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Tips to Clean White Mac Keyboard

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Tips to Clean White Mac Keyboard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Are you interested to clean your Mac keyboard at home? Take a look at article and get complete guidance.

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As everybody knows, laptop keeps an important place in everybody’s life either a school-going student or a businessman. If we use laptop for most of the time, then it’s our responsibility to keep the laptop keyboard neat and clean. It is more essential for the white MacBook user than the common user because the Mac keyboard seems dirtier than other keyboards.


So, if your Mac keyboard is dirty and you want to make it look like new again, here we are going to discuss how to clean the white Mac keyboard at home without any damage.

Cleaning a key is very simple task. Here, we will discuss some essential things that we must know before getting started:


Compressed air spray fan

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Spudger
  • Q-Tips
  • Water and mild dish soap

Step 1. Before starting, make sure laptop is turned off or if it’s wireless, shut down and remove the battery.


Step 2. Now, blow out the dust underneath keys by using compressed air.

Step 3. Mix a single drop of mild dish soap in water. Take a microfiber cloth and dip in mixture. Now, start wiping the exterior of the keyboard. Before wiping, clean all the dust and debris from the keyboard. If our keys are really dirty, then we need to scrub the keys down with a bit of force.


After cleaning the exterior of the keyboard, start cleaning from the inside of the keys. For this, we need to remove all the keys.

Step 4. Take a spudger and set it in the keyboard body & the key and lift gently, make sure keycap must unclip from the retainer clip points.


Step 5. Once the keys are removed, blow out the dust and debris from inside of the keys. If there is any stubborn dust, you can scrub it off with Q-Tip.

Step 6.Now, put the keys back on the keyboard. Make sure to let the area dry before putting the keys back on.


Step 7. To put the keys back on the keyboard, place the key over its receptacle and press down until it snaps into place.

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