Famous leaders what makes them
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FAMOUS LEADERS: What makes them?. Leadership & Service Learning Highmore FACS Instructor: Alana Bergeleen. Leadership is…. The process of an individual influencing members of a group to work toward the groups goals. Martin Luther King.

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Famous leaders what makes them

FAMOUS LEADERS: What makes them?

Leadership & Service Learning

Highmore FACS

Instructor: Alana Bergeleen

Leadership is
Leadership is…

  • The process of an individual influencing members of a group to work toward the groups goals.

Martin luther king

Martin Luther King

He was a speaker who provided inspiration to a lot of people. Most popular among his inspirational speeches was the "I have a dream "speech. This speech brought a lot of people into taking action as King spoke with authority and was capable of mobilizing an entire country that shared his vision.

John f kennedy

John F. Kennedy

He was a very charismatic leader who along with is wife turned the White House into a fairy tale story. As a president he also energized the nation and made the space program a national affair. With his vision he set a goal that was reached and for which he will be eternally remembered.

Martha stewart

Martha Stewart

The image of a meticulous and highly demanding individual easily comes to mind when you think of this woman. In her we find a sizeable amount of controversy but she continues to flourish with her organization and is effectively served by her autocratic style of leadership as well.

Oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has her own television show which influences thousands of people across America. She has done number charity fundraisers and has founded schools in poor countries.

Mary kay ash mary kay cosmetics

Mary Kay Ash (Mary Kay Cosmetics)

Anyone who thinks of pink Cadillac's is completely right. The pink Cadillac symbolizes a highly successful and top performing company. The brand of inspirational leadership that Mary Kay has provided has turned as simple $5,000 investment into a billion dollar establishment.

Eleanor roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Americans all over the nation were told that: "We are on trial to show what democracy means." She was both a champion of civil and women's rights and she showed compassion to the poor in the depression era. Another lesson she inspired in her own true words was: "It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself."