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Bell Work 10/30/12- “American Progress” by John Gast. movement westward, right to left flow, light to dark. Buffalo, Native Americans and other wild game flee in the face of the storm of western expansion. “Columbia” represents the United States.

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Bell Work 10/30/12- “American Progress” by John Gast

movement westward, right to left flow, light to dark

Buffalo, Native Americans and other wild game flee in the face of the storm of western expansion

“Columbia” represents the United States

Star of Empire on her forehead and school book in her hand

Telegraph wires

Modes of transportation to the west

Pony Express, gold miners, and farmers illustrate progress

A City with all of its amenities indicates civilization and progress

Write down all the imagery you notice in the painting

what do you think
What do you think?

Explain how Americans in 1873 would have interpreted this painting? Today?

What do you think the purpose of the painting was in 1873?

How do you think Native Americans would have interpreted the painting in 1873? Today?

Briefly explain the idea of Manifest Destiny. How does this painting illustrate this concept?

across the wide missouri oregon
Across the Wide Missouri- Oregon
  • Foreign and U.S claims
  • Joint occupation with Britain
  • The Oregon Trail
    • Pioneers
    • Prairie Schooners
oregon the oregon trail
Oregon- The Oregon Trail
  • Oregon Fever (1840’s)
    • “54° 40’ or fight
  • Treaty of 1846
    • 49th parallel

Joseph Smith and Latter Day Saints (LDS)

Naveroo- plural wives

Murder of Joseph Smith

Brigham Young


Mormon Trail- Stations


Salt Lake- Planning


  • Sutters Mill- 1848
  • “Gold Fever”- routes
    • Land and sea
  • Jumpoffs- “skinning”
  • The Trail 1849

Donner Party of 1846

Prospecting and Mining Life

An International Event

The Lucky Few