exploring my opinion
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Exploring My Opinion

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Exploring My Opinion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring My Opinion. Objective: To set a context for the study of thematic concepts in TKMB by defending and discussing opinions with supporting evidence by conducting philosophical chairs. Quickwrite.

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exploring my opinion

Exploring My Opinion


To set a context for the study of thematic concepts in TKMB by defending and discussing opinions with supporting evidence by conducting philosophical chairs

  • When you have a disagreement with a friend, how does it sound? What does it look like? Who gets to talk and when? Who gets to have the last word?
  • What about:
    • a disagreement between a teacher
    • a debate between presidential candidates
    • a conflict between coworkers
  • How do people handle disagreements or arguments differently? Why might this be a problem when communicating differences?
anticipation guide
Anticipation Guide
  • Think about the first statement and whether you agree or disagree
  • Explain why you believe this statement to be accurate or inaccurate
  • Give a specific example for support and clarification
  • Move to the side of the room you most affiliate with (no fence sitters)
  • You may change sides during the discussion
protocol for discussion
Protocol for Discussion
  • Move to the side of the room agree most with
    • Huddle and share your rationale and evidence
  • One speaker at a time
    • You will not be able to speak again until three other people have shared
    • Wait to be called on
    • Do not speak over other students
protocol for discussion1
Protocol for Discussion
  • Paraphrase and be respectful
    • While you believe…have you considered…
    • Your perspective is…
    • Despite…
    • I reject…because
    • I’m aware that…
    • Furthermore… or However…
    • Corresponding with…
    • Contradictory to…
argumentative writing prompt
Argumentative Writing Prompt
  • On a separate sheet of paper write an essay in which you support your position and understanding on one of the statements discussed.
    • Hook the reader by providing background information and your understanding of the statement
    • State your claim clearly so that the reader understands your position on the statement
    • Evidence/Support/Rationale—Be sure to provide an example from your own experience and an example from the discussion.
    • Counterclaim states why somebody disagrees with your and may provide an example
    • Refutation should explain why the counterclaim is incorrect or should not be accepted.
    • Call to action or conclusion should ask the reader to think, believe, or act or consider the position you have presented.