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Novel Study. The River. Chapter summaries. Over the next few weeks, we will be listening to “The River” - Gary Paulsen. . Chapter Summaries . After each chapter, you will be asked to fill out a Chapter Review Worksheet.

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novel study

Novel Study

The River

chapter summaries

Chapter summaries

Over the next few weeks, we will be listening to “The River” - Gary Paulsen.

chapter summaries1
Chapter Summaries

After each chapter, you will be asked to fill out a Chapter Review Worksheet.

-There are 16 chapters in the book, therefore, each of you should have 16 Chapter Review Worksheets completed by the end of the novel.

  • You will each be given a folder.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your Chapter Review Worksheets are kept in the folder. (16 worksheets)
  • All worksheets must be submitted at the end of the Novel Study
  • You will be asked to add to your portfolio by completing 4 activities.
    • Writing activity
    • Character activity
    • Drama activity
    • Vocabulary activity
  • These activities will be added to your portfolio.
say what
Say what…?
  • Before we begin our Novel Study, you will be given a list of options for each activity.
    • A list of options for the writing activity
    • A list of options for the character activity
    • Etc.
when am i expected to complete these 4 activities
When am I expected to complete these 4 activities?

There are 16 chapters. You have 2 options.

Option 1

You can choose to tackle the 4 assignments as we work through our Novel Study. (Recommended)

Option 2

You can wait until the novel is completed and try to complete 4 activities in a short period of time. (Not recommended)

  • In mid November, you and your parents will be visiting the classroom. (Parent / Teacher meeting)
  • During this meeting, you will be showing your parents what you have been working on in class. You will be asked to showcase 2 completed assignments that you are most proud of as well as whatever progress you have made in your novel study.
i have to show my progress

I have to show my progress?

Yes, so you should choose option 1 and complete your activities as we work through the Novel.

Insert your

Name there !!


then what
Then what?
  • Once you have finished your 4 activities, you will hand in your portfolio.
  • What will be in my portfolio once I have finished?
    • 16 worksheets
    • 4 activities
    • (Any audio or video recordings must be submitted on a usb stick)
what are my options writing
What are my options?Writing

*Choose ONE of the following options*

  • Write a letter to a friend describing this novel
  • Write a different ending for the novel.
  • Write an article for a newspaper that highlights the events that happened in the main character’s past.
  • Write a diary for your favorite character.
  • Prepare a travel brochure for the setting of your novel.
what are my options character
What are my options?Character
  • *Choose ONE of the following options*
  • Make up 5 interview questions for a character and answer them as your character.
  • For a film about the novel, which actor would you recommend for the leading role? Explain why in detail.
  • Write an obituary for a character in the novel. – Make sure to include many details about the character and the relationship he had with other characters in the novel.
  • Describe what you think happened to the main character after the novel ended.
what are my options drama speaking
What are my optionsDrama/Speaking
  • *Choose ONE of the following options* 
  • Dramatize your favorite incident
  • Create a 30 – 60 second commercial for your book
  • Pretend to be a book reviewer and discuss the qualities and failures of the novel.
  • Prepare a PA announcement to advertize your book.
what are my options vocabulary
What are my options?Vocabulary
  • *Choose ONE of the following options*
  • Select 10 words that were new to you in the novel, define them and create sentences for each new word.
  • Select 25 - 30 words from the novel, define them and create a crossword puzzle.
  • Make a word search using 20 words from the novel.
when is this due

When is this due?

The due date will be EXACTLY 2 weeks after we have completed the Novel.