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AASECO AEU PSM: Paul Diepstraten May 17 th , 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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AASECO AEU PSM: Paul Diepstraten May 17 th , 2013

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AASECO AEU PSM: Paul Diepstraten May 17 th , 2013
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AASECO AEU PSM: Paul Diepstraten May 17 th , 2013

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  1. PPC-6170 & PPC-6150 • webinar • 15” & 17” Panel PC • with Intel® 3rd generation • Core i5 / i3 / Celeron Processor AASECO AEU PSM: Paul Diepstraten May 17th, 2013

  2. Advantech Panel PC introduction

  3. Product Strategy of Panel PCs –PPC series • Pursue most updated technology • Lunar Pier RefreshPPC-L158T, PPC-L62T • Cedar trailPPC-3100, PPC-3120 • Ivy bridgePPC-6150/6170 • HaswellPPC-6120, Bay trailPPC-3150/3170 • Adopt green design concept • Built-in Power saving IC, Compliant to ErP Lot 6, the power consumption of Standby mode lower than 1W(2010). • Reduce to use Conducting paint, shielding metal plate • LED backlight with Auto dimming light sensor. • Fully support customization services • Changeable front bezel and color, customized logo • High brightness or sunlight readable solution. • Customized BIOS, OS image

  4. Panel PC Wide-Range Offerings launched Fanless • Multifunctional • High computing power • Rich I/O • AC power-in • PCI/PCIe Expansion PPC-6120 PPC-6170 PPC-6150 PPC-179T PPC-177T PPC-157T PPC-125T PPC-3170 PPC-3150 • Fanless Design • Slim • Fanless • Low power consumption • Wide range DC-input • PCI/PCIe expansion PPC-3100 PPC-3120 PPC-L158T PPC-L62T PPC-L157T PPC-L128T PPC-L61T PPC-L106T Planning Available

  5. Advantech Panel PC features and differentiators

  6. PPC Features: Fit for Integration… 1 Analog input card Various Mounting • Supports Panel mount , VESA 75/100, Wall mount , Stand, ARM • Expansion slot • either PCI or PCIe x1 • Integrated or add-on box • Supports ODD, WLAN, 1W speaker Excellent Extensibility Fieldbus card Digital I/O card • Serial port , RS-232/422/485 (auto-flow and BIOS selectable) • Dual Giga LAN, USB, GPIO, 1394(option) • Audio in/out • Wide Range DC input or with AC Adapter RICH I/O ports

  7. PPC Features: Fit for Integration… 2 Front IP 65 • IP65 Front Panel provide excellent durability in harsh environment LED Indicator • Easily identify system status Power on/off Storage Access Auto Dimming sensor LAN Active I/O direction DC/AC supported • I/O connectors facing backside, easy for panel mount, no interference • 12~24V DC input (some model 12~30V) • 100~240V AC input by adapter

  8. PPC Features: SUSIAccess Support(only for new generation PPC-61xx/31xx) • Complete Protection • Simplicity of All Backup and Recovery • Stay in Sync with Device Health Status • Saving Maintenance and Energy Cost • Centralized and Remote Management

  9. PPC Target applications there where longevity panel PC x86 computing power is required without the specific automation requirements Semi office & IEM (Industrial Equipment Maker) Process Monitoring & Quality Management Panel PC Industrial printer, barcode scanner, labeling

  10. Introduction Intel®Core™ i3, i5 and Celeron® 847E computing performance panel PC series 15“ panel PC: PPC-6150 17“ panel PC: PPC-6170

  11. Features of PPC-6170 & PPC-6150 • Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and Celeron® 847E + Intel QM77 PCH • ƒƒ1X DDR3/DDR3L SODIMM support to 8 GB • ƒƒMultiple expansion slots including one PCIe x4, one PCI + one PCIe x1, two PCI (optional) and two PCIe x1 (optional) • ƒƒOptional second HDD, supports Intel RAID • 3x RS232 + 1 isolated RS-232/422/485 port; (selectable in by BIOS) • Dual GbE, supports Intel AMT8.0 • Supports iManager, SUSIAccess and Embedded Software APIs • ƒƒOneGPIO/RS-232 (8 channels, TTL level); (by swapping pin header) • Three USB3.0 ports and One internal USB2.0 for dongle

  12. Advantages of Intel 3rd generation Core i

  13. Performance comparison PPC-6150/PPC-6170 PPC-157/PPC-177 • Passmark Performance Test Pro V7.0 Build 1002 on Windows 7 32bit • Core Due T2500  Intel Core™Due T2500 @ 2.0G (PPC-157T/PPC-177T) • C2D T7400  Intel Core™2® DueT7400 @2.16GHz (PPC-157T/PPC-177T) • Celeron(R) 847E  Intel® Celeron(R) 847E @1.10GHz (PPC-6150/PPC-6170) • I3-3120ME  Intel® Core™ i3-3120ME CPU @2.4GHz, 35W TDP (PPC-6150/ PPC-6170) • I5-3610ME  Intel® Core™ i5-3610ME CPU @2.7GHz, 35W TDP (PPC-6150/ PPC-6170)

  14. Outstanding Flexibility by Modular Design based on Advantech EmCore MIO-5290technolgy

  15. Modular Design – Main Board & I/O Board • Main board comes from MIO-5290. It’s leverages the core competence of rugged embedded board. Also, it supports iManager, SUSIAccess and Embedded Software APIs. Separated I/O board allows customers to build up a system with proprietary I/O at lower cost.

  16. Modular Design – Storage & Expansions Built-in internal USB slot Optional Optical Drive or Second Hard Drive Multiple expansion slots

  17. Multiple Expansion Slots Two PCIe x1 Two PCI PCI + PCIe x1 PCIe x 4 Four options of slots combinations, allow customers to install various expansion cards, such as Frame grab cards, Motion cards and Fieldbus cards….

  18. Advantech offering of PCIe IO Card • PCIE-1760 • 8-ch Isolated DI • 8-ch Relay Output • Counter/Timer and PWM • PCIE-1753 • 96-ch TTL DI/O • Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI • PCIE-1810 • 12-bit, 500 kS/s AI and AO • 24 TTL DI/O channels • Counter/Timer function • PCIE-1752/1754/1756 • 64 DO/ 64 DI/ 32 DI, 32 DO • High sink current on isolated output channels • PCIE-1730 • 32-ch Isolated DI/O • 32-ch TTL DI/O • Interrupt Handling • PCIE-1733/1734 • 32-ch Isolated DI/ DO • High sink current on isolated output channels • PCIE-1751 • 48-ch TTL DI/O • Emulates mode 0 of 8255 PPI • Counter/Timer function • PCIE-1816 • 16-bit, 1MS/s AI and AO • 24 TTL DI/O channels • Counter/Timer function 2012 2013

  19. Advantech Offering of various PCI I/O Cards

  20. 3 serial com ports + One isolated RS-232/422/485 BIOS selectable RS-232/422/485, no need to open chassis for adjusting jumpers. The isolated port avoid the system crash caused by voltage spikes from devicesconnected through RS-232/422/485.

  21. Support Dual HDD with Intel RAID Both of PPC-6170 and PPC-6150 support dual HDD with Intel RAID functions. It’s not only ensure the data protection but also make customers easily to recovery a system. Only 3 steps to rescue a crashed system Step 3 - Execute Restore RAID 1 data protection by Intel Rapid Storage Utility Step 2 - Replace crashed HDD with new one Step 1 - Create RAID 1 volume by Intel Rapid Storage Utility

  22. PPC-6150 and PPC-6170 Easy to use and flexible installation

  23. Auto dimming and LED indicators Users can select in the BIOS. Manual Mode  setting backlight in a particular percentage of max. brightness. Dynamic Mode  adjusting backlight depends on light sense. Easily identify system status Auto dimming (Dynamic Mode)

  24. Powerful but Compact With dual expansion slots, dual HDD and rich I/O ports but still keep the same outline dimensions. It’s the most compact model compared to other similar offers around the panel IPC market. 395.5 mm PPC-6150 105.5 mm 316.8 mm 422 mm PPC-6170 113.5 mm 362 mm

  25. Support Various Mounting Both of PPC-6150 and PPC-6170 support various mounting including panel mount , VESA 75/100, wall mount , stand, ARM. It benefits customers to install PPC in different fields easily. Optional wall mount kit, PPC-174T-WL-MTE Optional stand, PPC-155T STAND Panel mount kits in the accessory box Optional ARM, PPC-ARM-A03

  26. PPC-6150 & PPC-6170 Optional Accessories

  27. Advantech emCore MIO-5290 features

  28. MIO-5290, a Design for Ruggedized Solution • MIO-5290 is designed with 100% Solid Capacitors • Higher tolerance for high frequencies & high temperature • With better MTBF compared with Electrolytic Capacitors • More reliable solution if using Solid capacitors than Electrolytic capacitors • High ESD Protection for RS-232 I/O Pins to ±15kV • IEC61000-4-2 Air Gap Discharge: ±15kV • IEC61000-4-2 Contact Discharge : ±8kV • Human Body Model: ±15 kV • Rugged Design on Selected Components • Wide temperature design and test criteria: Power/ Clock generator/ Sequence • PCB Type: TG-150 as PCB type, much reliable in high temperature environments.

  29. MIO-5290 Compelling Features Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3, i7 MI/O Extension SBC with 48-bit LVDS/ HDMI or DP/ VGA/ 2 GbE/ 2COM/ 2 SATAIII/ 2 USB3.0/ Mini-PCIe/ 1 mSATA/ MIOe/ iManager Intel Core i3 1.6G, Core i7 1.7G, Core i7 2.5G + QM77 1 SODIMM DDR3 1600MHz upto 8GB Core i3/ i7 Dual Core Support (17W, 25W CPU) 3 independent display: 48-bit LVDS, HDMI or DP, VGA DirectX 11, OpenGL *3.1, OpenCL* 1.1 H/W Decode ( JPEG & MJPEG), H/W Encode (MPEG2) Intel iAMT 8.0 12V DC Power input , support DC power hot plug design Hyper Threading 2 Intel GbE/ HD Audio/ 2 USB3.0/ 4 USB2.0/ 2 SATAIII/ 2 COM / GPIO/ SMBUS/ mSATA/ Full size Mini-PCIeExpansion MIOe (SMBus, USB 2.0/3.0, LPC, 4 PCIe, line out, power, DP) DC Jack Advantech iManager & SUSIaccess Supports Embedded Software API and Utility Win7, WES7, Win8, WinXP, WinXPe, Linux Support 2 x 2 Power 2019/Q2 Longevity 2*USB 3.0 DP/HDMI Phase in by Oct’ 2012

  30. 2 miniPCIe or mSATA Support on MIO-5290 MIO-5290 could support 2 miniPCIe For WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS , Cellular modules.... http://www.advantech.com.tw/embcore/ewm.aspx MIO-5290 could support mSATA (select by BIOS) miniPCIe miniPCIe or mSATA mSATA - SLC mSATA (Extreme) - MLC

  31. Technical specification PPC-6170 & PPC-6150

  32. PPC-6170 & PPC-6150 I/O Placement A: AC Inlet B: Power Switch C: USB 3.0 x 2, USB 2.0 x 2 D: HDMI E: VGA F: Cable clip x 2 G: Gigabit Ethernet x 2 H: 2 Expansion slots I: Line out / Mic in J: USB 3.0 x 1 K: GPIO / RS-232 (by swapping pin header) L: RS232 x 3 M: Isolated RS-232/422/485 (selecting by BIOS)

  33. PPC-6150 & PPC-6170 Specifications

  34. Three Models to Fulfill Various Needs PPC-6150 PPC-6170

  35. Ordering information PPC-6150 PPC-6170

  36. Pricing information

  37. Software features

  38. SUSIAccess 2.0 Alan.Kao

  39. Power Consumption

  40. Differences between SUSIAccess, SUSI & iManager

  41. SUSIAccess Features Powered by

  42. McAfee Embedded Security - an effective way to block unauthorized activities Key features • Solidify the whole hard disk • Prevent malware/hacker • White List Protection • Control what software installs and runs • Warning for any unauthorized activities • Auto Notify administrator (by SUSIAccess-System Protection) PN:968EMLMAC1

  43. Acronis True Image-Industrial Backup & Recovery solution for Embedded Device. • Full Backup • Data backup & recover for OS, applications & files. • Hot Backup • Live backup your data without reboot the machine • Schedule Backup • Schedule set by SUSIAccess-System Recovery Key features PN:968EMLATI1

  44. SUSIAccess Value Proposition • Reduced time to market • Integrated application dedicated for embedded market • Reduced development costs • Well-prepared AP and technical support team • Verified in most of Advantech Platforms • Over 150 platforms have verified support SUSIAccess http://wiki.advantech.com/images/a/aa/SUSIAccess_support_list_1025.pdf • One time licensing gain all you need • No need to renew licensing annually • World Class Trusted Technology Backup • Technology from Acronis & McAfee • Multi-OS support

  45. Advantech Turnkey Solution Enterprise Customer Design-In Services SI/OEM Embedded Application OS Software Products SUSIAccess Remote KVM System Protection System Recovery Remote Power On/Off Remote Monitoring Advantech Hardware Platforms

  46. SUSIAccess Scenario – Production Management Operation Management VGA PPC-6170 Production Line 1 Sales HDMI PPC-6170 Production Line 2 Material Control Central Management Server Production Line 3 PPC-6150 PPC-6170 HDMI Planning • Simplicity of all backup & recovery operations • remote on/off for Power saving LED Board Scheduling Dashboard Status Dashboard

  47. SUSIAccessScenario – Self Service payment terminal Dual Display Dual Ethernet PCIe extension for serial ports PCI expansion for more serial ports Serial Ports

  48. Competition Comparison

  49. Competitor Analysis (15”)