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What Happens After Tattoo Removal Treatment

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What Happens After Tattoo Removal Treatment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The laser tattoo removal process, although non-invasive has a noticeable effect on the skin around the treatment area.

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What Happens After Tattoo Removal Treatment

The laser tattoo removal process, although non-invasive has a noticeable effect on the skin around

the treatment area. During the first couple of hours after the treatment you may observe the

following signs:

Slight inflammation or swelling around the tattoo area

Skin discolouration showing a pale or white hue

The tattoo will likely be a little sore to the touch and appear red like sunburn

You may also experience some pain for which you may require some pain medication. Applying an

antibiotic cream will also help to speed up healing and prevents scars from forming. The antibiotic

property will also help to prevent infection.

Laser Tattoo Removal After-care

Just as you receive aftercare instruction from the tattoo parlour, there are aftercare instructions

you need to follow after laser removal treatment. Here is what you need to remember:

Cleanse the tattoo area gently with warm water

Apply the antibiotic cream

Be on the lookout for continued swelling and redness which could be a symptom of

infection, call your doctor immediately if you suspect an infection

Avoid touching and picking at the tattoo treatment area

During the next couple of days and weeks you should expect the area to remain somewhat

reddened. Flaking may begin to occur in a week or two with scabs forming, do not pick at these as

its the skin going through its healing and renewal process.

Lightening or darkening of the skin may occur, depending on the size of the tattoo treated and the

area affected. Ensuring the area is not exposed to the sun until completely healed is paramount as it

prevents further skin damage. Over a period of between 4 and 6 weeks you can expect the tattoo to

gradually fade. Looking at before and after pictures is usually the best way to appreciate the extent

of fading. Several treatments may be required and that is why it is recommended to wait 4-6 weeks

between treatments so you give your body the chance of getting rid of the ink.