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Insurance Business Assurance

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Using Model Based testing Approach. Insurance Business Assurance. Vimal Singh S V Solution Architect Wipro – Insurance Testing Service Agenda. 1. Wipro in Insurance Testing Service. 2. Insurance Business Assurance Pack: Overview. 3. Solution approach & Concept.

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Insurance Business Assurance

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insurance business assurance

Using Model Based testing Approach

Insurance Business Assurance

Vimal Singh S V

Solution Architect

Wipro – Insurance Testing Service



  • Wipro in Insurance Testing Service


Insurance Business Assurance Pack: Overview


Solution approach & Concept


Solution Implementation approach


Key benefits


Wipro – In Insurance testing Service

  • Insurance Package Test Center (IPT-C)
  • Products: Oneshield, Guidewire, Camilion, eBaotech
  • POCs & Go To market strategy through alliances
  • Policy Administration Test Center (PAT-C)
  • Assurance of Business components & Functions Life & Non-life accounts, across Geo’s
  • Claims Assurance Test Center (CAT-C)
  • Assurance of Business components from FNOL through Settlements for Life & Non-life accounts, across Geo’s
  • FNOL by leveraging Wipro Mobility Labs




Data Centric


  • Flex Delivery model ( Account / ODC specific / Common)
  • Effective resource loading





Insurance Business Assurance Packs (Model based End-end test solution for Insurance Business)

InsRules Translator (Business rules processor for FICO Blaze advisor)

SolvCheck (Automated Solvency 2 guidelines checklist)

InsBusiness Forecaster (Simulates a live business scenarios for a Quick product assurance)

Overall Key Benefits

  • Pre-build test packs reduce effort & time across Test life cycle
  • Implementation of Flex delivery model enabled effective resource management
  • 90% effort savings in Business rules conversion to Program logics
  • Ready to use test suite provides faster time to market solutions.
  • Application testing ensured with updated to date business process assurance
  • Solutions aligned to compliance norms and regulatory bodies like Solvency 2, ACORD




wipro model based testing approach
Wipro – Model Based Testing Approach
  • Java
  • Cucumber
  • Sahi & Selenium
  • Test Scenarios
  • In the user format
  • Easy to review

MBT Util

  • Test Data Sheets
  • Created with all available fields





  • Test Cases
  • Embedded with test data
  • Automation Framework
  • Supports Sahi/selenium/QTP


insurance business assurance pack solution overview
Insurance Business Assurance Pack: Solution Overview

Insurance Business Assurance Packs is a collection of Generic Test Packs built from the standard Business Process practiced in the Insurance Domain spanning across different Insurance Line of Business(Life & Non-life) covering all the major business functions(Claims, Policy Administration and Sales & Distribution) using Model Based Testing Approach.

solution end to end approach
Solution end-to-end approach
  • Feed-backs
  • PUGH Matrix
  • Any UML modeling tool.
  • Compliance to OMG standards.
  • Achieved by hybrid modeling.
  • Models are exported to xmi 2.1
  • GAP Analysis


MBT Server

  • Models are exported to xmi 2.1
  • Exported XMI files are feed to MBT Server (In-house utility)


In- House Utility

  • Analysis and understanding of Business process flow
  • Gathering business knowledge from Business Analysts
  • Gathering domain knowledge from Domain experts


- Test Scenarios

- Test Cases

- Test Data sheet

- Automation Framework

Gap analysis using PUGH Matrix

Test data sheet

Test scenario in xls

UML Model

Business Process Flow

Test Case in PDF


solution implementation approach
Solution implementation Approach
  • Analysis of application(Business & functional flow)
  • Identifying the generic models associated
  • PUGH matrix for GAP analysis
  • Customized models are exported to xmi 2.1
  • xmi is uploaded to MBT utility
  • MBT utility parse the xmi and generates test deliverables


Domain & Test Packs

  • Claims Notification (FNOL)
  • Claims Assignment
  • Claims Negotiation
  • Claims Fraud Handling
  • Claims Litigation
  • Claims Reserve
  • Claims Closure
  • Claims Re-Opening
  • Complaint Handling
  • Claims Review & Quantification
  • Claims Recovery




Test Suite

Claims Notification

Claims Closure

  • Claims Re-Opening


  • MBT Deliverables
  • -Test Scenarios
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Data Sheets
  • -Automation Framework
  • Generic models customized
  • Step by step detailed description updated for Ins application
  • All field are covered with parameters for easy test data management
  • Scenarios are automated with selenium
snapshots matrix model utility reports
Snapshots – Matrix, Model, Utility & Reports

MBT Server

In- House Utility

Pre-Analysis Report

Gap analysis using PUGH Matrix

UML Model

Business Process Flow

Test Case in PDF

thank you vimal singh s v solution architect

Our Other Solutions

Thank YouVimal Singh S VSolution Architect

Insurance Business Assurance Packs:

Model based testing solution for End-to-end test automation.


A solvency II compliance validator Checklist

InsRules Translator:

Automatic conversion of simple English business rules to executable program logics

InsBusiness Forecaster:

Generate reports that supports Product evaluation, revenue prediction and testing impacts

InsMobi Lab:

An One-stop solution for all insurance mobility testing needs powered by Wipro E-Mobility team. Independent of any platforms & devices