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Tips to choose the best computer consultant PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips to choose the best computer consultant

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Tips to choose the best computer consultant
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Tips to choose the best computer consultant

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  1. Fortworth Technology

  2. Tips to Choose a computer consultant Before talking about the tips to choose the best computer Consultant let us know what actually consultant is. A consultant is a person or a group of people which solves our PC related issues so that we can work efficiently on them. Generally, we hire a consultant when we are stuck in some problem with our PC or laptops and we are not able to tackle that problem ourselves then we hire a person who has professional knowledge about the hardware and software of the PC/laptop.

  3. There is lot of difference between the word “experience” and “expertise”. On the basis of knowledge there are two different ways through which the computer consultant can be chosen. Theoretical knowledge: Generally theoretical knowledge is gained from the study. It is related to the specialization done in a particular field he/she might be familiar with the theory. Then she/he is likely to have a real understanding of that particular issue. Practical Knowledge: Practical knowledge comes when a person works with that issue. Gaining theoretical knowledge is different from practical knowledge.

  4. Choosing a consultant is similar to choosing an employee. If someone has decided that a consultant is necessary for a particular organization then the task is to be defined, and what skills and experience is necessary to complete that task. Think more about the personal traits and working style and that will be best for your organization. You have to recruit and choose the candidates. While choosing the candidate follow some of the points that are mentioned below: Define the task that you want the consultant to tackle: Some of the consulting jobs are clear cut in which consultants are hired for a particular job such as writing a computer program, plan or

  5. or run event, facilitate a hiring process and finish it out when the person is done. Other tasks are not defined to the consultant, and are hired to help the organization to reflect its work. The main thing is that more clearly you will define that what you want more likely you are going to get. Determine what skills and experience the consultant must have to accomplish your goals: Some of the considerations here: 1) Every consultant should have a specific educational background? 2) Is there is a need of specific training to the consultant?

  6. 3) Does he need some interpersonal skills? 4) Does he need a particular experience? Decide how much you can afford: In this case what you can spend is easy. The two things are to be considered while spending unrestricted funds: first is, what you can afford to spend and second thing is that what you can’t afford not to spend. For top quality work, paying more will make sense. But this happens only in a situation where the consultant assignment is essential to the organization and the work is of high level. Recruitment process: Once the characteristics have been defined what you want in consult, your next step is to look

  7. forward for a candidate who is pursuing with these qualities. These people are those with whom the company has worked directly or indirectly or who have a good reputation in the community. Screen Applications, interview candidates and make your choice: what should be included in the whole process of the screening test and interview is discussed in detail below: 1) The team of four to six people is to be assembled with representative of everyone in the organization who will work with the consultant or is effected by the work. 2) After having the team read and rate, the applications based on the qualifications and personal characteristics you have decided

  8. you want to. 3) You have agreed with the number of candidates to interview, that you have chosen. 4) Interviews are to be scheduled and talk to everyone. 5) Each candidate is to be asked with four or five questions and the standard of comparison is to be made. The interviews are to be conducted by agreeing on a particular set of questions. Evaluate the Consultant work: After conducting an interview now its time to evaluate the consultant and prepare the result according to his performance. The members who have worked with the consultant will tell that how well the

  9. consultant had worked with them. Choosing a consultant is a very difficult task and a time consuming process. Now you are in position to hire a consultant who is an experienced man and can do the job exactly what you wanted after following the above mentioned procedure. A good computer consultant has the ability to bring specific skills and specialized knowledge and to conduct a process and unbiased prospective to the work of an organization or group. Feel free to visit :