Climate and change
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Climate and change. Describe and suggest reasons for pattern shown on the graph (6 marks). Word to help when describing graphs. Split the graph in sections and describe each one. Rising Falling Fluctuating Rapid Steady Stable Peaks Troughs . Reasons for climate change. Natural

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Word to help when describing graphs l.jpg
Word to help when describing graphs

Split the graph in sections and describe each one.

  • Rising

  • Falling

  • Fluctuating

  • Rapid

  • Steady

  • Stable

  • Peaks

  • Troughs

Reasons for climate change l.jpg
Reasons for climate change


Sun spot theory

Eruption theory

Orbitial theory


Increase in greenhouse gases

The dinosaurs l.jpg
The Dinosaurs

  • 65 million years ago many dinosaurs suddenly became extinct. Two main causes:

  • A strike by a massive asteroid in Mexico

  • A huge volcanic eruption in Deccan, India lasting up to 1 million years

  • Why would this have caused such devastation?

Ice age megafauna extinction l.jpg
Ice age megafauna extinction

  • The Quaternary megafauna died out 10,000 – 15,000 years ago. There were two main reasons again:

  • Humans and Climate Change.

  • As the ice age ended the climate warmed up by about 6˚C in only 1000 years and many animals had to move

  • As the climate warmed humans also migrated into these areas and they hunted some of the megafauna.

Viking greenland l.jpg

When the Vikings arrived they cut down Greenland’s trees.

Cattle and sheep over-grazed the land causing soil erosion.

Viking Greenland

By AD 1350, the little Ice Age had begun. Climate became colder and winters longer.

More sea ice stopped trade with Iceland and Norway.

Less food was caught in the shorter summer.

Cattle and sheep had less hay to eat in the winter.

People ran short of food, and animals did not survive the winter.

There may have been fighting with the local people (Inuit) as resources ran short

Slide8 l.jpg










How is this related to megafauna extinction?


Greenhouse effect l.jpg
Greenhouse Effect

  • Greenhouse gases greatly affect the temperature of the Earth; without them, Earth's surface would be on average about 33°C (59°F) colder than at present

  • Human life would therefore not be possible

  • Name the greenhouse gases

water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, halocarbons

Slide12 l.jpg

This map shows CO2 levels in 2000. Describe the graph giving specific names to countries that are big polluters.

Now have a go at writing an answer l.jpg
Now have a go at writing an answer

Explain the impacts of climate change on the UK. (6)

Climate change will affect the UK by…

Now use your cards to write an answer.