The community network game cng
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The Community Network Game CNG. D7.4.2: Project Presentation. Presentation Overview. Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) Need for online collaboration Enhancing in-game experience: User Generated Content (UGC) In-game collaboration CNG’s vision and goals

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The community network game cng

The Community Network GameCNG

D7.4.2: Project Presentation

Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs)

  • Need for online collaboration

  • Enhancing in-game experience:

    • User Generated Content (UGC)

    • In-game collaboration

  • CNG’s vision and goals

  • CNG’s innovative technologies:

    • In-game Graphic Insertion Technology (IGIT)

    • Enhanced peer-to-peer delivery of UGC

  • Benefits from CNG

  • Project’s Consortium

Need for online collaboration
Need for Online Collaboration

  • Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs): multiplayer video games capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously:

    • World of Warcraft, Lineage, Lord of the Rings

    • Roma Victor (RedBedlam, UK), Entropia Universe (Mindark, SE),OGame (Gameforge, DE), Age of Conan (Funcom, NO)

    • MMOGs allow:

    • a large number of online players to interact and communicate in virtual environments simultaneously on the internet

    • formulation of active communities among MMOG players

    • exchange of User Generated Content (UGC)

Growth of mmog market
Growth of MMOG Market

  • MMOG: successful market growth

    • more than 21 million active subscriptions

    • annual revenue over $3 billion by 2015 (, 2010)

(Source, 2009)

User generated content
User Generated Content

  • User Generated Content (UGC)refers to various types ofmedia content:

    • publicly available

    • produced by end-users

  • Examples of UGC are:

    • graphics, 3D, music, video

    • instant messaging

    • voice and video chat

    • game specific information (e.g. top scores, reviewing, polling)

    • etc...

Enhancing in game experience
Enhancing In-Game Experience

  • Network already occupied by MMOG server-client data

  • UGC traffic manipulation as a real challenge

  • CNG to research and develop:

    • Peer-to-peer (P2P) overlay for the distribution of UGC

    • new sophisticated techniques for P2P UGC streaming that are “friendly” to the MMOG client-server traffic

  • In-game Graphic Insertion Technology (IGIT) to allow the addition of new engaging community services

    • without need to change the game code

    • without adding new processing or network loads to the MMOGs’ central servers

What is cng s goal
What is CNG’s Goal?

  • Enhance the capacity of MMOGs to support users in the collaborative development and sharing of UGC

  • Enable MMOGs to encompass new UGC tools and support new business models

  • Exploitation of the proposed IGIT and P2P technologies in the online PC games market

  • Integration with external communities (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)

What is innovative in cng
What is Innovative in CNG?

  • An architecture for sharing UGC via P2P without interrupting the MMOG server-client data flow

  • Use of IGIT on users’ local devices

  • Use of P2P traffic for UGC Video/Graphical application functionality

  • Development of new business models that capitalise on CNGs’ innovative approach

Igit overview
IGIT Overview

  • IGIT can replace and insert content in the game:

    • in real time

    • without the need to change the game’s code in client or server

  • IGIT includes:

    • in-game spot identification methods

    • in-game asset replacement and asset insertion

    • in-frame web browser for hosting Web 2.0 applications

Igit examples
IGIT Examples

  • [1] The original game resolution was modified to enable an additional frame to hold in-frame objects.

  • [2] MSN messenger window.

  • [3] Web browser.

  • [4] Another web browser window.

  • [5] MMOG chat to enable cooperation among users.

  • [6] In-game 3D UGC.

  • [7] Video chat between casual friends or cooperative players.

Enhanced p2p delivery
Enhanced P2P Delivery

  • Overlays for P2P User Generated Streaming Diffusion

  • Organising the diffusion is an NP-hard problem

    • unlikely to obtain optimal solution in reasonable time

    • other approximation schemes exhibit good performance

  • P2P traffic friendly towards MMOG

    • fair sharing of resources in a multi-threaded system

    • use of congestion control mechanisms

    • definition of Areas of Interest

  • Efficient transmission of UGC over a P2P overlay

    • error control methods with incremental redundancy

Cng system architecture
CNG System Architecture

  • The generic MMOG architecture is not modified

  • Sandbox is added at the client side

    • responsible for modifying the game environment

  • CNG Server added for the monitoring of the P2P UGC communication

    • act as tracker of the system

    • common point of communication for P2P overlay

    • user registration and authentication

    • organization of the P2P exchanges

    • storage of information

Benefits to the end users
Benefits to the End-Users

  • Increased communication and interaction among MMOG players

  • Customised MMOGs according to users’ preferences

  • Development of new community building tools

    • collaborative creation and display of audio-visual material

    • in-game P2P file-sharing of documents and objects

    • in-game voting, reviewing and polling

Benefits to the end users1
Benefits to the End-Users

  • CNG will enable the development of richer media user generated content:

    • collaborative

    • intuitive

    • enjoyable

    • shareable

Benefits to the industry 1 2
Benefits to the Industry (1/2)

For developers and operators:

  • new community building tools without needing to redesign or recode current game offerings

  • enrich user experience in their content

  • bring ‘communities’ into the content

  • lower network costs

  • benefit from new income streams

  • control how commercial and UGC content are displayed

  • create positive-associations with brand values

  • target rich media communications within the CNG client and the MMOGs

Benefits to the industry 2 2
Benefits to the Industry (2/2)

For advertisers:

  • create positive-associations with brand values

  • target rich media communications within the CNG client and the MMOGs

Benefits to the eu
Benefits to the EU

  • Boost the already growing EU game industry

  • EU-based games development companies to gain competitive advantage from better network efficiencies

  • Leading the way in new methods to engage with in-game advertising

  • Creating a new market sector of 3rd party community tool providers for MMOGs and online games generally

7 th framework programme
7th Framework Programme

  • The CNG project is funded under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) priority of the FP7

  • FP7: European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development

  • CNG project is a small or medium-scale focus research project (STREP)

  • CNG project started on 1st February 2010

  • It will be completed in 30 months

Contact information
Contact Information

Project Co-ordinator: Mr. Alex Shani

Exent Technologies Ltd.

25 Bazel Street

PO Box 2645, Petach-Tikva

49125, Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel.: +972 747 133 135