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Site Migration to WMS

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Site Migration to WMS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Site Migration to WMS. ALICE TF Meeting 30/10/08. WMS Migration (I). Several security issues found at several sites using still the LCG-RB LCG-RB is a deprecated service since months Goal: Migration to the gLite3.1 WMS at all sites Scheduled by the middle of November

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site migration to wms

Site Migration to WMS

ALICE TF Meeting


wms migration i
WMS Migration (I)
  • Several security issues found at several sites using still the LCG-RB
    • LCG-RB is a deprecated service since months
  • Goal: Migration to the gLite3.1 WMS at all sites
    • Scheduled by the middle of November
    • This is just a medium term approach: Waiting for the CREAM-CE deployment
    • Current situation: All sites migrated but:
      • French confederation
        • Still waiting for at least 1 WMS for ALICE in the country
      • Birmingham
        • They have confirmed the NIKHEF approach: Restricted access to 2 persons to the local VOBOX: Latchezar and me
      • Madrid
        • WMS will be provided by the 5th of November
      • UNAM
        • They have confirmed a WMS for Alice use
      • Kolkota
        • No news
      • In addition: NIKHEF has ensured a WMS for Alice in November. In the meantime the site has been configured with the SARA WMS
wms migration ii
WMS migration (II)
  • The WMS migration requires certain tunes in the ALICE submission approach
    • We must include a new field into the pilot jdls
      • This is what we have: RetryCount = 0;(deep resubmission)
      • This is what we still miss: ShallowRetryCount = 0; (shallow resubmission)
      • Differences: The resubmission is deep when the job fails after it has started running on the WN, and shallow otherwise
        • The lack of this argument exposed us to a problem at CERN last week:
          • An error in the CE YAIM configuration at CERN mapped all alicesgm users to non-existing accounts
          • In default the ShallowRetryCount value is set to 10. Until 10 times pilots were resubmitted before aborting
wms migration iii
WMS Migration (III)
  • WMS service provides jobs with a new feature (not included in RB):
    • In the case that the required queue is not available, the job does not die. It will be kept for a certain time (configurable) and resubmitted (case 1)
    • This is also the case if the WMS is temporary overloaded (case 2)
    • Following the submission approach of ALICE, this can be a mess
    • Configured at CERN and reduced to 2h
      • It is working fine
    • This configuration is service based and not VO based
      • If ALICE shares the WMS with other VOs which have opposite requirements (!)
wms migration iv
WMS Migration (IV)
  • Case 1
    • Workaround: SAM
    • Implementation of a new test, WMS sensor related
      • A dummy job will be sent each 30min (1h) per each site
      • Once submitted it will check 10min later the status of this job
      • If still « waiting » most probably the WMS is suffering from any overloading issue
      • The WMS will be then removed from the VOBOX
  • Case 2
    • A «drain flag» definition is foreseen for the WMS
    • In this case if one WMS is overloaded, the submission will pass automatically to the 2nd WMS defined
    • This is true if the list of WMS follows a load balance approach
wms migration v
WMS Migration (V)
  • The current failover mechanism is not enough for the WMS use
    • Use RB1. If it fails…
    • Use RB2. If it fails….
    • Use RB3
    • The current mechanism is not able to identify an overloaded WMS
  • In order to explote all the potential of the drain flag feature we should be:
    • Use RB1 OR RB2 OR RB3. If all these WMS fail…
    • Use RB4 OR RB5 OR RB6
wms migration vi
WMS Migration (VI)
  • The defined code is now implemented at CERN and in Torino
    • LDAP configuration
      • wms1;wms2,wms3;wms4

1st group 2nd group

    • Into the VOBOX, this means the following:
      • $HOME/alien-logs/;
      • Where this files looks like as:


VirtualOrganisation = "alice";

WMProxyEndpoints = {"",""};

MyProxyServer = "";