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  1. etichettiamoci Contactperson: Emanuela Colombi Associazione culturale Googol

  2. Whythisproject? • A trigger • REGOLAMENTO (UE) N. 1169/2011 DEL PARLAMENTO EUROPEO E DEL CONSIGLIO del 25 ottobre 2011 relativo alla fornitura di informazioni sugli alimenti ai consumatori, che modifica i regolamenti (CE) n. 1924/2006 e (CE) n. 1925/2006 del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio e abroga la direttiva 87/250/CEE della Commissione, la direttiva 90/496/CEE del Consiglio, la direttiva 1999/10/CE della Commissione, la direttiva 2000/13/CE del Parlamento europeo e del Consiglio, le direttive 2002/67/CE e 2008/5/CE della Commissione e il regolamento (CE) n. 608/2004 della Commissione • An important presence in the territory of Parma

  3. Goal • Knowledge about this new legislation • Provide knowledge on food physical-chemical characteristics • Provide a key to understand the world around us so as to make informed choices • Science and citizenship Be able to make aware choices is thenew way to live as an active citizen

  4. How wechoseourclasses: • Children of lower secondary school • 11- 14 yearsold Why: • The school deals with the labels and consumer awareness Although the theme in different ways, can be addressed to all ages.

  5. how to present … • Labels are therefore extremely important for the conscious consumer. The route we selected was "cut out" on the many ideas and possibilities and presents itself as a ludic and didactic to stimulate the curiosity of boys and girls towards the labels.

  6. Labels are important for consumer awareness, knowledge of nutritional values​​, to know the meaning of the symbols but are really important to your health. For persons with celiac disease, for example, the correct reading of the labels is the only possible way to find suitable food for their diet.

  7. SCIENCE IN TRAVEL– labelsarrive • An interactive workshop to discover all the information on a label. A series of cards played with giant labels of certain foods with games and experiments to understand the meaning of terms such as quantity, net weight, ingredients, nutrients, fats, ...

  8. SCIENCE IN TRAVEL • In the laboratory we discuss critically and scientifically on the correct meaning of labels including information about health or possible role of certain substances on the growth, development, diet or other with reference to data and scientific opinions from EFSA.

  9. About the laboratory: • We create groups or teams, who will work to discover the characteristics of the labels and how the new law prescriptions • Using boxes of food labels "real" to begin to observe them carefully helped by cards that show the basic information that should not be missed. • A particular focus is dedicated to the nutritional table. • To make operating and engaging time will be dealt with real experiments to: see proteins, fats play with, find out where they hide sugar and build non-Newtonian liquids or starch and much more. • Finally a team game on the labels. Labels are provided to the various teams who have to answer some questions. Vince come, first to finish in a correct way the questions. • At the end there is also a prize!

  10. In the classes: The game of fat ... with bibs

  11. The study of labels

  12. The research of proteins: