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What’s All the Noise?

What’s All the Noise?. Protect Yourself from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Operation Outreach from the American Industrial Hygiene Association Noise Committee. Sound: The Basics. Decibel (dB) range from 0 to about 190 (Logarithmic) Loudness doubles with every 10 dB increase

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What’s All the Noise?

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  1. What’s All the Noise? Protect Yourself from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Operation Outreach from the American Industrial Hygiene Association Noise Committee

  2. Sound: The Basics • Decibel (dB) range from 0 to about 190 (Logarithmic) • Loudness doubles with every 10 dB increase • Long-term exposure to 85 dB or more can cause permanent damage • Single exposure to 140 dB or more can cause instant damage • “Raise Your Voice” test Graphic from James, Anderson & Associates, Inc.

  3. This is your ear Noise damage occurs HERE Graphic from Howard Leight Industries

  4. How does Noise hurt? • Single event • Explosion • Gun blast • Long-term exposure to sounds of about 85 dB or higher • Like walking on the grass • Very gradual • No clear warning signs Acoustic Trauma Noise-induced Hearing Loss

  5. What about Hearing Loss? Do you have trouble: • Hearing on the phone? • Following the conversation when two or more people are talking? • With others saying the TV or radio is too loud? • Straining to hear conversation? • Hearing in a noisy background? • Asking people to repeat themselves? • Thinking others mumble or speak unclearly? • Misunderstanding what others say, and responding inappropriately? • Understanding women or children? • Of the 28 million with hearing loss in the US, about 1/3 due in part to noise • Social implications • Tinnitus • Self test • If you say yes to three or more, see a professional about your hearing.

  6. Don’t Hearing Aids fix it? • In a word … NO! • Noise destroys • Hearing aids amplify, but... • Can’t correct for the internal damage done by noise Graphic from NIOSH

  7. Noise and Hearing in the Workplace • Noise is everywhere • Manufacturing • Construction • Transportation • Why does hearing matter on the job? • Safety • Performance • Communication Graphic from UAW

  8. Hearing Conservation Programs: OSHA’s Defense • Required when workplace noise exceeds 85 dBA • Noise measurement • Noise control • Hearing tests • Hearing protection • Training • Recordkeeping

  9. How about at home? • Firearms • 140-165 dB • Headsets • Up to 110 dB • Woodworking • Saws 110 dB • Lawn Mowers • Up to 95 dB • Hair Dryer • Up to 90 dB • Garbage Disposal and Vacuum Cleaner • 70 to 80 dB • Boom Car • You don’t want to know • Up to 145 dB

  10. How about in the Neighborhood? • Complaints increasing • Leaf blowers • Motorcycles • Boom Cars • Communities regulate noise locally • Varying standards • Difficult enforcement • What can you do? • Talk to the noisemaker • Become familiar with local regulations • Use mediator • Organize • Noise Pollution Clearinghouse

  11. What can YOU do? • The danger is: • Too LOUD • Too LONG • Too CLOSE • To save your ears: • Understand the risk • Turn it down • Walk away • Use protection Graphics from AEARO Corp.

  12. National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) • • 800-356-4674 • National Institute on Deafness and Other Communicative Disorders (NIDCD) • • 301-496-7243 • American Industrial Hygiene Association • • 703-849-8888 Resources • Noise Pollution Clearinghouse • • 888-200-8222 • League for the Hard of Hearing • • 888-NOISE88 • National Hearing Conservation Association • • 303.224.9022

  13. No Noise is Good Noise!

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