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Mario’s Adventure Through the 27 Amendments PowerPoint Presentation
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Mario’s Adventure Through the 27 Amendments

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Mario’s Adventure Through the 27 Amendments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mario’s Adventure Through the 27 Amendments . Click to start . Table of Contents. Page 3…………………………………. Amendment 6 Page 4………………………………….Amendment 7 Page 5…………………………………..Amendment 5 Page 6…………………………………..Amendment 8 Page 7…………………………………..Amendment 3 Page 8…………………………………..Amendment 4

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table of contents
Table of Contents

Page 3…………………………………. Amendment 6

Page 4………………………………….Amendment 7

Page 5…………………………………..Amendment 5

Page 6…………………………………..Amendment 8

Page 7…………………………………..Amendment 3

Page 8…………………………………..Amendment 4

Page 9…………………………………..Amendment 2

Page 10…………………………………Amendment 15

Page 11……………………………..….Amendment 17

Page 12……………………………...Amendment 24

Page 13………………………………...Amendment 19

Page 14………………………………..Amendment 1

Page 15………………………………..Amendment 18 & 21

Page 16………………………………..Amendment 13

Page 17………………………………..Amendment 14

Page 18………………………………..Amendment 11

Page 19……………………………….Amendment 23

Page 20……………………………….Amendment 27



Page 21………………………………Amendment 26

Page 22………………………………Amendment Bowser’s Castle

Page 23……………………………….Amendment 25 &22

Page 24………………………………..Amendment 12

Page 25………………………………..Amendment 20

Page 26…………………………………Amendment 16 & 10

Page 27………………………………..Amendment 9


Amendment 6

It was a beautiful day in America and Mario was going to jury duty against Bowser. Bowser, who was accused of a crime had the right to a fair trial because of the 6thAmendment. Princess Peach was going to be there along with the rest of the town. Everyone was aware of how dangerous Bowser was.


amendment 7
Amendment 7

The case that they were going to was a civil case. Amendment 7 says that citizens have the right to demand a fairtrial to solve disagreements against things of value. The case was Bowser VS Toad. Because Bowser crushed Toads vegetable garden.


amendment 5
Amendment 5

It was not a criminal case Mario was going to but citizens who are accused of crimes have certain basic rights. They can not be sentenced to trial twice for the same crime. They can not be forced to testify.


amendment 8
Amendment 8

Bowser was accused guilty for crushing Toads vegetable garden and was fined 2,000 coins. “ I will NOT pay 2,000 coins and I never will!” roared Bowser. But because of Amendment 8 it was not a cruel or unusual punishment, Bowser was just being a pain. He flew up from his chair and everyone gasped in fear. Bowser grabbed Princess Peach, flung her over his shoulder and busted through the courtroom wall. She cried for help but when Mario tried to save her, it was too late. Bowser had gotten away.“I have to save her!” Mario snapped. He sprinted out of the courtroom to go after them. This was to start of Mario’s adventure.


amendment 3
Amendment 3

Mario ran home to pack for his journey. When he walked in to his home he found an ugly brown Goobma sitting on his couch. “What are you doing here?” Mario demanded to the blob. “I am a soldier so I am allowed to stay in your house if I want to!” grumbled the Goomba. “NO you are not! Amendment 3 stated that the government can not force citizens to let soldiers to stay in their homes. It’s part of the quartering act.” Mario replied. He walked over a stomped on Goomba who flattened into the ground.


amendment 4
Amendment 4

Before Mario could even get out the front door, a storm of hammer heads burst into the room. They pushed Mario to the side and they all started to search his home taking food, coins and his valuable power points.“We are here to search your home for any belonging that might be illegal. You cannot leave until we are finished.” A hammer head that was obviously the one in charge. “ You can’t search my house!” exclaimed Mario. “ And Why not?” challenged the hammer head. “Because, people can’t search homes and take things that are not theirs without a good reason and a search warrant.” Mario spat. “Who even sent you?” He questioned. “Bowser” the hammer head replied flatly. “ GET OUT!” Mario roared realizing that Bowser had sent them just to slow him down. The Hammer Heads scurried out with fear, leaving his belonging in the home. Mario grabbed a sack of coins, some food and hoped into his go Kart and raced off.


amendment 2
Amendment 2

Mario had been driving for only a short amount of time before he reached a long and narrow rope bridge that hung over a river. He was about to cross when Baby Bowser flew out of a bush and jumped onto the front of Mario’s go-cart. Mario hit the breaks and the car skidded to a stop.

“ I’m hear to Finnish you off Mario!” cried Baby Bowser. Mario hopped out of his go-kart and turned to the tempered child. “Are you?” Mario challenged sarcastically. As if on cue a he spotted a Fire Flower and Mario grabbed it. He immediately leveled up and was now able to through fire balls.

“ You can’t use a weapon against me!” Cried Baby Bowser in fear.

“ Yes I can, I have to right to bear arms, meaning I have to right to a weapon if I am in danger.” Replied Mario calmly. Baby Bowser tried to run away but Mario through the fire ball and Baby Bowser evaporated into thin air.


amendment 15
Amendment 15

Mario had been driving for a while when he spotted a KoopaTroopa crying on the side of the road. Mario pulled to the side of the road aware that he didn’t have much time. “ What’s wrong?” Mario asked curiously.

“ I-I-I’m not a-allowed to v-v-ote.” stammered the small turtle.

“What?” Mario could barely understand one word that came out of its mouth.

“ I-I said that-t I’m no-t a-allowed to vote.” sobbed the Koopa a little more clearly.

“ Why not?” Mario replied.

“ Be-because I-I’m a-a t-t-turtle” The KoppaTroppa started crying again.

“ Yes you are allowed to vote! People cannot deny anyone from voting because of who they are, what they look like, or if they are a boy or girl.”

“ Really?” The turtles eyes lit up. “Then I will vote and I’ll tell them the same thing you told me!” the turtle exclaimed happily. Before Mario drove off the Koopa gave him a Level Up Mushroom. Mario smiled gratefully.


amendment 17
Amendment 17

Mario’s go-kart had started to run out of gas after all the driving he had done so he spotted a Gas Station and pulled over. Once he finished two familiar figures caught his eye. He turned around and spotted Wario and Waluwigi leaning against the gas station tank grumbling.

“ Hey Wario and Waluwigi what’s wrong?” asked Mario. They didn’t even take a glance at Mario because they already that knew he was the one talking because they were familiar with his voice.

“ We are running for Senate but the legislative branch hates both of us so were not going to win because us winning is based on their votes.” They surprisingly replied in unison.

“ No, the legislative branch not longer makes the votes, it’s the people’s votes now. Haven’t you guys heard of Amendment 17?” Mario replied. Both of their faces lit up at the same exact time.

“Really?” Wario asked in excitement. “ Great!” “People love us!” Waluwigi added.

“Well good luck you guys. Oh and you have my vote.” Mario replied smiling as he hopped in his go-kart and sped off.


amendment 24
Amendment 24

Mario had been consistently driving for many hours before he spotted Donkey Kong. He was on the side of the road with anger spread across his face. Mario pulled over and asked Donkey Kong “What's wrong?” Donkey Kong looked at Mario and said “I can’t vote this year because I failed to pay the voting tax.” Mario looked at him and asked “ Why are they making you pay a tax to vote?” Donkey Kong burst into tears and cried “Because I’m a ape!” Mario then remembered something that he had heard when he was a child. “But because of amendment 24, no state can deny someone to vote just because someone failed to pay their voting tax. Especially because of decimation.” Mario replied. Donkey Kong's face lit up “ so that means I can vote!” but then realizing something, his smile faded. “I cant get to the voting area on time on foot though.” Mario looked over at his go cart and sighed “ you can barrow my go cart.” Donkey Kong smiled and replied “ Thank you so much I promise ill give it back!” Donkey Kong jumped in the cart and drove off. Mario's journey would have to continue on foot…


amendment 19
Amendment 19

Mario was running full speed down the road to Bower’s Castle. He knew that’s where Princess peach would be. Out of the corner of his eye he saw 2 figures with signs in their hands chanting. He slowed to a walk and headed over to where the 2 figures were. Daisy and Dixie Kong were chanting about woman's rights. Mario stopped in front of them “ Why are you guys chanting about woman's rights?” ask Mario.

Daisy looked over at him and replied “ The government are not allowing woman to vote.” “But because of amendment 19 they cant do that. They cannot deny someone the right to vote because they are a boy or girl.” Mario replied. Dixie Kong looked over at him with excitement and said “ Then we will just say that!” they turned and said thank you and walked off. Mario turned around and thought to himself, I'm going through a lot of amendments…


amendment 1
Amendment 1

Mario was about to start back up on his journey, when Daisy called for him. “Wait!” she called. Mario turned on his heel and looked back to Daisy who was running after him. “Yes Daisy?” replied Mario. “ The hammerheads fined us 1,000 coins because we were protesting for women's rights!” Panted Daisy as she caught up to him. “But that’s impossible because Amendment 1 clearly states that Congress cannot take away your freedom of speech like for example your right to protest. And rights to religion and press for that matter.” Mario insisted. “ So we can’t get fined?” questioned Daisy. “Not Unless have not gathered peacefully to protest.” Added Mario. “But we were peaceful!” exclaimed Daisy in frustration. “Then you cannot get finned.” said Mario calmly. “ Just tell them what you told me.” He then added. Daisy exchanged thanks to Mario and left. He then broke out into a sprint and continued on his journey.


amendment 18 amendment 21
Amendment 18 & Amendment 21

Mario still had a long ways to go on his journey, but he had to stop and rest. He hadn’t eaten in or slept in a while, so he found a restaurant and went into eat. He sat down and noticed Boo, a not so friendly ghost who sat across from him in the restaurant, arguing with another waiter. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T ORDER ROOT BEER?!?” Roared the ghost, starring at the waitor straight in the eye. “ We are not allowed to sell alcohol to people. It is illegal.” The waiter replied trying to stay calm. “ And why is that?!?” The ghost had at least lowered his voice a bit but he was still yelling. “Because the 18th amendment forbids any making or selling of alcohol.” The waiter stated with an even tone. This angered Boo more “WHO CARES, I DIED 1,376 YEARS AGO TO NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRINK WHAT I WANT!” He boomed. “Excuse me um, but the 18th amendment has been repealed since 1933. This means it no longer exists. Amendment 21 even states that it repealed ” Mario cut in, he hated fights. “ Root beer isn’t really a drink that contains alcohol anyways.” He stopped to find Boo staring at him straight in the face. He tensed up a moment before realizing he wasn’t mad, he was just stunned. But Boo quickly turned back to the waiter as if to forget he was just staring at him. “DON’T JUST STAND THERE, GET MY ROOT BEER!” he roared. Mario just smiled.


amendment 13
Amendment 13

After Mario's filling meal he was back out on the road. He had some leftovers in his pockets for later if he got hungry. He had been running for a long time. He stopped when he spotted a Shy Guy walking down a field of grass. He had tattered clothing and moved slowly and unsteadily. “Hey Shy Guy! Are you okay?” asked Mario. The Shy Guy never replied, because they can’t talk… thought Mario to himself. He noticed the sad eyes he had behind the mask. Then something about Bower crept up in his mind. Bowser often used Shy Guys as slaves and by the looks of this one, it was a slave too. “Were you on of Bowser’s slaves?” Asked Mario cautiously. This got the Shy Guy’s attention. He looked over at him and nodded yes. “ Well it is illegal to own slaves, the 13th amendment says so. I guess you one aren’t anymore.” When he said this the Shy Guy’s eyes were no longer sad.


amendment 14
Amendment 14

Mario walked over to the Shy Guy, took his leftovers out of his pocket and handed them to him. The Shy Guy probably needed food more than him. “ You know, you have the right to be treated like a citizen, even if you were a slave. Its even a law, Amendment 14 as a matter of fact.” Mario noted to Shy Guy. “ You can get a job, vote, get your own home, you can live your own life.” The Shy Guy looked up at him choking back the tears. He had obviously been in a lot of pain as a slave. “But remember just keep moving forward, and don’t look back.” The Shy Guy nodded, finished the leftovers and continued on his journey, so did Mario.


amendment 11
Amendment 11

Mario was more determined to get to Bowser’s castle than ever. He sprinted faster than ever before a large back dot was flying toward him. He couldn’t tell what it was so he stopped in his tracks and squinted to get a better look. Before he could react he realized how fast the black dot was moving and that it would be seconds before it hit him. He flung himself to the ground before whatever it was could hit him and it flew right over his head. What ever it was stopped in its tracks, and turned around to look at what it almost knocked over. “It” was a bullet, Bullet Bill in fact. Bill was very tempered and mean. And Mario could see in his eyes that he wasn’t particularly happy either. “ What’s wrong Bill?” asked Mario, he could hear the fear in his voice when he spoke and tried calm down. “ I’m suing the federal court because they didn’t pass me on my driving test!” He nagged. Mario thought how stupid this was considering that Bullet Bill would never need to drive a car in the first place. But remembering that he wasn’t even a US citizen he then explained “ You can’t sue federal government if you are not a citizen. Its in the 11th Amendment.” Bullet Bill’s got even angrier, turned around and blasted off not even replying to Mario. So much for that, Mario thought to himself.


amendment 23
Amendment 23

Mario continued even though the way Bullet Bill treated him seemed to bother him a lot. He was running, not full speed, but his normal pace. Yoshi, an old friend of his apparently spotted him and ran after him calling his name. Mario didn’t stop, but simply slowed down. “Yeah Yoshi?” he asked. “Hey you know how I’m native to the District of Columbia?” questioned the small dino. “ Yes, what is it.?” Mario asked becoming curios. “ Doesn’t Amendment 23 state that people that live there can vote? Because my family was wondering and I thought you might know.” Yoshi replied to keeping is pace with ease because Yoshi was known around to be one of the fastest. “ Yes that is exactly right.” stated Mario but then realized how much help Yoshi could be. “ Um, Yoshi can you do me a favor?”


amendment 27
Amendment 27

Mario held on tight to Yoshi’s back surprised about how fast she was moving. She promised to carry him on his back for a little time before she had to head back home, but a little time could still get him far because she could move two times faster then him on foot. “ Thanks again Yoshi.” Acknowledged Mario. “ No problem.” She replied calmly. They decided to stop at King Boo’s castle before he would continue on foot. When they got there he pulled out the level up mushroom out of his pocket that the Koopa gave him and handed it to Yoshi. “ Again Yoshi, thank you.” Yoshi smiled at the token, nodded in appreciation before heading off. Right as he was about to continue on his jouney, King Boo appeared from his castle. The King made any of Boo’s uproars look calm compared to his outrages, and by the expression on his face, he wasn’t to happy. When he saw Mario he simply looked at him and then paused before asking, “ Mario, I’m thinking about bringing the pay down for senators because they have become lazy fools in the past year, how much do you think I should bring down their pay 10,000, 12,000 coins?” Mario looked at him puzzled, “but you can’t bring down the pay of senators or representatives until the next election, its against the law, amendment 27 in fact.” Mario answered in an even tone. “ THEN WHAT DO I DO?” cried the ghost. “ I don’t really know to answer to that…” Mario replied. He knew his honest answers would never make him happy. “ I have to go.” Mario said quickly as he raced off as fast as he could to avoid the tempered King.


amendment 26
Amendment 26

Mario ran full speed away from King Boo’s castle before he could catch him. “MARIO!” the king boomed in the distance. But it was to late, he had gotten away. He ran for the rest of the day, not stopping at all. It was late in the day when he heard crying in the distance. He stopped in his tracks and listened closer. The crying was coming from straight ahead and it sounded like a baby… or two. He jogged straight ahead of him to find Baby Mario and Baby Luigi crying in patch of grass near a river. He hadn’t seen his brothers in a long time so picked him up and cradled them in his arms. “ What's wrong you guys?” he asked quietly. Their sobbing quieted enough for them to reply. “ We no vo-ote because we not eightween.” whined Luigi. It took Mario a few seconds to understand what he ment. “ Well of course you can’t vote, only adults can vote. You guys are still kids. Its in the 26th amendment.” he said in a calm voice. Baby Mario looked up at him with teary eyes and nodded now understanding. “Okway…” the small child responded. He put them down genteelly on the ground, whipped away their tears, and continued on his journey.


bowser s castle


Bowser’s Castle

Mario we pretty surprised to find himself right outside Bowser’s Castle. He didn’t even know what his plan was, but when he heard Princess Peach’s cry for help he didn’t even think twice and ran in the castle. The Castle was cold and dark and had many traps that would try to capture Mario, but he just kept running. When he finally made it to the top he burst trough the door to find Bowser standing over a bridge of lava with the Princess on the other side. Bowser roared with laughter “ took you long enough to get here, huh?” he questioned Mario with sarcasm in his voice. “Well I’m here, am I not?” asked Mario, anger building up inside of him. Bowser charged at him but Mario jumped up into the air barely missing him.

“ You know, running away will never solve your problems.” Mario pointed out. Bowser had always run away when he was in trouble and never faced the truth. He was too scared. “ What’s wrong with leaving the past behind?” Bowser questioned right before he charged again as Mario jumped to the side. “ Your not leaving the past behind, your burying it, and letting it build into anger.” Mario responded. Bowser charged at him for the 3rd time and Mario jumped over him to the other side of the bridge, pulled the leaver as the bridge disappeared from under Bowser’s feet and he fell into the pit over lava, evaporating into thin air. Mario had defeated Bowser.

amendment 25 22
Amendment 25 & 22

When Mario came back home with Peach everyone was overjoyed. Mario and his brother Luigi were elected President and Vice President . This was because even though it wasn’t election time yet Toadsworth stepped down as President and so had the Vice President because they wanted Mario and Luigi to be President and VP. This is allowed because of the 25th Amendment. And they can only be President for two terms. (Or eight years) This is because of Amendment 22.


amendment 12
Amendment 12

Later that day, Mario had learned that Luigi was elected separately for VP than Mario. Amendment 12 says that the Vice President would be elected separately from the President to avoid a President and VP that were political enemies. Mario thought they voted for him because Luigi was his brother and was always by his side. But the truth was that when Mario was gone Luigi had helped around the town and Toadsworth found potential in Mario and Luigi and that’s why he had elected them.


amendment 20
Amendment 20

Because Mario and Luigi were elected on a date that wasn’t set up for elections the date changed too along with when they would start serving as President and Vice President… things were getting hectic. This was all because of Amendment 20. But ever since they became President and VP the laws started to be enforced more (in a good way).

Once things settled down everything seemed to be back in order. Donkey Kong returned Mario’s Go-Kart, Waluwigi and Wario were elected as part of senate, all of the Shy Guy’s were set free, and most of all everyone was happy. And of course Bowser, if he were to ever come back (because he always seems to be able to…) would be put in jail for a number of crimes.


amendment 16 10
Amendment 16 & 10

But it wasn’t like the moment Mario was elected he didn’t have to remember any more Amendments. Many times people would ask questions like “ Mario, does Congress have the power to collect taxes off of people based on their income?” and Mario would answer “ Yes because of the 16th amendment they have that right.” or people would talk to Luigi about situations they were in. “ We get the rights that the federal government doesn’t if they aren’t a part of the constitution, right?” Those are some of the things they would ask. And Luigi would point out “Yes because the 10th amendment says that the people can keep those powers.” Over all their life was fun because they knew that they were helping others.


amendment 9
Amendment 9

But Mario and Luigi always had one amendment that was both of their favorites… they never really knew why. It was amendment 9, and it pretty much said that the government must respect all the rights of Americans, even the rights that are not in the constitution. They had always found justice in that one amendment. They were living a happy life knowing that amendment by heart… for now.




Amendment: A change to the constitution.

Civil Case: A private property lawsuit involving private property rights.

Criminal Case: When one or more people are put on trial for doing something that is against the law.

Trial: The determination of a person's guilt or innocence by due process of law.

Jury: A group of people sworn to give honest answers when questioned that are “officially submitted” to them.

Jury-Duty: When someone is obligated to serve on a jury.

To bare arms: The right to own and carry weapons.

Quartering: The assignment of quarters or lodging.

Search Warrant: The court directions of allowing people to search your personal items for evidence of illegal items.

Testify: To give evidence and to be a witness.

Enforcing: To put or keep in force: enforce something

Fine: To be charged for something illegal.

Fair trial: A speedy and fair trial.

Repealed: To withdraw or cancel something or in this case, to cancel a law.

Income: The amount of money someone gets for doing work.


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