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Romanian students

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Romanian students. From The National College “Ecaterina Teodoroiu”. Bianca Vaduva.

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romanian students

Romanian students

From The National College “Ecaterina Teodoroiu”

bianca vaduva
Bianca Vaduva

My name is Bianca Vaduva.I’m 16 years old.I live in a small town named Targu-Jiu with my parents and my cousin.I have brown hair and brown eyes..In my free time I like listening to music and playing volleyball.I also spend a lot of time in front of the computer.My favourite subject is Mathematics.I am a friendly person whit a big sense of humour.

elena ploscaru
Elena Ploscaru

Hello! My name is Ploscaru Elena but all my friends call me Ela . I’m 16 years old . I am sociable and open to new challenges .I love to listen music , in particular rock, my favorite band is Coldplay and my favorite Italian singer is Cesare Cremonini . I love English and Chemistry and I totally hate Physics. This are just a few things about me !

Bye !!! 

alexandru cocolea
Alexandru Cocolea

Hello!My name is Cocolea Ionut-Alexandru,Coco for friends.I`m 16 years old.

I have lots of friends and I like to have fun with them.I`m sociable and with sense of humour.I love to listen music,in particular

house.Of italian singers I`d like Adriano Celentano.I like Informatics,Mathematic and Chemistry.This are just a few things about

me ! Byee ! :)

nicoleta cherciu
Nicoleta Cherciu

My name is Nicoleta…Most of the people call me Nico.I am 16 year old and I’m a sociable person.I have a lot of friends most of them with a lot of sense of humor.I spend a lot of time on the internet,listening music,chating and staff like that.I hate to be lonely and I love to be rounded of a lot of person who love me.Also I am sincer and a litlle bit sensitive and I hate fake people.I love meet new people and make new friends.

andreea armegioiu
Andreea Armegioiu

Hello! My name is Armegioiu Elena-Andreea but all my friends call me Andreea or Deea.I’m 16 years old . I am sociable,amiable,friendly and open to new challenges .I love to listen music , in particular rock,pop and others. My favorite band is RBD and myfavorite Italian singer is Cesare Cremonini . I love English and Chemistry and I totally hate Physics. This are just a few things about me !Bye !!! J

robert zgarbura
Robert Zgarbura

Hy my name is Robert Zgarbura I'm 16 and I study at the National College "Ecaterina Teodoroiu".I am a verry sociable person I like musik especialy pop and rock,I also sing and so I study canto here in Targu-Jiu,a singer from Itally that I like is Tiziano Fero .My favorite subjects are hystory,english and math however I can't stand phisics.These are just a few things about me and I hope I get to meat you.

madalina grosu
Madalina Grosu

Hy!!My name is Grosu Madalina.My friends call me Mada or Maddy . I am an ambitious person.Always I am opened to new challenges .I am student at the National College “Ecaterina Teodoroiu”.I like very much English and maths and I hate physics. I listen every kind of music.My favourite Italian singer is Andrea Bocelli. This are some words about me. I can wait to meet you.

bogdan pociovalisteanu
Bogdan Pociovalisteanu

Hello! My name is Pociovalisteanu Bogdan but all my friends call me Pocio. I’m 16 years old . I am friendly , sociable and ready to new challenges .I love to play fotball , and to play on my computer . My favourite football player is Kaka. My favourite school object is Maths and History but I hatePsihollogy.

Bye bye.

mihaela calistrate
Mihaela Calistrate

My name is Mihaela but my friends call me Mia .I’m sixteen years old.I’ m a friendly person and half of my friends are not from my country.I’m a funny girl and my top friends know that.I’m a sociall person and what I moust appreciate it’s the onesty .I don’t like fake people.My dream it’s to become an actress but that’s not that easy.I luv chemistry (I’m not joking:P) but I’m a little lazy 8-|,I also luv english. but I hate maths or physics.I like to read a lot and in weekends I ‘m used to watch movies.

bianca ivanoiu
Bianca Ivanoiu

Hello everyone!

My name is Bianca Ivanoiu,but my friends call me Bia.I’m 16 years old.I’m a sociable person,a good friend,sincere,and very courios(I think that is not a quality).I love to listen music, more genres like dance,elecro,rock.I love bob sinclar,armin van buren,joans brothers,dido.My favorite subjects are English,Franch,Math,and I hate Physics.This are just a few things about me !


denisa iuga
Denisa Iuga

Hello! My name is Iuga Denisa and I am from Targu-jiu , Romania . I am sixteen years old . About me I can say I like very much to spend time with my family and with my friends.

My favourite subjects are English , Math and also I like reading . Beaside the school and my daily lessons I reserve a part of my time to the activites which relax and enjoys me a lot : I play voleyball, I chat with my friend on messenger , I like to watch good movies and of course I love to listen music .Usually I like all kinds of music but some of my favourits artist and bands are Rihanna , J.LO. , Simple Plan.

So much about me . Bye – bye!

bogdan dadalau
Bogdan Dadalau

Hi! My name is Dadalau Bogdan Alex and I am from Targu-jiu , Romania . I am sixteen years old . About me I can say I like very much wasting time with my friends 

My favourite subjects are Info , Math and also I like football. In Romania football is a very important game so must know how to play a bit .

Beaside the school and my daily lessons I reserve a big part of my time to the activites which relax and enjoys me a lot : I play volleyball with the girl and make a lot of fun of them , I chat with my friends on messenger.

Usually I like all kinds of music but some of my favourites artists and bands are 50 CENT , Black eyed peas , and from Romania the best hip-hop artists Paraziti.

So much about me . Bye – bye!

mihai coana
Mihai Coana

Well….what should I say about me?....Let’s see…..First of all, my name is Mihai-Ionuţ Coană, I’m 16 years old and I live with my parents at the countryside,in a nice house near Târgu-Jiu….So, as you can guess, I love nature with its pure beauty, because I’m close to it….And, I like walking, descovering and sightseeing….That’s why I’ve chosen to take part in the “COMENIUS” project,an interesting way to meet new people, to see places where history had been made by one of the most important civilisations, the ROMAN one, and to learn some italian, because Ars longa,vita brevis(Art is long,life is short-HIPPOCRATES) ………

ionut dudau
Ionut Dudau

Hello! My name is Dudau Ionut and I’m 17 years old . I am very friendly and happy to meet new people .I love to listen music , and to ride my bike . Also I like very much cars , I specialy Ferrari which is my favorite italian sports car. At school I love History and English , but I hate Math, because I don’t understand it.

I will wait to meet you all.

Until then “Ciao” – bye bye !

andreea dinu
Andreea Dinu

Hello! My name is Dinu Andreea Cristina but all my friends call me Deea , I’m 16 years old . I am sociable and open to new challenges. I love to listen music, especially house, dance and disco. My favorite band is The police and my favorite Italian singer is Su di noi - Pupo . I love Franch and Chemistry and I hate Physics. This are just a few things about me !

Bye !!!

adrian valceanu
Adrian Valceanu

My name is Vîlceanu Adrian.I am student at the National College “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” and I’m very proud of this.I am a optimist person and in the same time a very ambitious person.I like to meet new people and to make new friends.I listen every kind of music.My favourite sport is table tennis.This are some words about me.


raluca kolecha
Raluca Kolecha

Hi! My name is Kolecha Raluca Irina, but my friends call me Ralu or Rulu. I’m 16 years old and I am a student at "Ecaterina Teodoroiu" National College. I am a sociable and open person. I like to sing, dance and I also like painting very much because I consider it to be a very relaxing activity. I talk very much on the PC using the Yahoo messenger and listen to almost every kind of music, especially trace and minimal. My favourite band is Above & Beyond. My favourite DJs are Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto and Sllash. As a singer I prefer Mariah Carey, Christina Aguillera and from Italy I prefer Laura Pausini. My favourite colours are blue, grey and the non-colour black. At school, the disciplines I like the most are chemistry and Computer Studies, instead I can't stand Psychology. This is the most I can say about me. Bye-bye!

nicoleta stoican
Nicoleta Stoican

Hello! My name is Stoican Nicoleta and I’m 16 years old and I learn at “Ecaterina Teodoroiu” High School. I am a sociable person and I like to meet new peolpe.I love almost all types of music excepting hard rock.I don’t have a favourite band but I like Rihanna,Justin Timberlake and Ciara.My favourite objects are Maths and Biology and I hate French.This is are a few things about me...

monica baluta
Monica Baluta

Hello, my name is Baluta Monica-Stefania,and I’m sixteen. I like a lot pink ,my real friends and chinese sauce. I`m very rebel and I hate to be sad and see all around me are sad,too.

In the rest I like Biology, History and English. I like travel ,the swimm, Harry Potter series and Twilight series.

My slogan is : “Life is short…Have fun, share your fun and forget all the misdeeds!”

vasile duduiala
Vasile Duduiala

My name is Duduiala Dumitru Vasile, I’m sixteen years old born in Targu Jiu on the 1st of January 1992. I’m 1.75m tall, black hair and hazel eyes. I’m a friendly person, calm, co-operative, sociable.

I like to take part to many activities and I manage to calm myself in critical situations.

My hobby is to practice many sport activities, especially football. I also practice other sports like handball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis and basket. Another hobby of mine is to read. My favorite books are the historic ones and the SF.

I’m desirous to travel a lot, to see many new places and to know people. I love the nature, green spaces with fresh air. Sometimes, I go together with my parents to the country where everything is natural, still not touched by the progress.

Sometimes, I like also to spend my free time to the computer where I listen music, I ‘m talking with my colleagues and my friends, I play strategy games or I watch movies.My favorite music is pop, hip-hop , generally the good music suitable for my age.

cezar morosanu
Cezar Morosanu

Hi , my name is Cezar . I`m 16 years old . I have a deep passion for the eurystical side of things , specifically the way in which things came into existence , the ultimate explanation of how/why we are here . And that`s pretty much the reason I love Biology. I`m a convinced evolutionist that thinks that the darwinistic theory of evolution of species by means of natural selection is absolutely viable and it`s effects can be seen in every living been , and I try to persuade people that I`m right about this thing. Conservation is one of my preocupations , and I`m trying every day to convince a lot of people that we have only one planet and we must fight to protect it from our selfishness.

I enjoy music as any other teenager and I love hip hop as much as I love classical music . My favorite Italian singer is Toto Cutugno .I admire scientists like Sir David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins , actors like Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan , singers like ABBA and Eminem and many others.

In school I like to study linguistics , history , geography and biology . I`m quite sociable and love making new friends especially those who share my views.

These are just a few things about me.