using chalkboard as a resource for rti n.
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using chalkboard as a resource for rti

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using chalkboard as a resource for rti - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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using chalkboard as a resource for rti. Presented by Psychological Services Clayton County Schools.

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using chalkboard as a resource for rti

using chalkboard asa resource for rti

Presented by

Psychological Services

Clayton County Schools


From the Clayton County Public Schools website, select “Staff” from the menu on the top and mouse down to select “Chalkboard”, which will most likely open in a new window when you left click on it.


From the new window, click on “Psych Services” on the left side of the screen.Note: A login is no longer required.


This new screen includes a variety of resources, as well as charts and forms to assist you with the RTI process.

The CCPS Intervention Manual can be downloaded here.Note: You can save this 217-page document to your computer and use it as a resource when you do not have access to a hard copy at your school.


To save a form, left click on the form you want to download. When the File Download menu pops up, choose “Save” and then select a location where you can easily find it. This will allow you to have a copy of the form without needing to access Chalkboard each time.

Note: You can fill out forms on your computer if you wish, but remember to save them under a new name so you won’t erase any previously saved information.

Chalkboard contains a variety of forms and resources to assist you. As you scroll through, pay attention to the headers to find sections of interest.

Some of the sections include:

CCPS Intervention Manual

RTI Implementation Manual(coming 2011-2012)

RTI Forms and Training Documents

Tier 3 SST Forms and Manual

504 Manual

Resources for Functional Behavior Assessments & Behavior Intervention Plans

Chalkboard Forms Continued

additional resources
Additional Resources
  • For Tier 1 and 2, you can also reference, which contains additional interventions and progress monitoring tools (some of which can also be used in Tier 3 – just check with your School Psychologist or SST Chair if unsure).