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Water Services Trust Fund. GWC Pre-Concluding workshop 7.9.2011 Maria Notley. Introduction. WSTF was established as part of the wider Water Sector Reforms under the Water Act 2002.

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Water services trust fund
Water Services Trust Fund

GWC Pre-Concluding workshop 7.9.2011

Maria Notley


WSTF was established as part of the wider Water Sector Reforms under the Water Act 2002.

Its Mandate is to provide Funding for the development of Water & Sanitation services in Kenya, with special focus on the poor and marginalized (both in the urban and rural) areas of Kenya.

WSTF became operational in March 2005.

WSTF is managed by a Board of Trustees, appointed by the Minister for Water & Irrigation

State Corporation under the State Corporations Act, CAP 446

Wstf systems
WSTF systems

  • Community Project Cycle

  • Urban Poor Concept


  • WRUA Development Cycle

Wstf systems1

  • Internal and External Auditing

  • Reporting to Financiers

  • Investment criteria and targeting (poverty locations and ALARM catchments in the CMS)

  • Financial oversight and capacity building

  • Monitoring by WSTF staff and by contracted agents (Impact Study)

Wrua development cycle
WRUA Development Cycle








M & E, Financial Oversight






Beneficiaries of different type of wstf funded projects water services
Beneficiaries of different type of WSTF funded projects, Water Services

Wrua funding status
WRUA funding status

  • 140 WRUAs funded for Sub Cathment Development Plans (1 million KShs)

  • 20 WRUAs funded for further activities (2 million KShs, 5 million KShs)

Training and capacity building for WRUA stakeholders

Mobilisation of water resource users in WRM activities;

Activities associated with mitigation of water use conflicts;

Works for abstraction works, including the costs related to the modification of intakes, installation of master meters and water abstraction control devises;

The development and implementation of water allocation plans;

The development of gauging stations and stations to assist in monitoring the quantity and quality of the Reserve;

Water storage development, including pans, dams, rain water harvesting;

River bank protection and improved land use and delineation, conservation or protection of riparian land;

Catchment protection, including the costs of seedlings and other activities;

Activities and works for the protection of wetland and other water bodies;

Settling ponds, constructed wetlands, composting pits and other structures to reduce effluent discharge;

Work and/or activities orientated towards assisting abstractors or dischargers to become compliant to the WRM Rules;

Works to control runoff and soil erosion such as check dams, terraces, storm water drains, etc.;

Works for the mitigation of floods;

Works associated with the protection, conservation or enhancement of the water resource quality.

Future challenges
Future Challenges

  • Alignment with the Constitution 2010, WSTF needs to justify its added value in the county setting

  • Improvement of funding systems (reducing up front payments and increasing co-financing)

  • Increasing private sector participation as service providers

  • Increasing capacity of the service providers

  • Indicators for WRM M & E

  • Rural Water Mapping