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California Department of Housing and Community Development Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial As PowerPoint Presentation
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California Department of Housing and Community Development Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial As

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California Department of Housing and Community Development Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial As - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Capital Development (EHAPCD). California Department of Housing and Community Development Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial Assistance. 2011-12 EHAPCD Notice Of Funding Availability (NOFA) & Application Workshop. Purpose.

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California Department of Housing and Community Development Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial As

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Presentation Transcript

Emergency Housing and Assistance Program Capital Development


California Department of Housing and Community Development

Chris Westlake – Deputy Director for Division of Financial Assistance


This workshop will provide an overview

of the 2011-12 NOFA and

preparation of the Application.

The Application deadline is Friday,

5:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Savings Time,

September 30, 2011

ehapcd loan amount allocations
EHAPCD Loan Amount & Allocations
  • Urban Counties – $16,000,000 maximum
      • Population equal to or more than 200,000
  • Non-Urban Counties - $4,000,000 minimum
      • Population less than 200,000
  • (See Attachment C in the Application to check your county status)
  • Minimum Loan Amount = $20,001
  • Maximum Loan Amount = $1,000,000
ehapcd loan terms lien position
EHAPCD Loan Terms & Lien position
  • 3% simple interest
  • Principal and Interest is deferred during the term of loan
  • EHAPCD Loan is forgiven if the terms & conditions of the loan & regulatory agreement are met
  • Department expects to be in first lien position whenever possible (loan to value)
ehapcd loan term for eligible activities
EHAPCD Loan Term for Eligible Activities
  • Acquisition only – 10 year term from the date

the Regulatory Agreement is recorded

  • New Construction or Acquisition with Rehabilitation – 10 years*
  • Substantial Rehabilitation – 7 years*
    • Loans $25,000 or more
  • Minor Rehabilitation – 5 years*
    • Loans less than $25,000

*EHAPCD Loan term is from the date that either the Certificate of Occupancy is

issued, or in the case where a local jurisdiction does not issue a Certificate of

Occupancy, the date the Notice of Completion is recorded.

ineligible use of ehapcd funds
Ineligible Use of EHAPCD Funds
  • Supplanting
  • Inefficient or Ineffective use of EHAPCD funds
  • Permanent Housing
  • Project without providing overnight beds
  • Activity and/or work completed prior to the execution date of the Standard Agreement
  • Recreational Equipment, Landscaping, Walls, Fences, Parking Lots & Offsite Improvements, Non-attached appliances
eligible ehapcd applicants
Eligible EHAPCD Applicants
  • Local Government Agency
  • Nonprofit Corporation
    • Required to have provided emergency

shelter, transitional housing, and/or housing at a

safe haven to homeless persons for 12 months

    • Applicants applying in counties listed as using the local priority should contact the Designated Local Board (DLB)
      • DLB list is located on Attachment D of the NOFA
  • If applicant will be serving selected populations please refer to Attachment E & Attachment F of the NOFA
ehapcd application preparation
EHAPCD Application Preparation
  • Start “Early”
  • Read the NOFA, Application, regulations and statute
  • Use the Application Checklist
  • Include Excel Worksheets/Attachments
  • Call EHAPCD rep if unsure what to submit

Note: Failure to provide documentation and/or attachments may result in either the application being ineligible or not earning sufficient points for EHAPCD funding recommendation

ehapcd application completeness
EHAPCD Application Completeness
  • Application & Copy received on time
    • Date Stamped
    • Applicants responsibility
  • Signed Authorized Resolution
    • w/ board member vote count
  • Proof of Site Control
  • Current Preliminary Title Report
  • Broker Price Opinion (BPO) or Appraisal
  • Sources & Uses/Financial Documentation
  • Eligible Activities - Applicants cannot apply for additional EHAPCD funds if they have already received an EHAPCD award for the same activity and/or scope of work previously funded
  • Attachments
application summary form eligibility questions pages 5 16 of the application
Application Summary Form & Eligibility Questions (Pages 5-16 of the application)
  • Read all instructions
  • Sign & Date the Certification page
  • Fill out completely & thoroughly
  • Explain if item is not available
required items submitted with application
Required Items SubmittedWith Application
  • Resolution (See page 22 of the Application)
  • Non-Profit corporation status
    • IRS Tax Exempt Status 501(c)(3) letter
    • Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws
  • Policy & Condition of Stay
    • Services provided, Rent charged, Length of Stay
required items cont site control see attachment 6 of the application
Required Items (cont.) Site Control (See Attachment 6 of the Application)
  • Must demonstrate at the time of EHAPCD Application submission to be eligible:
    • Fee title
    • Legally enforceable Purchase Agreement or Lease Option to purchase
    • Legally enforceable Lease or Option to Lease
additional required items with submission of the application
Additional Required Items with Submission of the Application
  • Preliminary Title report
    • 60 days old,
    • property address,
    • Assessor’s Parcel Number, &
    • plat map
  • Appraisal, Broker’s Price Opinion or Lease Comparables
appraisal requirements see attachment 9 of the application
Appraisal Requirements(See Attachment 9 of the Application)
  • When EHAPCD funds of $25,000 or more will be used for a New Construction and/or Rehabilitation project, an ‘As Is’ & ‘As Completed’ unrestricted market value appraisal is required prior to loan closing
  • Unrestricted Market Value appraisal for all non-leased project sites, dated on or after August 15, 2011
  • Broker’s Price Opinion
      • ‘As Is’ & ‘As Completed’ with at least 3 comparables
      • A Current ‘As Is’ & ‘As Completed’ appraisal will be required before loan close. Beware of decline in value.
    • Appraisals must be preformed by a qualified

State licensed appraiser

financing sources
Financing Sources
  • Attachment #10 - Permanent financing sources with commitment letters included
  • Attachment #11 - Detailed Cost Estimate
    • Include total project & EHAPCD costs
    • Signed by an estimator
  • Attachment #12 - Sources & Uses
    • Totals should match Attachment #11
    • Line items can be edited to reflect the project
environmental reports see attachment 14 of the application
Environmental Reports (See Attachment 14 of the Application)
  • Projects funded through EHAPCD are subject to CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)
  • Acquisition of land and/or New Construction require a Phase I Environmental Report
  • Lead Base paint & Asbestos surveys are required for existing structures built prior to 1978
  • Provide remediation budget on Sources & Uses
    • Environmental Reports must not be dated earlier than 5 years prior to Application submission
new construction rehabilitation information
New Construction/Rehabilitation Information
  • EHAPCD projects funded with an aggregate total loan of $25,000 or more are subject to:
  • EHAPCD Bid Procedure Guidelines
    • Publicly advertise, Lowest “responsible bidder”, 3 qualified bids
  • Competitive bidding
  • Payment & Performance bond
  • AIA 101-2007 & EHAPCD Addendum
  • State prevailing wage provision

Note: Competitive costs/bids are required if any part of labor, services and/or materials are to be donated.

current condition property inspection see attachment 15 16 of the application
Current Condition & Property Inspection (See Attachment 15 & 16 of the Application)
  • Current Condition should describe the deficiencies of the project & include photos
  • For Acquisition and/or Rehabilitation projects, provide a Property Inspection performed by a qualified licensed general contractor, a licensed architect or by the local jurisdiction
    • If there is no report available at time of Application submission, insert a page stating when report will be available for EHAPCD review
scope of work schematics see attachment 17 27 in the application
Scope of Work & Schematics (See Attachment 17 & 27 in the Application)

Provide detailed information based on what is provided in Attachment 15 (Current Conditions),

of how your organization intends to use EHAPCD funds

SCHEMATICS – EHAPCD is looking the floor plan that clearly shows the location of all new and/or preserved bed(s)

additional information due with application
Additional Information Due with Application
      • Attachments #19 – Project Staff Profile
      • Attachment #21 - Accrual Statement of Operations-Total Organization
      • Attachment #22 - Cash Flow Statement of Operations-Project Services/Client Social Services Only
      • Attachment #23 - Cash Flow Statement of Operations Facility- Physical Plant Only &
      • Attachment #24 - Audited Financial Statements and signed IRS Form 990s
ada compliance
ADA Compliance
  • Provide acceptable evidence of ADA compliance from your local jurisdiction prior to loan closing
  • Any remedial work, budget for it!
  • EHAPCD funds can be used to bring a building into ADA compliance
rent requirements
Rent Requirements
  • No rent charged if an emergency shelter
  • No more than 30% of adjusted family income or 10% of gross income for transitional housing
    • 10% Set aside is a must if

rent is charged

state relocation see attachment 30 of the application
State Relocation (See Attachment 30 of the Application)

Good Grief!

What DO I DO Now?

state relocation cont
State Relocation (CONT.)
  • Borrowers must comply with the

Uniform Relocation Assistance Act (URA)1970

  • Follow procedures in the 1378 HUD Manual
  • Relocation requirements are triggered upon ‘Initiation of Negotiation’ (ION)
  • Relocation Plan & documentation of tenants eligible for relocation benefits shall be provided to EHAPCD prior to loan closing
  • NOTE: All costs associated with relocation requirements are not eligible for reimbursement with EHAPCD funds.
relocation notices
Relocation Notices
  • EHAPCD will require copies of:
    • General Information Notices (GINs)
    • Eligibility Notices with claim forms
    • Comparable Units Form HUD 40061
    • 90 Day & 30 Day Notices
    • Move-In Notices
relocation comparable units

Decent, Safe and Sanitary

Must be currently available

Same square footage or better

Must be “comparable”

lost a tenant
  • What do you do
  • Submit all data for verification to EHAPCD
      • Lost Tenant
      • Moved Tenant
      • Money to Tenant
  • Consequences for losing

tenants can be costly

what you can do

Be timely with all notices

Assist tenants with filling out forms

Ensure tenants understand

Call a Relocation Specialist

ehapcd award process
EHAPCD Award Process
  • Application submitted
  • Completeness review
  • Rating & Ranking
  • Project Reports prepared
  • Loan & Grant Committee
  • Director approval / Award Letters
  • Standard Agreements prepared & sent out
ehapcd rating ranking criteria
EHAPCD Rating & Ranking Criteria
  • Applicant Capability – 430 points max.
  • Impact and Effectiveness – 200 points max.
  • Cost Efficiency – 220 points max.
  • Designated Local Board or Statewide priorities – 150 points max.
loan and grant committee
Loan and Grant Committee
  • Required to attend committee meeting
  • Further action may be needed
    • Project may be ‘tabled’ or

asked for additional information

ehapcd timeline
EHAPCD Timeline
  • NOFA issue date: August 15, 2011
  • Applications due: September 30, 2011
  • Loan & Grant Committee Meetings:

Projected dates: December 2011 – January 2012

    • Standard Agreement will be sent electronically approximately 60 days after award notification
ehapcd webpage
EHAPCD Webpage

  • NOFA & Application
  • Forms & Reports
  • EHAPCD Contact Information
  • ‘NEW’Interested Party – List Serve “Subscribe to Email List”