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2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars PowerPoint Presentation
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2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars

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2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars
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  1. 2012-2013 Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholars UC Irvine School of Education MAT/Credential Programs

  2. Mary Roosevelt Honor Scholar A candidate who shows promise as a visionary, a leader, committed to improving educational opportunities for all students.

  3. Jillian Blackledge, Mathematics Graduated: UC San Diego, Mathematics with a Concentration in Teaching • Discovered Mathematics for Secondary Education at UCSD and knew it was the right choice for her. • Completed fieldwork in downtown San Diego teaching 8th Grade Algebra. • Enjoys helping students grasp old and new concepts as well as helping them appreciate mathematics.

  4. Kelly Casassa, Art Graduated: University of San Diego, Art History • One of 50 Orange County 7th graders to attend Arts-X- Press, a summer immersion program for promising middle school art students • Later taught art fundamentals at Arts-X-Press • Pursued undergraduate photography, 2D design, and painting • Has visited some of the world's most renowned museums. • Senior thesis, "Portrait of a Woman: A Critical Analysis of Sixteenth Century Italian Oil Painting.”

  5. Michelle Chang, Chemistry Graduated: UC San Diego, Biochemistry • Held a job as a swim instructor and mentored middle school students.   • Discovered her passion for teaching while teaching an English literacy class in Taiwan to 58 eager students. • Believes in the importance of engaging and promoting critical thinking. • Wants to promote higher education among underprivileged students.

  6. Robert Chodola, History Graduated: UC San Diego, History • Had his first experience in teaching through the AVID program where he was a tutor • AVID gave him a different perspective on cultural diversity in education • Believes that successful teachers earn respect through their actions • Believes in the principles of respect and honesty

  7. Erika Espinoza, Multiple Subjects Graduated: UC Riverside, Political Science & Ethnic Studies • The only Latina from her high school to be admitted and graduate from UCR • Attributes her access in higher education the Upward Bound Program. • Worked with at-risk students in MEChA Summer Leadership Camp at UCR

  8. John Funk, Multiple Subjects Graduated: CSU San Jose, Political Science • Substitute taught after his Bachelor’s in K-8 classrooms • Believes in high expectations for all students • Wants to build a strong educational foundation and inspire children to be curious and love learning all their lives

  9. Elizabeth Gastelum, Math Graduated: UCLA, Political Science • Influential teachers and life experience ignited her passion for teaching • Believes in the power of hope, kindness, and optimism in the success of learning communities • Believes that a teacher should be accessible, professional, engaging, and dedicated • Draws on the lessons of parenthood to help with understanding youth

  10. Stephen Gorgone, Biology Graduated: UC Santa Barbara, Biopsychology • Explored several professions before the decision to teach • Working with the disabled was one of the most fulfilling professional experiences before teaching • Biology offers a unique way to look at the world and ourselves • Science fulfills our curiosity and our intellect

  11. Trevor Herschberger, English Graduated: UCLA, English • His summer work at the migrant camp in Davis, CA during High School ignited his love of teaching • He taught sports, games, and then English vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills to 1st – 6th graders. • These experiences taught him patience • Trevor is committed to access and equity for all

  12. Madeline Mullens, English Graduated: UC Irvine, Art History & European Studies • Served as the Graduate Coordinator for the Ph.D Program in Visual Studies at UCI • Taught ESL in South Korea to middle schoolers • Korea ignited her interest in being a teacher • Loves discovering students’ individual needs • Works at a museum on exhibits and marketing

  13. Christopher Perez, Math Graduated: UC Irvine, Mathematics and Anthropology • His double major in Math and Anthropology taught him the different perspectives of social sciences and mathematics • A staunch advocate of equality and social justice • Participated in the UCI Cal Teach program with placements in Santa Ana Unified School District • Uses his own experiences as a Latino male to identify with his students

  14. Amanda Roberson, French Graduated: Appalachian State University, French & Political Science • Is an avid Francophile • Her high school French teacher helped establish Amanda in the profession • Taught French for several years in North Carolina before coming to California • Had to begin again on her credential once in California

  15. Lisette Vega, Multiple Subjects Graduated: UC Irvine, Psychology & Social Behavior • Despite surrounding risk factors, her family believed in education • Lisette’s Kindergarten teacher showed her the pathway to teaching • She later volunteered in her Kindergarten teacher’s classroom • Committed to helping low-income children believe in and meet their potential