Ae 461 digital architecture
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AE 461 Digital Architecture. Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-. Course Objectives:. The course structure and content are based on the digital society needs of the 21st century creative organizations .

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Ae 461 digital architecture

AE 461Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

Course objectives
Course Objectives:

  • The course structure and content are based on the digital society needs of the 21st century creative organizations.

  • core elements focus on the digital medium for supporting creativity; allowing students to customize the course to suit their own particular career aspiration.

  • The course also gives a general vision concerning the process of using rapid prototyping and CAD/CAM devices in architectural design process.

  • The class has a theoretical focus on machine use within the process of design.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

Overall aims of course
Overall aims of course

  • The main objective of the course is to teach the students the following-:

  • The aim of this teaching course is to give architects working in the area of building conservation new information and a wider frame of reference to help them identify, conserve and restore valuable cultural heritage in the form of buildings and built environments.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

Overall aims of course1
Overall aims of course

  • The program will provide the scientific background and experiences to increase the capacity of participants to adapt new techniques to investigate and assess existing buildings and their physical contexts.

  • Modern approaches in building conservation science, knowledge of international codes, standards and strategies for conservation will be overviewed and discussed.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

A knowledge and understanding
a-Knowledge and understanding:

  • Describe talent and passion in digital design, and channels it into a range of creative design fields.

  • Define Form Follows Worldview through tracking the changes in the framework of thought, in both sciences and philosophy, during the last decade.

  • Describe the advent of geometry and mathematics computation

  • Identify the shift in sciences from the "Newtonian" to "Complexity" paradigms

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

A knowledge and understanding1
a-Knowledge and understanding:

  • Explain essential design fundamentals with modern visual media projects including web design, graphics, 3D modeling, advertising, and visual effects.

  • Explain how mentioned changes, technology and developments contributed to the shift in architectural ideology.

  • Explain how the shift developed the metaphoric relationship between architecture and nature, beyond simple form analogies and mere aesthetics, into deeper analogies with nature's intelligence systems.

  • Describe problem solving and data collection to understand the impact of advanced building technology on design

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

A intellectual skills
a- Intellectual Skills

  • Select appropriate solutions concerning based on analytical thinking.

  • Adapt innovative design ideas and concepts.

  • Select new IT tools such as CAD/CAM , Digital fabrication and customization.

  • Apply digital skills.

  • Discover different software that are being used by digital design architects.

  • Classify the new trends in Digital architecture.

  • Classify architecture values and styles.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

A professional and practical skills
a- Professional and Practical Skills

  • Prepare manual and technical production of 3D models of architectural projects.

  • Prepare new architectural forms and designs

  • Apply specialized computer programs.

  • Apply knowledge to differentiate between digital tools, theories and architecture in addition to studying the shift that occurred in architectural ideology and, consequently, in the design theory and practice and visualization techniques.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

A general skills
a- General Skills

  • Practice in a team work.

  • Communicate effectively as a part of a group in analyzing and presenting digital trends.

  • Demonstrate efficient IT capabilities

  • Verify information and adapt life long self-learning

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-

Ae 461 digital architecture

  • 1–Teaching and learning methods

    • 1.1-Lectures.

    • 1.2-Assignments.

    • 1.3-Course project and presentation.

  • 2-Student assessment methods

    • 2.1-Assignments.

    • 2.2-Mid-term Exams(9thweek): to assess student achievements.

    • 2.3-Project to assess student understanding and communication skills.

    • 2.4-Final-exam to assess student understanding.

Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-


  • 1. Midterm Exam 15 %

  • 2. Quizzes 10 %

  • 3. Assignments 10 %

  • 4. Mini projects 15 %

  • 5. Final Exam 50%



Digital Architecture AE 461 course -2013-