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MOSS Configuration

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MOSS Configuration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MOSS Configuration
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  1. MOSS Configuration September 2007

  2. Large Farm Medium Farm Small Farm Single Server Server Farm Topology

  3. NOTE: Stand Alone installations should be done for testing or demonstration purposes only. This type of installation can’t be expanded or developed into a server farm configuration. Only way to develop into server farm is to manually move the databases to new SQL server and reinstall MOSS into server farm configuration. • NOTE: All server farm installations of SharePoint should be configured to use Kerberos authentication. Any external access should be done using SSL. Server Farm Topology

  4. Medium Server farm configurations Server Farm Topology

  5. Medium Server farm configurations Server Farm Topology

  6. MOSS standard services with Project Server installed Server Farm Topology

  7. Search Service Configuration Screen Server Farm Topology

  8. Example of Medium Server Farm Configuration • Front End Web Servers • Windows SharePoint Services Web Application Service • Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-mail Service • Office SharePoint Server Search (Query Component) • Application Server(s) • Central Administration • Document Conversions Launcher Service • Document Conversions Load Balancer Service • Excel Calculation Services • *Project Application Service • Windows SharePoint Services Help Search Server Farm Topology

  9. Benefits of previous Configuration • Front End Servers return search results quickly • Search continues to function if indexer is down • Indexer can be configured to maximum performance with out affecting user experience • Redundancy to user if one front-end server is down • Gotcha • If the index server also has the query server component configured it will never propagate indexes to any other query servers.

  10. Central Administration Redundancy • Install Central Administration service on 2nd application server in farm. Configure Alternate Access mappings to allow access to the site. • If Central Administration application server goes down without 2nd configured you can recover by installing new server into the farm and selecting the option to install Central Administration. Server Farm Topology

  11. Farm Administrator • Administers the Central Administration Application • SSP Administrator • Administers the SSP application • Search Administrator • Can administer all search settings in the SSP • User Profile Manager • Can add import connections, manage user profiles, and configure MySite settings • Audience Manager • Can manage audiences settings in the SSP Server Farm Roles

  12. BDC Manager • Can import application definitions to the Business Data Catalog • BDC Permission Manager • Can manage permissions for the Business Data Catalog • Profile Services Permission Manager • Can manage permissions for profile services • Excel Services Administrator • Can administer all Excel Services settings in the SSP • Usage Reporting Manager • Can administer usage reporting settings in the SSP Server Farm Roles

  13. Single Sign-on Administrator • Setup, configure, and manage SSO accounts • Enterprise application definition administrator • Create, delete, and manage enterprise application definitions • Server-level Administrators • Local server administrators group are automatically added to the Farm Administrators SharePoint group and can perform all farm administrator actions. Server Farm Roles

  14. Shared Service Providers Factoids • One index server per SSP • 50 Million documents per Index server including BDC • 20 SSP’s per farm limit • Note: An SSP can be associated with only one index server and one content index. However, an index server can be associated with multiple SSPs and have a content index for each SSP. SSP Configuration

  15. Shared ServicesMultiple SSPs? Vast majority of installs = 1 SSP Use cases for multiple SSPs Secure isolation of services and service data Hosted environments Restricted sites Organizational / Political concerns Shared Services Shared Services - # 2 Shared Services Office Server Search Directory import User profile synch Audiences Targeting Business data catalog Excel calculation service Usage reporting Office Server Search Directory import User profile synch Audiences Targeting Business data catalog Excel calculation service Usage reporting Office Server Search Directory import User profile synch Audiences Targeting Business data catalog Excel calculation service Usage reporting Web App Web App CorpWeb OfficeWeb LegalWeb WinWeb

  16. Inter Farm Shared Services (IFSS) SSP Configuration

  17. Parent/Child relationship. Parent and child must exist within the same Active Directory Forest • Parent and child must have same features and cals • Child farms share Search, Audience, Profile, and BDC • IFSS not supported across WAN links SSP Configuration

  18. Useful Links • Plan for Security Roles • • Plan for administrative and service accounts • • Plan for software boundaries •