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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events

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  1. Motto:  Where Eagles S.O.A.R. S-Safety O-Outstanding Behavior A-Academic Excellence R-Respect SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Our Mission: The mission of Sudlersville Elementary School is to educate and enlighten each of our students through an engaging curriculum and high expectations (for behavior and achievement) by dedicated teachers and staff with support of parents and the extended community. Our Vision: A graduate of Queen Anne's County Public Schools will be well-educated, globally competitive and prepared to become a caring, productive citizen of the 21st Century Upcoming Events Principal’s News SEPTEMBER 9/1...Schools Closed 9/2...First Day for PreK and K 9/3...Back to School Night@6:30pm 9/4...Scout Night @6:00 in cafeteria 9/5...Spirit Day 9/9...PTA Meeting@6:30pm 9/9...4th Grade Field Trip 9/10...Pictures 9/15...CogAt testing for grade 3 9/16...Summer Reading Awards Distributed (Parents are welcome!) 9/18...Title I Dinner@6:00 @SVFD 9/18 and 9/19...4th grade field trip 9/22...PFY Fall Session begins 9/22...SIT meeting@2:45pm 9/23...Parent Night-Judy Center and Migrant Program Computer Lab  will be open for parent use. 9/30...Playground Dedication@ 1:45pm (tentative) OCTOBER 10/2..PACT Meeting@8:00am 10/2..Watch Dogs/Pizza Party@6:00pm 10/3..Title I Planning Meeting for parents 10/10..Hispanic Heritage Day 10/10..Mother/Son Activity Relay for Life 10/12..Fire Prevention Week Congratulations to SES Writers! Three of Sudlersville Elementary School students were recipients of the Americanism Essay Contest sponsored by the Centreville American Legion.  SES students are viewed with other county participants, as well as, Dr. Carol Williamson, Mrs. Michele Hampton, and Mrs.Mary Leventhal.  SES recipients included Devon Yoder, Savannah Frische, and Jazelle Torres.

  2. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 • Sudlersville Elementary School students • are excited on the first day of the • 2014-15 school year. • Mrs. Stacey Troyer is seen talking with second graders. • Fourth grade students enjoy talking with each other during lunch. Sudlersville Elementary School students in second grade begin the school year by writing their class mission statement.  Mrs. Eber, second grade teacher, has the students participate in activities to help them write their class mission statement. Cadence Stap, Elia Navarro, Kaylynn Bryant, Ms. Sarah Eber, teacher New!  Pay for Student Meals Online This online payment service provides a quick and easy way to add money to your child's meal account using a credit/debit card.  Go towww.MySchoolBucks.com to register for a free account.  Make a payment to your child's account with your credit/debit card.  You can also see recent purchases, check balances, and set-up low balance alerts for free! Please follow us on Twitter @ SES_SOARS

  3. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Grade 2 News Pre-K News Grade 1 News Welcome to Pre-K! We would like to thank all the parents for coming to the Pre-K Camp and the Parent/Teacher Conferences.  If you have any further questions about your child's conference please contact us anytime.  We will start out our year with the Theme "Welcome to School."  We will be reading a lot of books about starting school.  We will also be learning shapes, colors, and numbers.  Please remember to check your child's folder each night, and talk to them about their day at school.  We are looking forward to a fun school year! The Pre-K Team We are looking forward to a great year in kindergarten! The recent parent conferences were a great benefit for everyone. Lots of valuable information was shared. Contact your child's teacher if you should have any questions about something discussed at the conference or any other questions during the upcoming year.  Please leave a message at the front desk if you call during instructional time.   We will be having many opportunities for parent involvement this year. You MUST have completed volunteer training for the 2014-15 school year if you would like to help in the classroom and/or accompany us on field trips.  Mrs. Elaine Butler will have information about dates and times for the training.             The Kindergarten Team We are happy to report that our first graders are transitioning to their new schedule.  We will be adding a literacy and intervention block to your first graders schedule soon.  Be on the lookout  for parent communication  in your child's folder or agenda updating you about these new blocks. First Grade classrooms vary with their temperatures, so a sweater or sweatshirt that can be left in school is always helpful.  We hope to see everyone on our Back to School Night on Sept. 3rd.  We will share our schedules, curriculum, and upcoming events for our first marking period.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please write a note in your child's agenda, email or call us during our planning times from 1:30-2:00. Thank you for your support,  Your First Grade Team Welcome to Second Grade!!! We are excited to be starting a new school year here at SES. We are looking forward to meeting all our incoming second graders (and their parents) and hope you are ready to learn and have fun! Your second grade teachers have been hard at work preparing materials and planning the second grade curriculum. During our first several weeks of school, we will focus on getting to know one another, learning classroom procedures, reviewing class and school rules and forming our routines. Please watch carefully for information coming home in homework folders. Many papers will need to be completed and returned. Back to School Night is Wednesday, Sept. 3rd. Parents, please join us on this very special evening so you can get a good handle on our procedures, expectations and the second grade curriculum. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher throughout the year with questions, concerns, ideas or comments. We are looking forward to a terrific year! The Second Grade Team Mrs. Troyer, Ms. Kane and Miss Eber Kindergarten News

  4. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Grade 4 News Media News Grade 3 News Spectacular September! Fourth grade will be going to Fort McHenry in Baltimore on September 9th to participate in the Bicentennial Living Flag. Important information will be given regarding this extended day field trip on Sept. 3 at the open house, which begins at 6:30pm. No parent chaperones will be required for this Title I funded trip as there is limited space at Ft. McHenry and adequate school staff will be in attendance. Fourth grade will also be going on the Sultana Schooner in Chestertown on Sept 18-19. Please refer to your students' field trip form for the exact date of your students' trip. The cost of the trip is $15 per person, and chaperones must have completed the Volunteer Training, which will be offered at the open house on Sept. 3.  Fourth grade students have reading, spelling, and math homework every night except Fridays beginning in September. Please be sure you are monitoring homework completion as it builds student responsibility and achievement.  If possible, please provide your student with an inexpensive flash drive for school. If you are unable to purchase a flash drive, one can be borrowed from school, however they are in limited supply.  We look forward to a great year! It is great to be back in school and I have enjoyed seeing all of the students this week. Students did not check out books this week but they will begin next week. Please help your child to remember to bring his/her book back each week. We have lots of great books to read but if there is a particular type your child is looking for and can’t find please let me know. Also, if you have a few minutes I would love to have help to shelf books. Thank you for your help this school year and I am looking forward to working with your child. Mrs. Comegys Welcome to third grade! We are so excited to welcome this year’s students and parents! Thank you for the opportunity for us to become acquainted with you at the “meet and greet” as well as the “back to school” night. If you did not attend these events, feel free to call or stop by the school with any questions that you may have. Third grade is time of greater responsibility for your child and the school work is rigorous with high expectations for achievement. Weekly Math and Reading homework has already begun! Please read with your child at least four times a week, and have them write a solid opinion paragraph including a topic sentence, opinion statement, details and a concluding sentence. We will work very hard on opinion writing this year in integrated language arts class. In advance, we thank you for your cooperation in helping us make this a successful, SOARing year with our third grade eagles!

  5. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Reading Math Matters DEAR Time is Family Time! Now that school is back in session, it is the perfect time to DEAR! Drop everything and read with your child. DEAR time is a regular time that is devoted to reading. Create a scheduled time and place for reading that works for your family. Make sure the space is cozy and offers reading choices. The library, book swaps and yard sales are the perfect places to find books to add to your child’s reading selection. Most importantly, let your child choose what books to read- even if it is a familiar book. Read together; take turns reading. While you are reading, there are many ways to share the joy of a good book. Here are some tips from the International Reading Council: 1. Preview the book together. For younger readers, take a picture walk. For older readers encourage them to read the back of the book and preview the cover. Encourage your child to make predictions about what will happen in the story. 2. As you read, talk about the story. Ask your child questions like: “What might happen next?” or “How do you think the character is feeling?” Encourage your child to ask questions too. 3. Begin a discussion about the book by starting sentences with “I noticed that…” or “I wonder why…” These starters can serve as a model for your child’s thoughts. 4. Encourage your child to reread parts to you. Rereading familiar passages helps build your child’s reading fluency. 5. If your child can read the book independently, encourage him or her to read to you. 6. After reading you can extend the experience by encouraging your child to talk, draw or write about what he or she read. Your child can focus on a favorite part, a funny moment or interesting information. You can even encourage your child’s creativity by having them act out a part. The sky is the limit! The most important part about DEAR time is the time that you spend with your child. By reading, asking questions and sharing your thoughts, you will encourage your child to drop everything and read in the future!  Rebecca Van Aken, Reading Specialist How can I help my child?Most parents want to help their children learn mathematics. However, traditional ways of helping, such as showing children the steps to get answers, are at odds with our efforts to engage students in solving high-level tasks and developing conceptual understanding, thinking, and reasoning. Parents need specific suggestions about productive ways to help their children and how to implement them. A key shift is for parents to ask questions to help their children solve unfamiliar problems rather than to show them how to solve them, such as: • What are you being asked to find out? • What does the problem tell you? Can you describe it in your own words? Have you seen a problem like this before? • Is there any part of the problem that you already know how to do? • Is there anything you don't understand? Where can you find the answers to your questions? • Will it help to make a list, a chart, a table, a drawing, a diagram? Can you act out the problem? • What do you estimate your answer will be? Why? • Is your strategy working? Why or why not? • Is there another way to check your answer? • How do you know if your answer is right or wrong? • Parents can support their children's learning in other ways: • Practicing basic facts. Children are expected to develop immediate fact recall as well as understand the meaning for operations. Immediate recall requires practice, in addition to understanding—and time for practice in the school day is limited. Parents can help in a variety of ways, especially since orally presenting facts promotes immediate recall more effectively than worksheets. Perfect times to practice are while driving, walking, waiting, and so on. Just be sure that parents understand that this practice should build on understanding of operations, not occur in isolation. Counting items is great for PK and K. Addition facts are great for grades 1 and 2. Multiplication facts are great for grades 3 and 4. • Playing games. Games are a great way for parents to give their children practice with mathematics concepts and skills and develop strategic thinking, while also promoting positive parent-child relationships. • Posing problems. Mathematics problems are part of everyday life. Parents help children see that math is all around them when they pose problems that arise in everyday situations.

  6. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Guidance Health Room Head lice happens. Make it a habit this new school year to check your child’s hair at least 2 times a week for signs of head lice. This preventive tip is so worth the effort. *Attention Parents* In Maryland, new immunization requirements will begin this September 2014 which will affect students entering Kindergarten and 7th grades. New Requirements for the 2014/2015 school year are as follows: ** 2 doses of Varicella vaccine (chicken pox) to enter Kindergarten ** 1 dose of Tdap vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) to enter 7th grade ** 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine (MCV4) to enter 7th grade Please do not hesitate to take care of this matter because there will be a 20 day cut off once school resumes this school year and any child who is not up to date will have an automatic suspension until the requirements are met. Monday, September 22, 2014 will be the due date for Kindergarten immunizations. If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Queen Anne’s Co. Health Dept. at 410-758-0720. ** Parents, there will be an immunization clinic on Wednesday Sept. 10th at the Queen Anne’s County Health Department for these new vaccine requirements from 3pm to 7pm free of charge. Thank you for your support. Greetings SES Families! I am so excited to be your new School Counselor! Are you wondering what exactly it is that I do and how I can help…? Counselors are teachers with special training to help kids and families be healthy,    get along with others, solve problems, and achieve success in school and life. Offer a safe, private place to talk about any problems or concerns you have. Understand your questions & concerns and share knowledge or resources to help you be the best you can be! I will listen closely to fully understand your thoughts & feelings. I will ask questions to make sure I get it right! Never too busy, I will arrange time to meet or speak with you and do my best to connect with you quickly when you need me. Smiles to share! I will help you find something positive when you are feeling upset. Everyone is important & valuable to me - I will be your advocate and your friend.   Lessons on good character, friendship, conflict resolution, career options, you name it! I will visit all classes regularly to teach lessons and lead discussions on many topics. Offering help to all those in need: students, teachers, families, and friends of SES. If I can’t help personally, I will seek out and connect with those who can! Respond to situations that require intervention, and help implement programs that promote positive behavior and a productive school climate! Any medication brought to school must be in the original container for non-prescriptions, or the pharmacist bottle for prescription medication. These medications must also be accompanied by a “Physician Medication Form”. Some doctor’s offices have copies of these forms, or you may ask the nurse in the health room for this form at any time. A responsible adult must bring in the medicine. This is a policy of the School Board and the Health Department. Parents please place a change of clothes (T-shirt, shorts, unders & socks) in your child’s back pack. These will really come in handy if for some reason your child has accidentally messed their pants, vomits, or gets wet. We do not have a supply of clothes in the health room, so an extra set tucked in the bottom of the backpack can really save the day. Please be sure to keep current phone numbers on file, in the event of emergency. It is also important to have a “back-up” plan for students to be picked up due to illness or injury. The health room is active, and it does not have availability to keep students for the day, nor should a sick child be sent home on the bus.

  7. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Music 4th Grade Recorders: 4th grade students will be using recorders during music class this year. All students will be given the opportunity to purchase a recorder. Letters and order forms will going home at the beginning of September. Recorders will be $5.00 this year. Purchased recorders will be distributed to students the first day was use them in music class. If you already own a recorder, you may use it! However, please bring it in for Mr. Harrison to inspect to make sure it is indeed a musical instrument and not a toy recorder. If you are unable to purchase one right away, Mr. Harrison has a class set of recorders that can be borrowed during music class time only. Having a recorder of your own is highly recommended! Eagle Squad MARVELOUS MUSIC MEMO Welcome back! Get ready for another musical year at SES! Performance Dates: There are two scheduled concerts at SES this year: Winter Concert: Wednesday, December 17th, 6:30 pm Spring Concert: Wednesday, May 20th, 6:30 pm Winter Concert performers include the 2nd grade classes, the Winter Chorus (3rd & 4th grade students), and the Winter Recorder Club (4th grade students). Spring Concert performers include the 1st grade classes, The Spring Chorus (3rd & 4th grade students), and the Spring Recorder Club (4th grade students). Winter & Spring Chorus: Chorus groups are open to all 3rd & 4th grade students. Letters and participation forms for the Winter Chorus will be sent home in October. A separate letter and participation form will be sent home in the spring regarding Spring Chorus. 4th grade students can join both the Chorus and Recorder Club each season. Winter & Spring Recorder Club: Recorder Club groups are open to all 4th grade students. This group provides a way to show off recorder skills and repertoire that is being learned in music class. Letters and participation forms for the Winter Recorder Club will be sent home in October. A separate letter and participation form will be sent home in the spring regarding Spring Recorder Club. 4th grade students can join both the Recorder Club and Chorus each season. …speaking of recorders… S.E.S. Eagle Squad Tryouts for Grades 3 and 4! Grade 3 and Grade 4 tryouts for the 2014-2015 S.E.S. Eagle Squad will take place on Friday, September 12, 2:45-3:45 pm. All fourth grade students and third Grade students are receiving a letter of invitation to try out for the squad. Please watch for it! The S.E.S. Eagle Squad is our school drill team and color guard that opens special programs and assemblies on behalf of the school community. To be an S.E.S. Eagle Squad member, students represent models of good citizenship and should be prepared to learn team routines and drill work. Practices are Friday afternoons, beginning right after school until 3:45 pm. Just a reminder it is time again to join PTA. Again this year it is only $5.00 per person. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc. are welcome to join. The class who has the most people join will receive EXTRA RECESS!!! Any questions please call the school and Sara Clark or Fallon Simpler will return your call. Thanks for your support!

  8. SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2014 Judy Center Partnership News! The Judy Center Partnership of Queen Anne's County conducted their Dolly Parton Imagination Library Kick-off event during Sudlersville Elementary School's Pre-K and Kindergarten Conferences held 8/26-8/28 for the 2014-2015 school year! In attendance for the kick-off photo from left to right:  Angie Soto, Judy Center Bilingual Administrative Assistant, Elizabeth Miller, Judy Center Coordinator, Michele Hampton, SES Principal, Rebecca Lepter, SES Parent & Imagination Library Volunteer, and Jennifer Crossley, Service Coordinator, Family Support Center.  Thank you Centreville Rotary Club for your generous donation to the Judy Center's Dolly Parton Imagination Library helping to support early school readiness in Queen Anne's County!   Parent Involvement We are looking forward to another successful partnership this school year! Please note that the office and the Parent Resource Center has been relocated to room 9. Please stop by if we can be of help or if you would like to borrow something from the Parent Resource Center. I will be conducting a Volunteer Orientation again this year on the “Back to School Night” on September 3rd in the cafeteria immediately following the classroom visitations at approx. 7:05 and 7:20 p.m. It is mandatory that all volunteers and field trip chaperones attend an orientation and complete the necessary forms (Volunteer Application and Volunteer Information) each year they plan to volunteer and/or chaperone a field trip. Please be sure to complete the county student/parent handbook forms (pages 1-4) and return them to school by September 5th. We need these completed for all students! Also, mark your calendar for the Title I Information Dinner to be held at the Sudlersville Fire Hall on September 18th and the Watch D.O.G.S. kick- off party on October 2nd. The program has been a great success and I am looking forward to continuing it again this year. There will be a planning meeting for Fall Reading and Math nights at 8 a.m. the morning of October 2nd. We will also have the computer lab open for parents and students on September 23rd! Invitations for all events will be sent home.  Elaine Butler, Karla Altamirano Parent Coordinators Room 9, x234