online presence for your event
Build an Online Presence for Your Event

Information at Attendees’ fingertips

  • Share with social media sites
  • Appear in search results for relevant topics
  • Link to online registration process

Add key content:

  • Agenda
  • Dates and times
  • Travel information
  • Attendee list
  • Sponsor information
  • Speaker bios
  • Images, video, and flash content
  • Anything else you choose
promote your event on social media
Promote Your Event on Social Media

Facebook and LinkedIn both allow users to promote events

  • Use Facebook for events that are social in nature
  • Use LinkedIn for business events
  • Use both when appropriate
spread the news about your event
Spread the News About Your Event
  • Tweet updates and news
  • Create a blog for the event
  • Discuss the event with those who reply or leave comments

Deliver Professional Email Invitations

Customize the “From” name inyour emails

Use your own design, branding, fonts, images, and colors

Personalize the body of the email with information from your contact database

Make registration easy!

  • Provide all key information
  • Include registration buttons

Add sponsor logos

Increase Email Delivery Rate


Manage Contacts & Segment Messaging



MS Access

MS Excel

Contact Database

From: Amanda Katz,

VP Sales

From: Susan Walker,

VP Marketing

From: James Galford,





customize the registration form
Customize the Registration Form

Customize branding, colors and fonts

Newmaker, Adam

Pre-populate contact information to minimize drop-offs and incomplete responses


Executive VP

ABC Corp


200 Water Way

Ste 503

Washington, D.C.

Contact Database

Ask custom questions

Allow registrants to add guests and colleagues

Grow your database by 40% annually

Viral Marketing: Allow attendees to forward the invitation along to others

allow registrants to choose sessions
Allow Registrants to Choose Sessions

Guest (associate)

Registrant (executive)

  • Provide registration forms with multi-day, multi-track, multi-session registration
  • Use waitlists to prevent overflow
  • Ask additional questions based on session selection
  • Register guests (bulk registration)
  • Show different registration paths for different groups


Promoting Your Event

Enhancing Your Event

Measuring Your Event’s Success

tailor your event to the attendees
Tailor Your Event to the Attendees

Conduct event surveys to gauge attendee expectations and wants

Ask registrants about:

  • Their reasons for attending the event
  • What they want to get out of the event
  • Food & Beverage options
  • Speaker topics
  • Session topics and scheduling
  • Choice of venue
monetize the no s
Monetize the No’s

When an invitee declines, or when a registrant cancels,use regret surveys to find out why:

  • Inconvenient location
  • Choice of venue
  • Topic of the event
  • Schedule conflicts

Use the information to improve your next event

webcast your event
Webcast your Event
  • Provide a web-based option for those who cannot attend in person
  • Use Web-ex, GoToMeeting, or another provider to deliver presentation slides, audio, polling, and chat via the web
  • Give registrants the option to choose the live event or web-based version when signing up
extend the life of your event with video
Extend the Life of Your Event with Video

Months or even years after your event, you can continue to benefit from recorded video

  • Post to YouTube, Vimeo, and other online video hosting sites
  • Embed the file on your website
  • Use the video to promote future events: link to it in emails and on event websites
  • Use the video internally for training purposes
  • Hire videographers when a high level of professionalism is required
  • Do it yourself when the budget is low


Promoting Your Event

Enhancing Your Event

Measuring Your Event’s Success

track your emails
Track Your Emails

Four key metrics for email marketing your events

  • Delivery rate: How many of the emails you sent were actually delivered?
    • Reveals the quality of your address book
  • Open rate: How many of the emails you sent were opened?
    • Indicates effectiveness of your subject line and sender
  • Visit rate: Out of the emails you sent, how many resultedin a visit to the target website?
    • Shows effectiveness of the message and call to action
  • Click tracking: Which links within the emailreceived the most clicks?
    • Compares different calls to action – for example, a link within the email text vs. a button
track inbound visits
Track Inbound Visits

Use tracking codes to learn how visitors find your website

learn from your attendees
Learn From Your Attendees

After the event, survey attendees to learn what could be improved at your next event


Thank you

Stephen Macatuno