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CFX-12 by Century Flight

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CFX-12 by Century Flight. IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SUCCEED, TRY AGAIN… AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. FRR Presentation. Vehicle Dimensions. CFX-12 weighs approximately 830 oz. and has a total length of 110 in.

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cfx 12 by century flight
CFX-12by Century Flight



FRR Presentation

vehicle dimensions
Vehicle Dimensions
  • CFX-12 weighs approximately 830 oz. and has a total length of 110 in.
  • The launch vehicle consists mainly of two different size body tubes constructed of G12 fiberglass.
cfx 12 s features
CFX-12’S Features
  • Avionics Bay

The avionics bay is used solely for the commercially available altimeter housing, keeping it isolated from any interfering electronics.

  • Drag Brake

The drag brake is a retractable nose cone which increases the drag of the rocket. A simple algorithm implemented with an on board computer is used to determine the correct time to deploy the drag break to achieve the target altitude.

  • Recovery System

Based on two deployments, one at apogee, one at 800ft.

  • Rover

The rover is one of CFX-12’s payloads that will be jettisoned during the descent phase of the mission. The design allows it to land on either side and also have usable ground clearance so it can pass over small obstacles.

cesaroni l2375wt
Cesaroni L2375WT
  • CFX-12 Weight: 830 oz
  • Max Altitude: 5,570 ft
  • Max Velocity: 640 ft/sec
cfx 12 stability
CFX-12 Stability
  • Total length: 110in.
  • Center of Gravity: 58.1in
  • Center of Pressure: 77.12in.
  • Static Margin: 2.37
thrust to weight ratio and rail exit velocity
Thrust to Weight Ratio and Rail Exit Velocity
  • Thrust-to-Weight: 9.8-to-1
  • Rail Exit Velocity: 60 ft/sec
  • Maximum Velocity:640 ft/sec
full scale flight test data
Full Scale Flight Test Data

We had a successful brake-deployed full scale launch:

  • Observed very stable flight.
  • Successful recovery—all pieces survived intact.
  • Electronics collected data effectively .
  • Drag coefficient computed from data corroborated existing results.
predicted altitude
Predicted Altitude

We believe our energy management approach will result in an apogee within 1% of 5,280 ft.

  • We collected the data necessary for effective brake deployment algorithm design.
parachute stats
Parachute Stats(*)

Drogue Chute 54 inch PAR-54R

Main Chute 96 inch PAR-96R

tests p lans and procedures
Tests Plans and Procedures


wind tunnel

full scale launch





motor/ igniter

drag brake design and dimensions
Drag Brake Design and Dimensions

The CFX-12's drag brake, is a retractable nose conethat will allow us to control our maximum altitude.

1 in stoppers at the

base of the ogive.

rover design and dimensions
Rover Design and Dimensions
  • The rover is an autonomous vehicle capable of maneuvering on its own by utilizing a sophisticated sensor suite.
    • Wheel diameter: 5 in.
    • Length: 10 in.
    • Weight: 5lbs
rover integration
Rover Integration
  • The rover will be housed inside the 8” upper fuselage of the CFX-12. During ascension the rover will be exposed to three forces that could affect mission success.
    • Rotational motion – tangling of chute shock cord
    • Vertical forces (gee loads)
    • excess heat from ejection charges
verification drag brake
Verification – Drag Brake

Test results indicate:

Drag brake has substantial impact on drag: drag coefficient of ~0.5. This gives us significant control over max altitude.

Stability has been confirmed visually in flight tests as well as in wind tunnel analysis.

interfaces with ground systems
Interfaces With Ground Systems

Telemetry with electronics package

Telemetry with Rover

requirements verification for vehicle
Requirements Verification for Vehicle
  • We have met all requirements set fourth.
  • Our independent sections are the vehicle and the rover. They each have a parachute and GPS.
  • We are using commercially available altimeters and motors.
  • Recovery system can be armed on pad, from outside the airframe.
  • Final recovery event at 800ft AGL