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Lockdown 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Lockdown 2010

Lockdown 2010

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Lockdown 2010

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  1. Lockdown 2010 • The conference will be begin at 7:45am • Please check-in at the registration table in the atrium and pick up a conference hat, name tag and schedule/feedback form • Breakfast items located in the atrium • Please silence cell phones, etc

  2. Lockdown 2010 • Presentations will be posted on the Lockdown site • Bathroom locations • Lunch in the lobby • Pick up certification of completion later in the afternoon • Return feedback form at the registration table after your last session

  3. Welcome to Lockdown 2010 July 15, 2010 Ron KraemerCIO/Vice Provost for Information TechnologyUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

  4. Bruce Orchard • UW-Madison graduate • Waisman and College of Engineering (CAE) staff member • Original BadgIRT Volunteer

  5. Think Differently Be Innovative Show Courage

  6. The Top 10 tactical things we can do to help safeguard the information entrusted to us: • Know who is responsible for cybersecurity in your organization and engage them. • Use strong passwords. • Have up-to-date anti-virus/anti-spyware running on all devices (at home and at work). • Use "Identity Finder" to find restricted data on your devices. • Encourage everyone to delete data that they do not need. • Use encryption software if you must keep restricted data. • Ensure your units have firewalls in place. • Make sure that your cybersecurity staff members review security-related logs and messages. • Keep devices physically safe (laptops, flash drives, etc.). • Listen for remarks that make you nervous. The top two strategic things we can do to help safeguard the information entrusted to us: • Support the strategy to improve data governance and data management [data stewardship]. • Support the strategy to fortify the audit and assessment process. For more information: • • Invite us to visit with you! [Jim Lowe (Office of Campus Information Security)

  7. Safeguarding the Information Entrusted to the University Student/Faculty/Staff Data Other Data Social Security Numbers Driver’s License Number Financial Account Info (credit/debit card numbers, back account information) Academic Records Health Records Employment Records/Guest Records E-Mail/Voice Mail Records Location/access data from key cards, wireless Internet connections Surveillance video records Security scan information Library and electronic reserve records Purchase history information Vehicle Data DNA profile information Biometric Data (fingerprints, voiceprints, retina/iris image) Parent Financial Account Info (credit/debit card numbers, back account information) Financial and other data on alumni and donor prospects Behavioral data on the patients treated at college/university hospitals, research subjects, and children cared for in campus day-care centers Data from background checks, references, debt collection, litigation Intellectual Property related to teaching and research Individual personal data that should not reside on university devices (tax forms, personal account information [iTunes, eTrade,, etc.], passwords, etc.) Where is this data? Servers, desktop systems, fixed storage devices (disk and tape), etc. Mobile devices (e.g., laptops, smartphones, removable hard drives, iPods,iPads, flash drives, etc.) Other media (CDs, DVDs, microfiche, digital tape, paper, etc.) Devices outside the university (e.g., Facebook, Google, our personal devices, on associate’s devices, etc.) Other devices connected to the network (e.g., microscopes, lab equipment, video conferencing systems, smartboards, etc.)