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09 期末复习建议 PowerPoint Presentation
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09 期末复习建议

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09 期末复习建议
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09 期末复习建议

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  1. 09期末复习建议

  2. 本次考试主要范围 U6 I like music that I can dance to. U7 Where would you like to visit? U8 I’ll help clean up the city park. U9 When was it invented? U10 By the time I got outside, the bus had already left.

  3. Language Goals • U6— Relative clauses with thatand who Express preferences • U7— would and hopetofor expressing desires Talk about places you would like to visit • U8—Phrasal verbs Offer help • U9— Passive voice (questions and statements) Talk about the history of inventions • U10— Past perfect Narrate past events

  4. SentencesUnit 6I like music thatI can sing along with. I love singers whowrite their own music.Unit 7I hope to go to France some day.I’d love to I’d like to go somewhere relaxing.I like places wherethe weather is always warm.We’d love to go somewherethat is fun for kids.

  5. Unit 8I’d like to work outside.I will help clean up the city parks.You could give out food at a food bank.Unit 9Who was the telephone invented by?When was the telephone invented?What is the telephone used for?It’s used for seeing in the dark. Unit 10By the time I got up, my brother had already gotten in the shower.

  6. 分课复习 • Target language • Key phrases • Writing

  7. Unit 6 (Target language ) Rosa likes musicthat is quiet and gentle. ---What kind of music do you like? ---I like music that I can sing along with. ( dance to ) ---We prefer music that has great lyrics. ---What kind of singers do you love? --- I love singers who write their own music. Describe the music /persons you like

  8. 重点词组 (Key phrases) 1. sing along with 2. dance to the music 3. get sth. for sb./ get sb. sth. 4. remind sb. of sth. 5. be important to sb. 6. look for 7. have a few good features 8. be sure to do sth. 9. see sb. do sth. 10. make sb. adj. 11. prefer …to 12. go on vacation 13. feel sick 14. take... to... 15. to be honest 伴随...歌唱 随音乐起舞 为…买… 使……记起,想起 对...重要 寻找 有一些好的特点 一定要做 看见某人做某事 使得某人… 比起……更喜欢… 去度假 感觉不舒服 带某人去… 老实说,说实在的

  9. 重点词组 (Key phrases) 16. get together 17. be bad for 18. take care of 19. stay away from 20. be in agreement 21. over the years 22. on display 23. world class 24. a group of 25. too much 26. even if 27. a balanced diet 聚会 对…有害 照顾 与……保持距离 意见一致… 这些年 展览;陈列 世界级的 一群;一组 太多 即使 均衡的饮食

  10. 重点句型 There be 1. There are many great photos of people and of the countryside. 2. There is nothing better. 3. There is just so much to see and do here. 4. There are lots of different kinds of food here. 5. … but there is not much to do there. (Unit 7) 6. There must be something visiting the homes in our neighborhood …(Unit 5) 7. And I know there are many people there who speak French.(U3B3)

  11. 重点句型 some…others 1. Some people say they’re boring, but others say they are great. 2. It seems some students would like to start work as soon as possible, so that they can help provide better lives for their parents. Other students hope to continue studying after finishing school. (Unit 7)

  12. interest interesting interested • We have chemistry this year and it __________ me a lot. • 2. The movie is so __________ that I have seen it twice. • 3. I am ___________ in the contest. I will try my best to do it well. • Keys: 1. interests 2. interesting 3. interested

  13. Unit 6 ( Writing ) 1. Write a reply to Lingling. (P49) Dear Lingling, I’m glad to get your e-mail. _________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Yours, _______

  14. Unit 6 ( Writing ) • 2. My favorite … • (sport, food, book, music, movie, teacher, friend, singer, band…) • What is it / Who is … • What do you often do with… • What do you think of it?/ Why do you like it?

  15. Unit 7(Target language) 1. Where would you like to go on vacation? I’ d love to visit Mexico. I’d like to go somewhere relaxing. 2. I hope to go to France some day. I hope that I /you can…. 3. I like places where the people are really friendly. 4. I’d like to go somewhere that is fun for kids. 5. Why not consider visiting …? 6. Kunming is also beautiful and it has lots of wonderful sights. Describe the places you want to go

  16. 重点词组 (Key phrases) 1.would like to do sth。 2. go on vacation 3. hope to do / hope + that… 4. answer the phone / the questions 5. take messages 6. depend on 7. take a trip 8. provide sb. with sth. / sth. for sb. 9. save money 10. be away 11. take part in 12. be willing to do 13. hold on to 14. come true 15. dream of sth. / doing sth. 想做某事 去度假 希望做…… 接电话 / 回答问题 传话,带话 视…而定,取决于 去旅行 为某人提供…… 省钱 离开,远离 参加 乐意(做某事) 坚持;保持,继续, 实现;到达 梦想,向往

  17. 重点词组 (Key phrases) 16. some day / one day 17. somewhere relaxing 18. for example 19. in general 20. this time of year 21. in the future 22. thousands of 23. as soon as possible 24. so that 25. according to 26. quite a few 27. on the one hand … 28. on the other hand 有朝一日,总有一天 放松的地方 例如 通常,大体上,一般而言 一年中的这个时候 将来 数以千计的,许许多多的 尽快地 以便,为了 根据,按照 相当多;不少 一方面 另一方面

  18. 重点词组 go trekking go swimming go fishing go camping go hiking go climbing go skating go skiing go bike riding go boating go jogging go riding go sightseeing go shopping

  19. 重点句型 What about sth / doing sth.? How about Hawaii? What about going there (to Niagara Falls)? Why don’t we do…? Why don’t we all go to San Francisco together? It has everything –beautiful views, friendly people, exciting things to do… Why not do…? For your next vacation, why not consider visiting Paris?

  20. 重点句型 I’d like to go somewhere relaxing. --Where would you like to go? --I don’t know. Somewhere warm. I don’t want to go anywhere cold. I’m going to move somewhere interesting. (U10B3) Finally, I’m going to retire somewhere quiet and beautiful. (U10B3)

  21. I’m going to pack light clothes. 1、房间的灯太暗了。你最好别在这样的光线下看书。 The light in the room is poor. You’d better not read in such poor light. (n. 灯 n. 光线) 2、箱子很大,但很轻,是空的。 The box is big, but it’s light. It’s empty. (adj. 轻的) 3、我不喜欢深蓝,我喜欢浅蓝。 I don’t like dark blue. I prefer light blue. (adj.浅色的,单色的) 4、 他进屋,点着了蜡烛。 He came into the room and lit the candle. (v.点燃,点火)

  22. Writing: 1、Travel Spotlight: Beijing 仿照3a(P54), 介绍北京,学习和体会篇章结构。 2、Write an e-mail message to S.T. Zhang 引导学生学会审题 1)找出对方对旅游的需求 2)根据需要提供相应的旅游地点 3)引导学生总结书信格式

  23. Dear S.T. Zhang, I am glad to get your e-mail.____________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Welcome to… and have a good vacation! Ace Travel

  24. Dear S.T.Zhang, I am glad to get your e-mail. I think you’d better consider visiting Dalian. It’s near the sea and it’s a beautiful place to spend holidays. You can go to the beach, swim or do some outdoor activities. If you decide to visit it, it’s best to stay in Ace Hotel. It’s both comfortable and cheap, and some rooms are big enough for 3 people. Of course, you can cook by yourself if you like. If I were you, I would go there by train. It’s cheap and convenient. Welcome to Dalian and have a great vacation. Ace Travel

  25. 3. 你收到一封咨询信,请你以旅行社工作人员的身份完成任务。 Dear Ace Travel, I’m Li Ming, from the east of China. For the coming winter vacation, my family and I want to spend our vacation in a foreign city for ten days. We would like to go somewhere not only warm but also interesting. We don’t mind how far we have to go. It has to be a place where we can swim every day, and it would be nice if our hotel is not expensive but clean and comfortable. We like to pay no more than $5,000 for the trip. Could you please give us your suggestions for vacation spots? Thanks a lot. Yours, Li Ming 请你根据来信,从下列所给的地方中选择一个或两个符合Li Ming要求的地方,向他提出建议。(80字左右) Tokyo, Sydney, Hawaii, Shanghai

  26.  Dear Li Ming, I’m Gina. It’s my pleasure to give you some suggestions for your vacation spots. According to your letter, I think either Sydney or Hawaii is the best choicebecause they are both warm and interesting. There are some inexpensive hotels that are clean and comfortable. What’s more,you can enjoy sunshine, walk on the beach and swim every day. Besides, there are many good museums in Sydney. (It’s also a wonderful place for shopping.) And if you go to Hawaii, you could have a visit to Pearl Harbor, which is quite educational and historical. (And you can also enjoy exotic dances.) That’s just my idea. I hope it would give you some help. Yours, Gina.

  27. Unit 8 (Target language) • I’ll… • We could … • we need to … •I like doing/ to do… •I would like to… •What kind of volunteer work do you think I could do? •You could… • What do you like doing? • I love playing soccer. •Being a volunteer is great. •Volunteering is great. Phrasal verbs and Volunteer work

  28. 重点词组 (Key phrases) clean up cheer up give out / hand out give away need to do… put off( sth / doing sth) put up set up call up fix up think up come up with sth write down sth. volunteer time to do sth put … to good use (把…)打扫干净,(把…)收拾整齐 鼓励, 使振奋,使高兴起来 分发,发放 捐赠 需要做…;有必要做… 推迟(做某事/ 某事) 张贴,搭建 建立,创立,开办 打电话给… 修理,修补 想出 想出,提出 写下;记下 花时间做志愿工作 把…投入使用

  29. 重点词组 (Key phrases) plan to do… coach a soccer team start a club run out of take after sb be similar to ask for work out hang out not only… but also make money offer sth. for sb. be able to do sth. fill with face challenges 计划做… 训练足球队 建立俱乐部 用完,耗尽 与……相象 与……相似 要;要求;请求 产生结果;发展;成功 闲逛 不但……而且…… 赚钱;挣钱 为…提供… 能做…… 充满;填满 面对挑战

  30. 重点词组 (Key phrases) spend time doing… help sb. out a professional singer disabled people a friend of mine because of at once two weeks from now 花时间做… 帮助(某人)解决困难 职业歌手 残疾人 我的(一个)朋友 由于 马上,立刻 距现在还有两周

  31. 词组归类 up: put up, set up, clean up, give up, get up, turn up, dress up, make up, wake up, pick up, mix up, cheer up, cut up, look up, fix up, stand up, use up, think up, grow up, end up, call up, come up with, show up, stay up, out: hand out, give out, hang out, run out (of ), work out,find out, look out, sell out,come out, get out (of), put out on: put on, get on, turn on, go on, hold on, come on, work on off: put off, turn off, take off, get off, go off, set off, run off away: give away, ran away, put away, stay away from, down: write down, sit down, break down, take down

  32. 重点句型 1. not only…but also Not only do I feel good about helping other people, but I get to spend time doing what I love to do. 2. Thanks for dong sth. I’d like to thank you for sending money to “Animal Helper”. And so I thank you again for supporting “Animal Helper”. 3. Being a volunteer is great. (非谓语动词) Volunteering is great. Being blind, deaf, unable to walk or use your hands easily is something that most people cannot imagine. Liu Chang said that joining the English club at school was the best way to improve her English. (Unit 1) He thinks studying grammar is a great way to learn a language. (Unit1) Knocking into players and falling down would be dangerous. (U9)

  33. 重点句型 4. Become a volunteer today. (祈使句) Don’t put it off. Be quiet please, class. I’m going to give out your test papers. Please let us know if it’s best to travel by plane, train or bus. (U7) 5. …make it adj. for sb. to do sth. eg: You have helped make it possible for me to have “Luck”.

  34. 08年1月 寒假到了,学校志愿服务组正在招募志愿者,活动地点有:an old people’s home, a city park, the Children’s Hospital, an after-school care center, an animal hospital。 假如你是李明,请你写一封自荐信。内容包括: 1、选择两个活动地点并说明你能做什么。 2、你能参加此次活动所具备的条件(如:你的爱好,特长,性格 特点和可能参加的时间等……) 3、对参加此次活动的看法。 (注意:字数不少于60字 参考词汇:be interested in, sing, outgoing, spend, think) Dear Sir, I am Li Ming,a student from Class Five, Grade Nine. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you would like me to have this chance, please call me at 5555-8765. Li Ming

  35. Possible version Dear Sir, I am Li Ming, a student from Class Five, Grade Nine. I want to join your volunteer group this winter vacation. I’d like to visit the old people’s home on Sundays and sing for them. I am a loving boy with an interest in music, so it would make all of us happy. Going to an animal hospital is also a good chance for me to put my love to good use. I will spend several hours working there every week. I believe I can not only help others, but also do what I enjoy by volunteering. If you would like me to have this chance, please call me at 5555-8765 Li Ming

  36. 07年1月 学校志愿者协会招募新成员,打算在寒假期间到本市儿童医院和第五敬老院组织志愿者活动。你决定去其中一个地方做志愿者。现请你用化名“李华”写一封申请信。 注意: 1.信中要包括以下要点: 1)去哪个地方做志愿者;2)说明原因;3)能做什么事情; 4)你对志愿者工作的感受或体会。 2.请选用下面表格中的提示词语,并可结合自己的实际适当增加细节。 3.词数:不少于60词。 4.文中不能出现真实姓名及校名。

  37. Dear Chairman, I am Li Hua, a student from Class Five, Grade Three. I know that you want new members for your volunteer group and I want to be one of them. ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ I hope you’ll let me join your volunteer group. I’m looking forward to your reply. With best wishes. Yours, Li Hua

  38. Possible version 1: I love reading books and I am good at history. I love kids and I really hope they can feel better with my help. Can I go to Children’s Hospital to be a volunteer in this winter vacation? I will try my best to help the kids and make them happy by telling funny stories. I think volunteer work is great. It is not right for us to think about only ourselves. We should always think about people around us and try to make them happy. Possible version 2: Can I go to No. 5 Old People’s Home to be a volunteer? I like helping old people because they need more help than others. Besides, I can learn a lot from them. My hobbies are singing and dancing. So I will be able to sing some old songs for the old people to cheer them up. Besides, I can clean windows for them to make their rooms bright. When I see they are happy, I feel happy, too. I think that being a volunteer is great!

  39. 08年海淀区九年级第一学期期中练习题 • 你朋友的姐姐张丽想当一名英语教师。去年她在一所小学做志愿者,教孩子们唱英语歌、朗诵英语故事、组织英语俱乐部等。通过这次志愿活动,她发现自己的英语口语有了很大的进步。并且性格上也有了变化。请你根据所给情景和提示词语,为学校英语俱乐部写一篇稿件,谈谈张丽的经历和变化,以及你对此事的感受。文章的开头已给出。 • 提示词:teach, read, organize an English club, improve, used to, shy… • 注意:1、所给的提示词语必须都用上; 2、词数80-100; 3、可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 • Zhang Li, a friend of my sister’s, wants to be an English teacher when she grows up. Last year she volunteered at a primary school. __________________________________________________________________________________________

  40. One possible version: Zhang Li, a friend of my sister’s, wants to be an English teacher when she grows up. Last year she volunteered at a primary school.She taught the kids to sing English songs, read the English books and organized an English club (to hold all kinds of activities). To her joy, she found her spoken English greatly improved. What’s more, she used to be shy (and afraid of speaking English in public). But she is quite outgoing and good at making speeches these days. In my opinion, she has found a great way of learning English, that is, by using it and helping others. As a volunteer, not only can we experience exciting things but also get a lot. Helping itself is learning.

  41. Unit 9 A: When was / were … invented? B: It was / They were invented … . A: Who was / were … invented by? B: It was / They were invented by .. ( sb ) . A: What is it / are they used for? B: It is / They are used for …( doing )… . Passive Voice

  42. 相关句型:(Book 5 Unit 3) should be allowed to do should not be allowed to do is allowed to do is not allowed to do are allowed to do are not allowed to do

  43. 重点词组 (Key phrases) be invented by sb. be used for doing take a history class change the style of… be in a bad mood prefer…to fall into fall down knock into divide …into teach sb. how to do… throw…to dream of 由(某人)发明 用来做…… 上历史课 改变……的式样 心情很糟糕 比……更喜欢 落入;陷入 跌倒;倒塌 与……相撞 把……分成 教某人如何做某事 投;扔;掷 梦想;幻想;向往

  44. 可调节的鞋跟 电池供电的拖鞋 电灯泡 微波炉 整天 最后;结果 直到……才 在(野外的)火上 弄错,搞错 偶然地 用这种方法 根据 上上下下 大学生 自从那时起 adjustable heels battery-operated slippers light bulb microwave oven all day in the end not…until over an open fire by mistake by accident in this way according to up and down college students since then

  45. 重点句型 1. be used for doing They are used for seeing in the dark. They are used for changing the style of shoes 2. not…until / …until Although tea wasn’t brought to the Western world until 1610, this beverage was discovered over 3,000 years before that. The tired children don’t get home until 7 pm. (U2, B4) …and he cooked them for a long time until they were crispy. And she sneezed until Sep. 16, 1983. (U9 B3)

  46. 重点句型 3. It’s adj (for sb.) to do sth. It’s good / difficult to be a basketball player 4. adj. enough The customerthought the potatoes weren’t thin enough The customer said they weren’t salty enough. Mom added salt but it still wasn’t salty enough. 5. make sb. adj. George wanted to make the customer happy.

  47. name time country be used for bicycle 1880s England traveling umbrella 4,000 years ago China keeping away from raining Unit 9 (writing) 1.请简单介绍下列物品被发明的时间、国家和用途。 2. 请分别介绍两样helpful or annoying 的发明,并说明原因。

  48. Helpful Invention I think many inventions are all useful , but the most helpful invention is light bulb. The light bulb was invented by Edison. There are light bulbs and people use them every day . In the evening ,because of the light bulbs ,you can still do lots of things ,including reading books, writing letters and doing homework . If we don’t have the light bulbs, we can do nothing in the evening . So it’s the most helpful invention, I think.

  49. Annoying Invention The most annoying invention is the chips . Why ? Because it’s fried with oil, so it’s a kind of junk food . If we eat it too much, we will be fatter and weaker ,although it’s crispy and delicious . So ,I think it’s the most annoying invention.

  50. Unit 10 By the time she got up, her brother had already gotten into the bathroom. When she got to school, she realized she had left her backpack at home. Narrate past events