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ROOM ARRANGEMENT. Preschool Layout. Effects of Room Arrangement. Influences how children act and learn Prompts children to use materials Easily accessible, inviting Children will be happy if the room is a welcoming place Comfortable, pleasing to the eye, safe

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room arrangement


Preschool Layout

effects of room arrangement
Effects of Room Arrangement
  • Influences how children act and learn
    • Prompts children to use materials
    • Easily accessible, inviting
  • Children will be happy if the room is a welcoming place
    • Comfortable, pleasing to the eye, safe
  • Children will act orderly if the room is orderly
    • Can be the cause of disruptive behavior
this is a good place to be
This is a Good Place to Be
  • Furniture is clean, safe, and well maintained.
  • Wall decorations are largely made up of children’s art displayed attractively at their eye level.
  • Colorful decorations, plants, pillows are used
you belong here
You Belong Here
  • Personal cubby for each child
  • Furniture is child sized
  • Pictures, books, & learning materials with different ethnic & economic backgrounds & people with disabilities
this is a place you can trust
This Is a Place You Can Trust
  • There is a well defined schedule
  • Materials & toys are available
  • Materials labeled and easy to find
you can do many things on your own
You Can Do Many Things On Your Own
  • Materials are stored on low shelves so children can use materials on their own
  • Materials are logically organized
  • Shelves are labeled with pictures to show where things belong
you can get away and be by yourself when you need to
You Can Get Away and Be By Yourself When You Need To
  • Small, quiet areas for one or two children
  • Large pillow or stuffed chair
  • Headphones for individual listening
this is a safe place to explore and try out your ideas
This Is a Safe Place to Explore and Try Out Your Ideas
  • Protected and defined small areas for small group activities
  • Smocks for art and water play to avoid fear of getting soiled
  • Outdoor area is fenced in
  • Toys are rotated so there frequently is something new to interest children
  • Materials must be “Child Size”
  • Picture & Bulletin Boards should be at child’s eye level
  • Organized & uncluttered
  • Keep learning centers separate from each other
  • Everything must have a place
  • Create a sense of arrival and welcome
traffic flow
  • Do not have large spaces for running
  • Fill outer edges, center is the pathway
    • A square center is dead space
    • Irregular or rectangle easier to use
  • Children in one center cannot reach children in another unit
  • No need to walk through units to get to another
  • Clean, neat and cheerful
    • Neatness enhances learning
  • Color can provide a cheerful atmosphere
effect of color
  • RED

Comfortable, soothing, secure, tender

Clean, pure, frank, cool, youthful

Peaceful, refreshing, restful

Happy, cheerful

Welcoming, forceful, energetic

Welcoming, energetic, forceful, stimulating


Question: What colors do you think would be best for

A day care or preschool?

  • Teachers must be able to see and supervise all areas of the room
  • All materials must be safe and in working order
  • Outside doors need to be visible and locked to the outside and to the children
  • Storage of hazardous materials must be locked
planning outdoor environments
Planning Outdoor Environments
  • Enough empty space
  • Broad, easily visible paths
  • Children in one unit cannot reach children in another unit
  • No need to walk through play units to get to another
  • No dead space
  • No blind space
outdoor play area problems
Outdoor Play Area Problems
  • Lack of shade
  • Northern exposures
  • Poor drainage
  • Broken equipment
  • Too few things and play space
need for complexity
Need for Complexity
  • Provide opportunity to lengthen attention span and expand on play
  • Make settings for children to meet each other and socialize
  • More opportunities for choice
Activity: PRESCHOOL LAYOUT Use the Lakeshore classroom designers and arrange the preschool to include:
  • Cubbies for children and sign in desk
  • Eating/Art Area close to a sink (may be separate or combined) should have enough seating for 15 children
  • Dramatic play area
  • Library/literacy center
  • Circle time area with rug
  • Science/math center
  • Small Manipulative area with table
  • Construction center
  • Sensory table
  • Music (space for music center may be combined with circle time area as long as it has storage for appropriate materials)
  • Space to Lay out 15 Nap Mats