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How to Remove Sony Laptop Keyboard Keys

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How to Remove Sony Laptop Keyboard Keys - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In this modern world, laptop is necessary for all ages of people from school students to the businessman. Not only individual as well as businessman use laptop for their management. If we use laptop every time, then keyboard key stuck or creating problem while typing like slow to respond, damaged etc.


At that time, we think about to replace keyboard but actually we can replace an individual key. One of the most things is laptop keyboard key replacement is cost effective than laptop keyboard replacement. Before replacement, we all know how to remove laptop keyboard key safely.


So, if you’re Sony laptop user and want to replace a keyboard key yourself, then take a look below and learn reliable tips on Sony laptop keyboard key removal.

Laptop keyboard key removal is not an easy task but it needs great care while removing. Some of the important things, we need to remove are:


1.Keyboard map

2.Flat-head screwdriver



5.Cotton swabs


Let us know how to remove laptop keyboard key in simple steps.

Turn off the laptop.

Note down the key location or draw the keyboard map of your keyboard keys.


Now take a screwdriver and insert the flathead screwdriver beneath the keycap and lift gently, make sure keycap should unclip from the retainer clip points.

To remove safely, try to start from ‘Q’ and continue to the right and insert the tip from all corners rather than applying more force. If clip point is broken, the keycap will not clip to the retainer and need to replace key.


Take special care when removing the tab, caps lock, shift, space bar, enter, forward slash and back space buttons because these buttons are attached to a small metal pin. It may take a little more effort to remove these, so be patient.


Collect the removal key in a container so that you may not lose them.

After removing the key cap, make sure that the retainer clip is attached to the laptop with the pad in the middle. If you want to remove the retainer clip also place a knife edge under the corner and gently twist it until it pops off.


While cleaning, if you will find damaged or worn out key, it needs to replace. At Replacement Laptop Keys, you will find 100% OEM replacement keys for all models of Sony brand with installation guide video to make your task easier. To place order or know more about our services and products, visit our website.