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MANE NEWS. Diary Dates. NEXT RALLY : November 24th, 2013. December Rally will be Christmas Theme. Get your dress ups ready ! Clinic - January 19 th 2014 Rosedale Gymkhana: February 23 rd 2014 . Rosedale Horse Trials – March 23 rd , 2014

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mane news


Diary Dates

  • NEXT RALLY: November 24th, 2013.
  • December Rally will be Christmas Theme. Get your dress ups ready!
  • Clinic - January 19th 2014
  • Rosedale Gymkhana: February 23rd 2014.
  • Rosedale Horse Trials – March 23rd, 2014
  • Look out for more information on the above dates in upcoming Newsletters.

Rosedale & District Pony Club Newsletter

If you have any queries or suggestions for the newsletter please contact Club Secretary Meg Walsh.


welcome to the new look newsletter
Welcome to the New look Newsletter…

Hi Everyone!

The newsletter is back… Unfortunately NOT bigger and better than last time… BUT at least there is an attempt at one.

This months newsletter is all about informing you of what is happening at Rosedale & District Pony Club….

There are many new faces around (including mine!) and it is a great opportunity to inform and remind everyone of the goings on, who can help, who is who and what needs to be done.

Firstly lets have a look at who is on the committee. Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or suggestions for our club. Next issues we may even include photo’s! (Oh No!)

october rally
October Rally

This month we had instructor Dean Sutton, with Di Thomas and Deb (president extraordinaire). There was much fun had by all members of all ages! Well, there may be some debate from the wonderful mums and helpers who ran along side their charges. Well Done guys! You all put in a great effort!

Deb took the littlies out to the cross country for the afternoon session to have a play, and boy did they enjoy the water! There were some very brave young riders who gave everything a go. You were all little champs!

Firstly, Dean instructed in flat work with our older members. They got some very sound advice and help, you and your horses looked like you were all working very hard, Dean was obviously keeping you all on your toes! (hooves) He then had the younger riders show jumping like champions! Lacey was trying to break the time record for the day with her speedy rounds!

We also had lots of help from some older club members. Thanks for helping out girls! The littlies loved having you around. Especially when you had the camera pointed at them!

for sale



We have our annual Gymkhana coming up early next year. For this to be a success we need your help!

We need volunteers! Deb caught up with a few people at the rally this month but there are still many jobs that we need help with.

At the next Rally please see Deb (BEFORE SHE SEE”S YOU!) to offer your assistance. Thank you to those who have already offered help.

BIRTHDAYS - We celebrated a few birthdays this month! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Olivia, Kaitlyn B, Caitlin R, Britney, Charlotte, and Jazmyn.

TOILETS – Yep that’s right.. The toilets. They NEED to be cleaned at every rally. Yucky job I know but if everyone is able to assist with the cleaning then this reduces the number of times you will have to do it through the year. At the next rally there will be a list of rally dates, please place your name next to your preferred date for toilet cleaning. There will be two families per rally. ALL families will take a turn. If you are not at the next rally but you have a preferred month please contact Meg and you will be placed on the roster.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don not place your name on the roster or contact Meg with preferred date you will be allocated a date. It is then you responsibility to swap with another family if you will not be attending that rally.

That’s right we have a FOR SALE section!

If you have something you would like to sell please notify Meg and it can be included in our next monthly newsletter.

Floats, horse gear, horses are just a few of the wonderful things that could be included…

member profile
Member Profile
  • Name: Olivia and Phoebe
  • Date of Birth: 20/10/2002 and 05/11/04
  • Horse’s Name: Whiskey (10) Bobby (19)
  • Favourite Horsey Activity: We both love Weaving.
  • Time Riding: About 3 years/ About 1 year.
  • Favourite Adventure on your horse: Going to look at Whiskey for the first time. Long trip out past Hanging Rock, and we went riding to Buchan on a day off!
  • How long have you been a member?: 4 months, and Phoebe is having a ride and try today!
  • Favourite colour: Pink/purple
  • Favourite Food: Hot Dog/ Vanilla Ice-cream.
  • Favourite book/TV show/Movie: x-Factor/ Horse Pals.
  • What would you like to do when you are older?: Horse Vet and Paramedic…

Thank You for being our profiled members this month girls! We hope you had a fun time with us today Phoebe!

It is wonderful to get to know our members a little better…

instructor profile
  • Name: Dean Sutton
  • Date of Birth:mmmm a secret???
  • Horse’s Name: Too many to name…I have six! One is due to foal on Boxing day. How exciting!
  • Memorable Horsey Activity: I broke my leg. (Ouch!)
  • Time Riding: Too long!
  • Some Favourite things: I show Silky Chooks.
  • Where do you Instruct?: I teach at Toongabbie and Traralgon.
  • Where do you live: Glengarry.
  • Favourite Food: At the moment it’s lettuce and celery!
  • Discipline: Show Jumping and Dressage
  • Occupation: Was a Vet nurse in London, an OHS advisor with DSE, now focussing on his horse riding and instructing.

We are very lucky to have Dean instruct at our club. Members gain a lot from Dean and we appreciate the time and effort he gives to our members. His sense of Humour is always appreciated….

It is so much fun getting to know our instructors better…

kids page

Interesting Facts….

Parts of a saddle..

  • A horse has approximately 205 bones.
  • Horses generally dislike the smell of pigs.
  • A horse’s heart weighs about 9 kilograms!
  • There is a breed of horse from Russia called Akhal-Teke. It can go for days without food or water. WOW!
  • Camargue horses are completely white as adults. Their babies are pure black when they are born

Do you know interesting facts about horses? If you would like to share please let Meg know for the next newsletter…

Parts of a bridle..

Do you know?????.

  • On the cross country course, what side of the jump is the red flag on?
  • About how many bones does a horse have?
  • Put your name and answer on a piece of paper and give it to Meg at the next rally for your chance to win!