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What’s new in Visual Studio 11

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TOOL-820F. What’s new in Visual Studio 11. Jason Zander Corporate Vice President Microsoft Corporation. Agenda. An overview of Visual Studio 11 Tools to build for Windows, Cloud & Web Application Lifecycle Management Recap You’ll leave with examples of how to

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Presentation Transcript
what s new in visual studio 11

What’s new in Visual Studio 11

Jason Zander

Corporate Vice President

Microsoft Corporation

  • An overview of Visual Studio 11
  • Tools to build for Windows, Cloud & Web
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Recap

You’ll leave with examples of how to

  • Use Visual Studio 11 to build compelling Windows & Web applications
  • How ALM can help you deliver great software












covering build end to end
Covering //build/ end to end
  • Windows
    • Windows 8 Metro style applications
    • Existing Windows apps
  • Web/Cloud
    • ASP.NET
    • Azure
  • ALM
    • Team Foundation Server/Team Foundation Service
    • Collaboration and quality
visual studio 11 is the tool for windows 8
Visual Studio 11 is the tool for Windows 8
  • Metro style applications
    • Visual Basic, C#, C++ & HTML5/JS
  • Windows desktop applications
  • Windows Drivers
windows 8 metro style applications
Windows 8 Metro style applications
  • New designer Available today!
  • Built on shared architecture with Expression Blend
  • Key features
    • Object creation
    • Layout
    • Property editing
    • Create and reuse resources
    • Configurable design-time
    • XAML editor with IntelliSense
expression blend for html
Expression Blend for HTML
  • Authoring of Metro style HTML Apps for Windows 8
    • Design-centric
    • Native HTML / CSS
  • Built for Windows 8 applications, not web sites
  • Visual authoring with dynamic, JavaScript-generated UI
  • No platform abstractions
    • Focus on Concepts, not Syntax
  • Code – Design Workflow with Visual Studio
core advances for visual studio 11
Core advances for Visual Studio 11
  • IDE productivity improvements
  • Local, simulator and remote debugging
  • Integrated application packaging
  • Other topics
    • Project compatibility
    • Async
    • Localization
    • Unit testing
    • Profiling
windows metro style apps

Windows Metro style apps

Building Windows Metro style applications

directx applications
DirectX applications
  • New templates for Metro style DirectX games
  • C++ AMP
  • Integrated game asset management
    • Models
    • Textures
  • IDE support for HLSL
    • IntelliSense
    • Debugging
  • Integrated graphical debugging
    • Links GPU debugging with your actual game source and assets
directx applications15

DirectX Applications

New tooling for building DirectX applications

windows driver development
Windows driver development
  • Modernize driver development
    • Move to an integrated environment based on Visual Studio
    • Simplify common driver development tasks (ex: kernel debugging, driver signing and deployment, etc.)
    • Driver-specific functionality is delivered via a Windows Driver Kit (WDK) add-on pack to Visual Studio
  • Move quality “upstream” in the development process
    • Integrate quality tools and tests into Visual studio
  • Ease creation of more reliable, better performing drivers
    • Enhance driver development frameworks
  • Windows Metro style applications
    • Visual Basic, C#, C++ and HTML5/JS
  • DirectX Applications
  • Windows drivers

479 - A Lap Around Visual Studio 11 Express for Metro style Apps using C++

737 - Metro Style Apps in XAML: What You Need to Know

740 - Metro Style HTML5 Apps from Start to Finish

building windows azure applications
Building Windows Azure Applications
  • Windows Azure SDK 1.5
  • Service Bus v2 with queues
  • Profile applications running in Windows Azure
  • Create ASP.NET MVC3 Web Roles
  • Manage multiple service configurations in one cloud project
  • Improved validation of Windows Azure packages
  • Add deployment projects to existing ASP.NET, MVC or WCF projects via a right click
use html5 the way that works best for you
Use HTML5 the way that works best for you
  • If you've been programming with HTML & JavaScript, you'll be right at home with Windows 8
  • IE10 offers the fastest, richest standards based browsing experience
  • Visual Studio 11 has the best of breed editors for CSS, JavaScript; debugging and profiling
  • ASP.NET provides a set of controls and frameworks that make HTML5 development even more productive and accessible
new html css tool support
New HTML & CSS tool support
  • IDE Enhancements for HTML & CSS
    • New HTML5 & CSS snippets
    • Extract to user control
    • Match end-tag when editing start-tag
    • Smart indent
    • Outlining
    • Comment/uncomment support
  • Better IntelliSense
    • Auto reduce
    • IntelliSense for code nuggets within attributes
    • Additional IntelliSense triggers
better javascript tools
Better JavaScript tools
  • Improved IntelliSense:
    • Performance – Built on top of IE’s JavaScript engine  
    • New features:
      • Go To Definition
      • Overloads for methods (using new Xml comment <signature>)
      • Implicit references
      • Extensibility – user can provide a JavaScript extension that can modify the IntelliSense   
  • Editing:
    • Brace matching and highlighting
    • Outlining
making diagnostics easier
Making diagnostics easier
  • DOM Explorer
    • Inspect & modify the live DOM in IE or WWA
    • Style tracing for CSS
    • Layout debugging  
  • JavaScript console
    • Interactive REPL console against the page
    • Console API
    • Error reporting from the host
      • Syntax, parsing & network issues
    • Single and multi-line input with history
extending and improving asp net
Extending and improving ASP.NET
  • Mobile
    • MVC4 will allow automatically detect on phone
    • Mobile optimized views / pages : can distinguish between slate and phone
    • Support JQuery mobile; mobile starter set; easier to theme mark-up for mobile and desktop
    • Mobile NuGet will allow mobile support
  • Language & Controls
    • Supporting full ECMAScript v5
    • Better experience for using JQuery
    • JQuery controls : Datagridetc being built by Microsoft
  • Web Platform
    • MVC app support pre-built AJAX views : client side paging, sorting
    • MVC will support webforms
    • Debug while running; can select something that is running and have it highlight where code is etc
    • Added SEO capabilities
page inspector
Page Inspector
  • A new tool Visual Studio 11 wave tool for troubleshooting of ASP.NET Web Sites and Applications
    • Bring together browser tools, ASP.NET, and source code into one integrated troubleshooting experience
    • Easily diagnose issues in Web Application Projects and Web Sites
    • Pinpoint the source code behind a browser selection in just one click
    • Reverse engineer HTML/CSS/JS in the browser to actual source files in just one click
web applications

Web applications

Building Web applications with Visual Studio 11 and .NET Framework 4.5

  • Windows Azure Applications
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript

796 - ASP.NET 4.5 loves HTML5, CSS 3 & JavaScript

803 - Progressively enable the mobile web with ASP.NET MVC 4, HTML5 and jQueryMobile

850 - Getting Started with Windows Azure

alm is for everyone
ALM is for everyone
  • Application Lifecycle Management isn’t just for large companies– The Agile Manifesto
    • Individuals and interactions (over process & tools)
    • Working software (over comprehensive documentation)
    • Customer collaboration (over contract negotiation)
    • Responding to change (over following a plan)
what matters creating value
What Matters – Creating Value







Idea to working software

Incident to Resolution







Working Software

new alm capabilities in visual studio 11
New ALM capabilities in Visual Studio 11
  • Web-based project management tools
  • IntelliTrace in your production environments
  • “My Work” and code review features
  • Code quality
    • Code clone
  • Unit testing
application lifecycle management

Application Lifecycle Management

How Visual Studio 11 enables teams to deliver great software

  • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Applies to everyone
    • Team Foundation Service
    • More tools Web-based
    • Production IntelliTrace “My Work” and code review features
    • Focus on code quality
    • Better, more flexible unit testing

818 - Taking your Application Lifecycle Management to the Cloud with the Team Foundation Service

793 - Working on an Agile Team with Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11

811 - Developer Collaboration with Team Foundation Server 11

visual studio 11 experience promise
Visual Studio 11: Experience & Promise
  • Building for Windows
  • Building for the Cloud & Web
  • Application Lifecycle Management
call to action
Call to action
  • Get the releases
    • Windows Developer Preview broadly available (http://aka.ms/Win8dp)
    • Windows Azure Toolkit (http://aka.ms/AzureTools)
    • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview (http://aka.ms/vs11dp)
  • Sign up for your Team Foundation Service account
  • Send us your feedback
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