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Presentation. Importer and Distributor of elite alcohol in Alef Corporation. “A kvavit” LLC - is the spirits&wine importing and distributing division in the multi-business company, Trading-Industry Corporation “Alef”

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Importer and Distributor of elite alcohol in Alef Corporation


“Akvavit” LLC - is the spirits&wine importing and distributing division in the multi-business company, Trading-Industry Corporation “Alef”

  • “Akvavit” - one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of elite alcohol in the territory of Ukraine. “Akvavit” - is a reliable and promising business partner, who is developing steadily. “Akvavit” has established an adjusted distribution system in 18 regions of Ukraine, its own logistics, fleet which includes 57 vehicles and serves more than 9000 outlets throughout Ukraine. More than 200 highly skilled sales representatives and supervisors are involved in the offices of “Akvavit” promotion of the products. “Akvavit” LLC is the exclusive and official distributor of leading brands from manufacturers of alcohol, offering to Ukrainian consumers a wide range of all categories of alcoholic beverages.

History of the company

History of the company has its origins in the distant 1998, when the first samples of import alcohol for the further selling were delivered to Ukraine under the importing and distributing forces of Alef Corporation. At that time the company became known as Trade House ARDA and operated under that name until 2010. In 2010, as a result of the rapid expansion of product range, which covers all aspects of “Elite” area it was decided to split the company into two components. The result – at the end of 2010 Trading House was divided into “Arda-Trading” LLC and “Akvavit” LLC. Today “Akvavit” has a broad portfolio of brands of companies that specialize in selling elite beverages: wine, whiskey, cognac, tequila, gin from the leading producers.Products market coverage of "Akvavit" is steadily growing, which gives the company the right to claim confidently about leading position in the Ukrainian market of elite alcohol. The best wines produced by wine houses of France, Italy, Spain, Chile and other countries of the New World - more than 1,000 items are of particular interest to the domestic market. The company's portfolio also includes Georgian wine, TM"Agmarti" from the manufacturer Palavani, famous since 1995.


Themission of “Akvavit” - providing only the best lovers with world-renowned brands of alcohol beverages. Brands represented by the company enjoyed the same success with consumers, who appreciate, above all, quality, style and taste.

Thephilosophy of "Akvavit" is based on raising awareness among the Ukrainians of the world elite of alcohol, national traditions, bringing good taste and high culture of consumption of the legendary beverages, once preferred by such greats as Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and others.


Portfolio of the brands

The portfolio of “Akvavit” company includes the most requested and popular brands of world renown. One of the main features, valued highly both by partners and ultimate consumers, is a complete representation of all categories of alcoholic beverages.



Grande Esperance

Pierre Fuzey

Villa Gritti

Bodegas Lozano




Chateau de Montifaud


Finsbury Gin



Sierra Tequila


Canario Cachaca


Jim Beam,

Hankey Bannister,





Old Pulteney,




The suppliers of the company are the largest and respected companies in the world:

Beam Global Spirits & Wine

the fourth largest spirits company in the world, its portfolio includes more than 120 premium and super premium class beverages. Most brands of BGSW occupy leading positions in key categories of spirits.The portfolio includes: Jim Beam, Courvoisier, Sauza

SARL Chateau de Montifaud

one of the few family businesses that produce cognac from own grapes. These cognacs are served in top restaurants and adorn private collections. Brandy House Chateau de Montifaud sells exclusively products made from its own harvests and offers a complete range of high-quality cognac and Pineau-de-Charentes.The portfolio includes: Chateau de Montifaud



Inver House Distillers Ltd.

a young and dynamic company that owns five distilleries malt. Following the market demands, the company appreciates the invaluable heritage of its brands Premium Class Scotch whiskey.The portfolio includes: Hankey Bannister, Catto `s, MacArthur` s, Balblair, anCnoc, Old Pulteney, Speyburn


One of the largest manufacturer and supplier of spirits and wines in Germany and Europe . The company's portfolio includes more than 60 brands, which constantly takes the first and second place in consumers’ preferences.The portfolio includes: Sierra Tequila, Finsbury Gin, Canario Cachaca


Wines. Suppliers

The company "Akvavit" offers a wide choice of wines from leading producers, famous family wineries that have gained the worldwide recognition and are favorite among Ukrainian wine lovers. The company owns a number of wine brands that combine good quality, variety and an affordable price range. These wines can be found in leading restaurants, cafes, boutiques and retail chains in Ukraine:


TM Grande Esperance - red and white dry wineTM Pierre Fuzey - popular varietal wine in France


TM Villa Gritti - popular wines, controlled by origin: Chianti, Soave, Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio from Veneto


ТМ Bodegas Lozano – dry and semi-sweet wines (red and white) from the region of La Mancha


ТМ Premio – semi-dry wine (red and white) from one of the leading producers of Chile - Company Santa Carolina


Wines. Suppliers. France

In the range of "Akvavit" there are Bordeaux wines from the two companies, which act as owners of some chateau, and as merchants - Robert Giraud and Borie-Manoux.

Champagne Henriot - one of the oldest and most famous Champagne houses in France, headed by the legend of French wine-making, Joseph Anrio.Burgundy wines are represented by one of the largest landowners in the region - a company with a long history and extensive experience in winemaking, Bouchard Pere & Fils.William Fevre - the legendary producer of popular wine Chablis. These wines are well-known for its unsurpassed quality throughout the world.Domaine Weinbach – the classic producer of Alsace wines, family-owned, led by the "Queen of Alsace" Colette Faller.Domaine Viticole de la Ville de Colmar – producer of Alsace, absolutely popular in Ukrainian, with a very attractive style of wines at affordable prices.

Popular table and varietal wines of TM Grande Esperance and Pierre Fuzey from one of the leading wine producers in the South of France - Tresch.And also: the producers of wines from the Rhone Valley - Vidal-Fleury, from the Loire Valley - Guy Saget, a small family producer of Chablis - Pascal Bouchard


Wines. Suppliers. Italy

Italian wine selection of Akvavit in a wide range is represented by wines of the biggest family winery in Italy – Zonin Company. The company owns eight wine enterprises in different parts of Italy, offering a wide assortment of popular wines, including the classic sparkling wine.Barone Ricasoli - Chianti legendary producer - the most popular red Italian wine. Led by 33rd Baron, Francesco Ricasoli, the company continues to produce wines that have become the flagship of Italian winemaking.Tommasi – well-known family-owned company that has received recognition for its wines from Veneto, first of all, thanks to Amarone della Valpolicella.Giuseppe Quintarelli - producer offering exclusive wine from Veneto, one of the most famous and expensive wine in Italy and around the world.Gini - one of the most prestigious wine producers of Soave from Veneto.Cavicchioli - the most famous producer of Lambrusco in Italy, which possesses its own vineyards for the production of the classic sparkling wine.Cusumano - one of the most famous producer in Sicilian region, a very progressive winemaker synthesizing previous generations’ experience wealth with modern technology.Instituto Enologicio Italiano – represents TM Villa Gritti - popular wines, controlled by origin: Chianti, Soave, Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio from Veneto.Also in the assotment of "Akvavit“ there is a whole range of wines from small family enterprises in different regions of Italy: - From Tuscany - Castello di Volpaia (Chianti), Tenuta il Poggione, Silvio Nardi (Brunello di Montalcino) and Poderi Boscarelli (Vino Nobile)- From Piedmont - Paolo Scavino and Azelia (Barolo), Bruno Rocca and Moccagatta (Barbaresco)- From Friuli - Ronco del Gelso and others.


Wines. Suppliers


Gruppo Codorniu - this group brings together wine producers from many wine regions of Spain, is known first and foremost, thanks to Spanish sparkling wine produced using the classical method of champagnization - Cava.Bodegas Valduero – a progressive winery in Ribera del Duero, famous for its red wine.Bodegas Lozano - dry and semi-sweet wines (red and white) from the region of La Mancha.


Luigi Bosca – one of the oldest wineries in Mendoza, Argentina, offers a wide selection of high quality varietal wines.


Luis Felipe Edwards – one of the youngest and most innovative Chilean winery, which offers a wide range of varietal wines and puts wine quality at the head of its philosophy.

Cousino-Macul– one of the oldest enterprises in Chile, still belongs to the family of founders. Wines of this small family-owned company are created solely from its own grapes, which allows to control wine quality at all stages of production.

Premio – semi-dry wine (red and white) from one of the leading producers of Chile - Santa Carolina Company.



“Akvavit” LLC is the exclusive and official distributor of all brands proposed to the Ukrainian consumers. The widest range of all types of beverages, the world famous brands and exclusivity of theirs supply makes “Akvavit” LLC one of the strategically important partner for leading points of HoReCa segment and retail networks in Ukraine.

Leading retail chains in Ukraine, where the products of “Akvavit” LLC are presented

National chains:

METRO Cash&Carry

Supermarkets chain «АТB»

Supermarkets chain «Furshet»

Supermarkets chain «Velyka Kyshenya»

Supermarkets chain «Sil’po»

Supermarkets chain «BILLA»

Supermarkets chain «NOVUS»

Supermarkets chain «Buro vin(Good wine)» Supermarkets chain «Ekspansiya» Supermarkets chain «Ashan»

Supermarkets chain «Amstor»

Supermarkets chain «Varus»

Supermarkets chain «Spar»



Large regional’s chains :


Supermarkets chain «MegaMarket»

Supermarkets chain «Kray»

Supermarkets chain «Fora»

Supermarkets chain «Ekomarket»

Supermarkets chain «Polyana»


Supermarkets chain «Drink Shop»


Supermarkets chain «Obzhora»


Supermarkets chain «Target»

Supermarkets chain «Klass»

Supermarkets chain «Rost»


Supermarkets chain «Lia Absolut»


Supermarkets chain «Lvovholod»


Supermarkets chain «Uzhnyy Bug»

Supermarkets chain «5th Okean»

Supermarkets chain «Tavria»


Supermarkets chain «Tavria»

Supermarkets chain «Real»


Leading HoReCa points:


Restaurant “Egoist"

Restaurant “Titanik"

Restaurant “Concord"

Restaurant “Decadance"

Restaurant “Belveder”

Restaurant “Goodman"

Концерт холл “Kristal Hall"


Restaurant “Buddha Bar"

Restaurant “Pena"

Restaurant “Da Vinci"

Restaurant “Moscow"

Restaurant “Rasgulyaevo"

Restaurant “Filini"

Restaurant “Kazbek"

Restaurant “Dezhavyu"


Night club “Ford Noks”




Kosyrnaya Karta (Dezhavyu; Khinkali)

Hotel “Atlas”


Leading HoReCa points:

North-East region:

Party-Bar “DOM”

Night-Club “Restro-club”

Restaurant «Chehov»

Restaurant “Pushka”, “Mindal’”, “Sharikov”, “Ne Goni”

Restaurant “Abazhyur”.

Central region

Restaurant “Reporter"

Restaurant “Veranda"

Restaurants chain Gurman: “Portofino”, “Kioto",

“Atrium”,“Bavarius", “Ban-Zay- 1", “Ban-Zay-2", “Beerhouse"

Night Club “Paris”

Restaurant “Ikra"

Cafe-houses chain “Coffee Life" ( 27 points)

West Region (Lvov):

Entertainment complex “Mi-100”

Entertainment complex “Sofia”

Night Club “Feyshn”


Leading HoReCa points:

South (Odessa):

Night club “Ibiza” (Odessa, Arkadia)

Night club “Itaka” (Odessa, Arkadia)

Night club “Dikiy Zet” (Odessa)

Night club “Plazma” (Odessa)

Pab “Irish Pab” (Odessa).

Restaurants chain “Fankoni”

Restaurants chain “Top Sendvich”

Night club «Yo»

Night club“Palladium”

Restaurants chain “Mario”

Restaurants chain “Robin Bobin”

Restaurant “Kolumbus”


Hotel Complex “Palmira Palace” (SSC)

Night club “Matritsa” (Yalta)

Night club“Malibu” (Evpatoria)

Large Chains:

Restaurants chain “Kozyrnaya Karta”

Café chain “Coffee-House”

Bowling clubs chain “Maximum”

Restaurants chain of Japanese cuisine “Yakitoriya”

Chain “PisBoy Club” (“Belviu”,”Partizan”,”Trufel’ ”, “Stena”).



1 Sobinova Street, Dnepropetrovsk,

49083, Ukraine

Tel. +38 (0562) 732 24 29

Fax +38 (056) 732 23 18