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Frog Forest

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Frog Forest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Frog Forest
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  1. Frog Forest

  2. Expectations • Work to your full potential • Do your best work • Turn in all assignments on time • Use your time wisely • Complete your work in a timely manner • Follow all class and school rules • Follow the procedures • Be willing to take a risk • Grow as a learner • Enjoy 5th grade

  3. Building Responsibility • No Excuses I forgot My Mom/Dad said.. wouldn’t.. forgot I didn’t know I didn’t hear you • Read the Directions • Do neat, careful work • Check Binder Reminder • Come to class prepared with work and supplies

  4. 5th grade • More effort than previous grades • More independence is stressed • Need to actually study • More mature academic behaviors are expected: No heads down on the desk, no yawning, no sitting on their feet, etc.

  5. Behavior • Follow rules of conduct • Progressive discipline • Consequences for poor choices • Rewards for good choices • A complete copy of my discipline plan can be found on our website

  6. Supplies • Colored Pencils • Fine tipped white board marker • White board eraser/sock • 2 folders with brads • Scissors • Ruler • pencils • 3x5 index cards • Glue stick

  7. Homework • I assign homework nightly and it includes: reading comprehension, fluency, 30 minutes of reading, spelling, and math • All work, unless noted, is due the next morning at 8:00 am • Homework is considered late if it is not available for check in first thing in the morning.

  8. Homework part 2 • I have asked the office staff and custodian not to let kids in to get forgotten work. • Any class work taken home to complete will receive an automatic 15 point deduction • The full homework policy can be found on our class website.

  9. 5th grade is the beginning of an academic stage that builds skills for reading and learning for life In 5th grade they begin to acquire and apply a full and complex range of language and literacy skills that enable them to read to learn. In 5th grade the instruction focuses on a deeper and more complex analysis of literature and informational text. The understanding of important vocabulary, language conventions, structural features of informational text, and fundamental elements of literature all support greater comprehension.

  10. Reading Change from learning to read to reading to learn Beginning to focus on non-fiction, informational materials Focus on building comprehension, vocabulary, and knowledge of literary elements Focus on developing independent, critical readers that can interpret the selection Depth and Complexity through utilization and interaction with iconic prompts for Depth and Complexity. A minimum of 10 Accelerated points a month

  11. Accelerated Reading • Minimum of 10 points a month • Passing grade of 85% or higher • Reading in the ZPD range • Chapter Books • Should be recorded on their reading log • Tests can be taken in morning during AR/AM time, free time, or Thursdays during computer lab

  12. Language Grammar Language Mechanic Daily Paragraph Editing Weekly quiz Spelling Weekly list Correct spelling is essential not only on test, but on all written work

  13. Writing 1. Well developed 8-10 word sentences in all work 2. Multiple paragraph essays that are clear, coherent, and focused. 3. Students will write narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive text. 4. Research

  14. Math Text addresses the standards Challenge and enrichment activities will be provided Logic and problem solving will be emphasized Accelerated Math

  15. Accelerated Math • Weekly objectives are assigned and yellow card will be signed if not met. • Standard based and provides reinforcement, remediation, and enrichment. • Students are expected to keep track of their scantron and practice. • Replacements cost 100 society dollars

  16. Science Systems of Living Things (life) Weather and Space (earth) Matter and Energy (physical)

  17. SocialStudies/History United States History Modified State Research Project

  18. Standards Based Grading System 5 (95% +) Advanced exceeds standards 4 (80% - 94%) Proficient meets standards 3 (70% - 79%) Basicapproaching standards 2 (60% - 69%) Below basic below grade level standards 1 (60% - 0%) Far below basic far below grade level

  19. Differentiation • Students will receive the core 5th grade curriculum • Students will move at an accelerated pace • The core curriculum will be differentiated to provide novelty, depth, and complexity. • Kaplan’s iconic prompts for Depth and Complexity • Kaplan’s Content Imperatives • Characteristics of a Scholar

  20. Structures have parts that interrelate • Parts of structures support and are supported by other parts • Smaller structures may be combined to form larger structures • A structure Is no stronger than its weakest component part Structure Universal Theme

  21. The Study of Disciplines • What vocabulary is used? • What tools are used? • What methods are used? • What service is provided? • What products are made? • Patterns • What patterns do you notice? • Can you predict what will come next? • Why do you think so? • Trends • Identify cause & effect relationships • What are influencing factors? • Details • Who..? What..? • When…?Where..? • Why…? How…? • Unanswered Questions • What words don’t you understand? • What is unclear? • What information is missing? • Rules • What are the rules? • How it is structured? • Ethics • Who believes the behavior or action to be right or wrong and why? • Big Ideas • What is the theme? • Identify the “Big Idea”, principle or generalization. Depth & Complexity Icons Use this page to make icon transparencies, to use as discussion guides on your white board, as “cue cards” during literature circle book discussions or as writing prompts to generate ideas & encourage critical thinking. Shared by Sandra Kaplan & The California Association for the Gifted • Interdisciplinary • Connection • What common theme connects the topics? • How is one topic like the other? • Point of View • Who agrees & disagrees? • What are their opinions? • Who believes what & why? • Change Over Time • What was it like in the past, the present & what might it be like in the future? • What caused the change?

  22. Honor Roll • Gold All 5’s • Silver 4’s and 5’s • Bronze All 4’s

  23. Yellow Cards and Incentive • 3.3 or higher overall average per trimester earns an incentive day • 3.3 or higher average for all 3 trimesters earns a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm

  24. Daily Schedule • Please try to schedule appointments during non-core times. It is very difficult for your student to catch up on class instruction. You can check the daily schedule on our class website.

  25. Our work day starts at 8:00 and all students need to be here on time. 3 excused tardies a trimester Unexcused tardies and excused tardies past the 3 allowed are written on the yellow card Tardies

  26. Absences • Send a note to excuse an absence • All work due to absences must be made up and it is the student’s responsibility to get missed work • Independent Study for absences of more than 5 days

  27. Society • Frog Forest • Business Day the last Friday of the month • 2.0 on yellow card to participate • Business must be made • No parents at business day • Society money • Jobs…behavior….homework

  28. Field Trips • History of the Printing Press • Griffith Park Observatory • Riley’s Farm • See’s Fundraiser

  29. What Else ? • Water Bottles • Cell Phones • Projects • Toys • Foo foo school supplies • Parent contact card • PTA

  30. Wish list • Ream of copy paper, white, blue, yellow, or green • Sharpie pens, black, extra fine tip • Fine tip white board markers • Glue sticks • Electric pencil sharpeners • Small raffle items • Clorox wipes • iTune cards

  31. My email is • Class website found at

  32. Math and Science text online • Reading Text Social Studies Text CD can be checked out by parent

  33. … and more • Scholastic Club Book Orders GZBWW • District Website: AR….AM…Study Island…

  34. Questions

  35. Let the Adventure Begin 