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Welcome Back!

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Welcome Back!. Mrs. Amy Gumpf US History. You can sit wherever you’d like!. Welcome Back!. Today you may sit wherever – next class there will be a seating chart Make sure you’re in the right place Check your schedule – this is room F252 (US History)

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welcome back

Welcome Back!

Mrs. Amy Gumpf

US History

You can sit wherever you’d like!

welcome back1
Welcome Back!
  • Today you may sit wherever – next class there will be a seating chart
  • Make sure you’re in the right place
    • Check your schedule – this is room F252 (US History)
    • My husband, Mr. Gumpf, teaches US History down the hall
  • Is everyone in the right place??
  • Introductions
  • Classroom Expectations
  • REQUIRED Classroom Supplies
  • Classroom Procedures
  • Technology in the Classroom
  • I grew up in Northwest Ohio in a town called Waterville (near Toledo, Ohio)
  • I went to Bowling Green State University and Miami University (Ohio)
  • I’ve lived (and taught) in Texas for four years
  • My husband teaches US History down the hall and we have a dog named “Creasy”
  • Now I’d like to learn more about you!
  • On an index card, please write down the following:



Extracurricular Activities and Hobbies

(i.e. Football, Track, Debate Team, AP English, “I like to draw”, Bowling Team, “I play in a band”, etc.

Please tell me if you have internet access and printer access at home:

Anything interesting about yourself or something cool you did this summer




  • Now, it’s important that we meet each other!
  • Each student will get an index card with a word(s) on it
  • Find your “matching” word that another student has
  • Once you have your match, introduce yourself and then discuss one interesting thing that you did this summer or have done
  • Sit back down near your “match”
  • We will go around the room and introduce everyone
classroom expectations
Classroom Expectations
  • On Time
    • To be early is to be on time, to be on time is late, and to be late is unacceptable
  • Respect
    • I expect you to respect me and also to respect each other
  • Participation
    • Participating in class is part of your grade. I expect you to be “doing what you’re supposed to be doing” and to the best of your ability
    • This also includes DOING YOUR OWN WORK
  • Accountability
    • I will send YOU emails before I send your parents one. You are accountable for your assignments and ultimately your success
classroom expectations1
Classroom Expectations
  • Cell Phones
    • Believe it or not, there was a time when people survived and learned without a cell phone/iPod/ipad/computer
    • There will be times in class when I say “OK, you may use your cellphone”
    • Other than that, it needs to be put completely away and turned off

The cell phone policy is explained further in your student code of contact handbook and my syllabus

classroom expectations2
Classroom Expectations
  • Restroom Breaks
    • I have two passes in my classroom. The Red Pass is for the restroom and to get a drink of water (from the drinking fountain) The Blue Pass is for the nurse or to go to your house office. The Red Pass is for 5 minutes. The Blue Pass must be signed and returned by another faculty member.
  • Food
    • According to school policy, there will be NO food or drinks (except water) in the classroom. Some students have allergies and some critters love leftovers.
required classroom supplies
REQUIRED Classroom Supplies
  • A single subject notebook for ONLY this class
    • You can buy these at target at Wal-Mart right now for $.17
  • A 2”-3” 3 ring binder
  • Writing Utensils
  • Tissues
classroom procedures
Classroom Procedures
  • Classroom grades (30%)
  • Quizzes (30%)
  • Tests and Projects (40%)
  • Every couple of weeks I look at grades and if you’re failing, you are REQUIRED to attend MANDATORY tutoring. If you don’t show up, a referral is written. You must attend MANDATORY tutoring until you’re passing again
  • I will also post the Eligibility schedule on my website
classroom procedures1
Classroom Procedures
  • Journals (30%)
    • Everyday in US History, you will have a “journal entry”
    • In order to see the journal entry, you go to my website. The first journal is always notes and a skyward quiz.
    • I check journals everyday to make sure that you’re staying up to date.
    • Your first journal and skyward quiz is due by next class!
  • Notes (30%)
    • Everyday in US History, you will have to take notes. I create the notes and print the notes. So, I’ve done work and now I expect you to!
    • If you ever miss a day of school, the power points and notes are all available on my website.
classroom procedures2
Classroom Procedures
  • Quizzes (30%)
    • There are two types of quizzes in US History.
    • Vocabulary Quizzes – You will have a vocabulary quiz once a week (either Thursday or Friday). The only time you won’t have a vocabulary quiz is if there is also a test that day. Please keep your vocabulary word list somewhere that you won’t lose it – the quiz dates are also on my website
    • Skyward Quizzes – These are the online quizzes that you will take through you skyward account as Journal Entry #1 each unit. They are automatically graded and must be completed before the proposed deadline
  • Tests (40%)
    • There is a test over every unit. I will create a test review each unit as well.
classroom procedures3
Classroom Procedures
  • If you’re Absent…
    • You have one class day per everyday that you’re absent to make up the work
    • So let’s say an assignment/quiz is due on Friday and you’re absent…when do you take the quiz??
    • But, if I assign an assignment on Friday and you’re absent…when is the assignment due??
  • If you’re lazy…
    • If you don’t turn in an assignment, it’s late as soon as you leave this classroom
    • You have one week to make up the assignment for a 70%
    • After a week it goes in the gradebook as a 0%
classroom procedures4
Classroom Procedures
  • Test Correction
    • You have until the next scheduled test to make up test corrections.
    • The highest grade you can correct it to is a 70%
    • You must complete test corrections during tutoring hours
classroom procedures5
Classroom Procedures
  • Are there any questions so far about the classroom procedures or grades?
let s chat about technology
Let’s “Chat” about technology
  • Goals:
    • Student Access (skyward)
    • Checking your email
    • Remind101
    • Google Docs App. (Google Drive)
    • Google Docs Folder
    • Google Forms
    • Flash Cards; Studydroid
    • Skyward Quizzes
  • Student Access
    • To access your skyward account go to www.allenisd.org Then click on students, then “student access”
    • This is how you will take your online skyward quiz
  • Skyward Messages
    • Skyward Messages and Email are different for me. Please send me emails rather than messages. I will see them sooner.
checking your email
Checking your Email:
  • Go to Allenisd.org/Allenhs
  • Click on “Students”
  • Click on “Student Email”
  • Sign in with the same username and password that you use to log onto a computer
google docs
Google Docs
  • Go to your phone’s “Shop” or “App Store”
  • Search for “Google Drive”
  • Download the free App.
  • This App. Will allow you to access any of your school documents on your cell phone.
google docs folder
Google Docs Folder
  • Log in to your student email through Google
  • Create a Folder
  • The name of your folder should be:
    • Last Name, Class Period
  • Then don’t forget to share the folder with me!
    • This will count as a participation grade for next class!!
  • This allows you to send assignments to me digitally and is VERY important to have
google forms
Google Forms
  • Click or enter the following link:
    • http://tinyurl.com/GumpfHistory2013
  • Submit the Google Form
vocabulary flashcards
Vocabulary Flashcards
  • If you’re interested in digital flashcards for the vocabulary quizzes:
    • Apple: Flashcardlet
    • Android: StudyDroid
  • I’ve also already input the vocabulary words into Flashcardlet and I’m working on Studydroid
    • Username: Amy_Gumpf
website technology skyward
Website Technology/Skyward
  • Go to AllenISD.org/Allenhs
  • Click on “Faculty Websites”
  • Click on “Gumpf, Amy”
  • Click on “US History”
  • Organized by Unit!
skyward quizzes
Skyward Quizzes
  • Everyone needs to get a laptop or get on a computer in the back of the room.
  • They take a SIGNIFICANT amount to time to log on so be patient.
  • Your first Skyward Quiz is due by next class!
  • Are there any questions about the technology?
  • According to my syllabus, if you are having “internet problems”, “printer problems”, “dog ate my laptop problems”. You need to tell me at least 1 school day before the assignment is due.