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What Can POS Do for you? PowerPoint Presentation
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What Can POS Do for you?

What Can POS Do for you?

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What Can POS Do for you?

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  1. What Can POS Do for you? Workforce Training by W. Mike Tyler

  2. POS: Types of POS • Hotel/Motel • Liquor Store • Lounge/Bar • Music Store • Pet Store • Pharmacy • Pizzeria • Restaurant • Salon/Beauty • Video Store • General Retail • Auto Sound • Auto Repair • Book Stores • Childcare • Cinema • Construction • Fast Food • Food Stores • Gift Shops

  3. POS: Features Basic Functionality AdvancedIndustry-SpecificFunctionality

  4. POS: Basic Functionality • Employee Check-in / Check-out • Inventory Control • Barcode label design/printing • Pricing levels • Sales tax calculations • Ordering and receiving • Invoicing • Suspend/resume transaction • Networking / Security • Basic Cash Register functionality

  5. POS: Check-in / Check-out • Basic security • Sales tracking by employee • Monitor/control employee theft • Integrates with payroll (some POS) • Tips / Gratuities

  6. POS: Inventory Control • Maintains sales, costs of goods and inventory ledgers • Inventory depletion based on sales • Inventory usage forecast capability • Inventory depletion details report • Create, review, & edit purchase orders • Track historical inventory purchase • Create barcode labels from inventory • Inventory shopping list triggered by inventory level falling below pre-defined threshold

  7. POS: Label Design and Printing • Print labels based on inventory • Supports label printers and PC printers • Use stock label paper (Avery) Item: 280 Widget $12.95 shameless plug:

  8. POS: Price Levels • Normal List price • Multiple sales prices • Employee price discount • Volume discount pricing • Good customer pricing • Price options presented based upon current cashier

  9. POS: Sales Tax Calculations • Taxable / Non-taxable items • Tax tables (some automatically updated) • Hotel / Motel State/Federal Room taxes • Resort tax?

  10. POS: Ordering and Receiving • Create purchase orders / track status • Receive products to inventory • Reduce over/under stocking • Consider Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)

  11. POS: Invoicing • Invoice aging allows the option of charging interest or "late charge" on over due invoices • The credit limit function specifies the maximum purchasing limit for an account • Contract pricing for different customers • Invoice printing and billing cycles • Creating quotations without affecting inventory, customer account, or cash.

  12. POS: Suspend/Resume Transactions The ability to manage multiple customers Check on stock Waiting for item Left purse in car

  13. POS: Networking • For larger stores with multiple registers • For multiple stores • Connect to accounting computer in back office

  14. POS: Industry-Specific Functionality • A POS solution for any business • Restaurant / Pizzeria / Fast food • Liquor store • Pet Store • Artisan Business • Bar / Lounge • General Retail • Movie Theatre

  15. POS: Seating • Design seating layout • Assign wait staff to tables • Monitor how long a party has • Occupied a table • Ordered • Been served • Monitor employee efficiency • Gratuities

  16. POS: Kitchen Displays • Tells kitchen staff what to prepare • Multiple language support • Combination of hardware / networking / software

  17. POS: Telephone Orders / Takeout Hi Mr. Smith. Do you want the usual toppings on that pizza • Interface with Caller ID • GPS for delivery status • GIS maps for drivers • Good customer prompts

  18. POS: Pizza Building

  19. POS: Menu Building Ingredients database: StarChef

  20. POS: Menu Builder Menu Item: StarChef

  21. POS: Gift Certificates • Issue, track, and redeem gift certificates • Ensure that the redeeming gift certificate is valid. • Centralized gift certificate processing via Internet

  22. POS: Gift Cards • Swiping it through the card swipe activates the card. • The cashier enters the amount to add to the card • Consumers can use the card like cash. • The cashier swipes the card through the terminal and enters the sale amount. • Card balance is adjusted on server.

  23. POS: Customer Loyalty Program • Repeat customer • Tracking • Pricing • Terms • Advertising • Personalize transactions • Greeting • Name on receipt • Christmas Card List

  24. POS: House Accounts • Run up a tab for each of your regular customers, • keeping track of what they’ve purchased • and when they purchased it. • A House Account is considered a payment method

  25. POS: Bad Check File • prevent recurring bad checks • Verify bad check by: • account number • driver license number • telephone number. • possibility of collection at the next sale.

  26. POS: Security Camera Integration

  27. POS: Warranty Tracking • Since your POS system knows when an item was purchased and who purchased it, it can also store warranty information.

  28. POS: Serialized Inventory • Capture serial number data at time of sale. • Track warranty, returns, repair operations, etc. • Flag when warranty has expired • Great opportunity to sell warranty options

  29. Kit Inventory Items • 3 for $10.00 • Buy Item A get Item B for half price. • Combo deal: Item A, B and C for less than their sum • Prices set in back office, price levels generated automatically at POS • POS Smart enough to recognize Combo

  30. POS: Layaways • Payment history, balance and payment date • Flagged as held inventory • Special orders can be created for out-of-stock merchandise or special orders • Overdue layaways and special orders are tracked and reported

  31. POS: Currency Converter • Canadian$ to US$ • Different price levels to offset currency fluctuations

  32. POS: Credit Card Authorization • CPOS replaces familiar terminal with swipe, computer, and software. +

  33. Communication Modem Internet ** DSL 3rd Party Software PC Charge™** PC Authorize™ XCharge™ Web Authorize™** IntelliCharge™ ** IC Verify™ POS: Credit Card Authorization • Many POS software products use 3rd party software to do CC Authorization

  34. POS: eCommerce Integration • If you operate a web store in addition to your brick and mortar store, you probably want to use the same Merchant account for both. • CC Authorize software • Online payment gateway • Merchant account

  35. POS: eCommerce • Acquiring Bank • Acquiring Bank provides Internet Merchant Accounts • Credit Card Association • A financial institution that provides credit card services • Customer Issuing Bank • A financial institution, such as a bank, that provides your customer with a payment instrument • Internet Merchant Account • A special account with an Acquiring Bank that allows the merchant to accept credit cards over the Internet • Payment Gateway • A service that provides connectivity among merchants, customers and financial networks to process authorizations and payments • Processor • A large data center that processes credit card transactions and settles funds to merchants.

  36. Customer decides to make a purchase on the Merchant's Web site, proceeds to check-out and inputs credit card information. The Merchant's Web site receives customer information and sends transaction information to the Payment Gateway The Payment Gateway routes information to the Processor The Processor sends information to the Issuing Bank of the Customer's credit card. The Issuing Bank sends transaction result (authorization or decline) to the Processor The Processor routes transaction result to the Payment Gateway The Payment Gateway passes result information to the Merchant The Merchant accepts or rejects transaction and ships goods if necessary POS: eCommerce

  37. POS: Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - a set of standards used by many companies to automate transactions between those companies. Electronic Purchase Orders, Invoices, etc. are generally formatted according to EDI specification and wrapped in an "EDI electronic envelope" when exchanged. This allows suppliers and retailers to write a single common interface rather than have a custom interface with every customer or supplier they do business with.

  38. POS: Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) • Back-office software • Integration with POS • 3rd Party service companies ( • XML / Schema’s

  39. POS: Reports • POS allows comprehensive business reports • Not just Z-out • Snapshots • Transactions reports • Account reports • Inventory reports • Purchasing reports • Employee reports • Sales reports

  40. POS: Reports: Transactions / Sales • Back Order Report • Sales Commissions Report • Drawer Reconciliation • Exceptions Report • Itemized Listing • Register Recap • Sales Tax Report • Transaction Summary Report • Sales Analysis Report • Sales History Report

  41. POS: Reports: Account • Customer Listing • POS-index listing • Customer Detail Report • POS Index-detail • Account Aging • A/R Statements • Mailing Labels • Vendor Detail Report • Vendor Listing • Accounts Payable Reports

  42. Alert Report Bonus and Commissions Report Cross Reference Listing Detail Report Inventory Evaluation Report Inventory History Report Inventory Status Report On Order Report Reconciliation Report Pricing Labels Price Listing Stock Levels Report POS: Reports: Inventory

  43. POS: Reports: Purchasing • Detail Reports • Purchase Orders • Outstanding Orders

  44. POS: Reports: Employee • Commission Report • Attendance • Register Reports • Sales by employee

  45. POS: Summary • A vertical POS software product is often written by retailers for retailers who are in a specific industry. • Not all POS have these all of these functions • Not all POS functions are listed here • Not all POS do the functions they do have well. • Some POS are easier to use than others