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WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project

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WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project. Dr. Charles PETITOT Technical Officer Ageing and Life Course Programme. Ageing is the success of the 20 th century and the challenge of the 21st. A growing global city. Population 2000 2025 2050 (in billion).

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who global age friendly cities project

WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project

Dr. Charles PETITOT

Technical Officer

Ageing and Life Course Programme

an ageing world especially in developing countries

Population 2000 2025 2050

(in billion)

Total 6.0 7.8 8.9


developed countries 1.2 1.2 1.2


developed countries 4.7 6.6 7.8

60+ 0.6 1.2 2.0


developed countries 0.2 0.3 0.3


developed countries 0.4 0.9 1.7

An ageing world, especially in developing countries
more older people in cities in the developing world
the number of persons aged 60 + in developing countries will be 9 times greater than now

the share of older persons living in urban areas will be 16 times greater

More older people in cities in the developing world

“Ageing is a development issue.

Healthy older persons are a resource

for their families,

their communities and the economy.”

WHO Brasilia Declaration on Ageing,

July, 1996

"Active ageingis the process ofoptimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance quality of life as people age."
active ageing is a life long process

Early Life

Growth and development

Adult Life

Maintaining highest possible level of function

Older Age

Maintaining independence and preventing disability

Functional capacity

Disability threshold

Rehabilitation and ensuring the quality of life


Active Ageing is a life-long process

Range of function

in individuals

Source:Kalache and Kickbusch, 1997


Age-Friendly Collaborating Cities


Germany, Ruhr

Ireland, Dundalk

Italy, Udine

Russia, Moscow

Russia, Tuymazy

Switzerland, Geneva

Turkey, Istanbul

UK, Edinburgh

UK, London


Argentina, La Plata

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Canada, Halifax

Canada, Portage La Prairie

Canada, Saanich

Canada, Sherbrooke QB

Costa Rica, San Jose

Jamaica, Kingston

Jamaica, Montego Bay

Mexico, Cancun

Mexico, Mexico City

Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Puerto Rico, Ponce

USA, Portland


Kenya, Nairobi


India, Delhi

India, Udaipur


Jordan, Amman

Lebanon, Tripoli

Pakistan, Islamabad


Australia, Melbourne

Australia, Melville

China, Shanghai

Japan, Himeji

Japan, Tokyo

BC Ministry of Health

focus groups with older persons to determine
Focus groups with older persons to determine

What aspects of the city are "age-friendly"?

What are the barriers and problems?

How can the city become more age-friendly?

  • Complemented by focus groups with caregivers and service providers
an encompassing and empowering research process
An Encompassing and Empowering Research Process
  • Identification of structural, organizational, economic, attitudinal barriers
  • "Bottom-up" process to develop criteria relevant to older persons
  • 1500 older persons' voices
much information is available but finding needed information is complicated moscow russia
"Much information is available but finding needed information is complicated " (Moscow, Russia)

"As your faculties begin to fade, this kind of thing appears to cause more in terms of stress" (Halifax, Canada)

we are not going out in the evenings i don t go anywhere they might kill you tuymazy russia
"I have my retirement salary but how can I live with this little money?" (Istanbul, Turkey)

"The doorman is really nice, he looks after 4 people in my building" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

"People would notice if you weren't at mass"

(Dundalk, Ireland)

"We are not going out in the evenings. I don't go anywhere… They might kill you" (Tuymazy, Russia)
beyond the release of the guide
Beyond the Release of the Guide
  • Age-friendly planning and action in collaborating cities
  • Dissemination to other communities
  • Validation of the Guide
  • Age-friendly rural and remote community Guide
  • International age-friendly cities network
    • Age-friendly city best practices inventory
    • Best practice conferences (Essen 2007; Istanbul 2008)
  • International age-friendly communities research
    • "Ageing in a foreign land"
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