sexuality and the gospel n.
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SEXUALITY and the GOSPEL. How the Good News Influences our Romantic Relationships. Part 1. Gospel = Good News!. Body. Soul. (mind, emotions, will). Spirit. Body. Soul. (mind, emotions, will). Spirit. Body. Soul. (mind, emotions, will). Spirit. You have been saved

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sexuality and the gospel


How the Good News Influences our Romantic Relationships

Part 1




(mind, emotions, will)





(mind, emotions, will)





(mind, emotions, will)



You have been saved

fromsomething for something


God’s people don’t have a mission;

  • God’s mission has a people

Deut. 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one.

  • John 10:30 “I and the Father are one.”

Genesis 1:26-28

  • Genesis 2:24
good news of the gospel
Good News of the Gospel!
  • God doesn’t make Himself one with just anybody
  • God doesn’t give Himself away for free
  • Jesus gave up His independence
  • Jesus demonstrates self-control

What would the world learn about God and His gospel if our romantic relationships were the only indicator they saw?

next week part 2
Next Week = Part 2!
  • Isn’t sex just a physical act?
  • What about porn & masturbation?
  • How far is too far for the Christian?
  • How men/women respond to attractions differently
  • Personal testimony & video
  • I’m attracted to someone; what should I do?
  • Practical ways to demonstrate the Gospel in our dating relationships
communion triads
Communion Triads
  • What is God speaking to you?
  • Where do you need the gospel?
how far is too far
How far is too far?
  • How can I demonstrate what Jesus is like?
  • How can I love the other person more than myself?
differences in the sexes
Differences in the sexes
  • Women: Heart  physical
  • Men: Physical  heart
proverbs 4 23
Proverbs 4:23
  • Above all else, guard your heart,for everything you do flows from it.
gear 1 build friendship
Gear 1: Build Friendship
  • Get attractions in light w/spiritual mentor
  • DO NOT verbalize your attractions to the other person or get physical
  • Hang out in groups and observe them
  • It is unloving to create confusion
  • Level of intimacy // level of commitment
  • Litmus test: How would your spouse feel?
ten warning signs if you observe
Ten Warning Signs if you observe…
  • People who love you advise you not to date them
  • Bad relationship with parents
  • Doesn’t maintain long-term friendships
  • Others are confused by their intentions
  • Drifting/running away from God
  • Overly jealous
  • Financially unwise
  • Tears you down
  • Arrogant/prideful
  • You’re not physically attracted to them
gear 2 prepare to communicate your intentions initiate relationship
Gear 2: Prepare to communicate your intentions & initiate relationship
  • Get advice from spiritual mentor & parents on timing (ready for marriage in 12 months?)
  • Tell the person what you’ve observed & ask them to pray about a relationship that may lead to marriage (this is not a proposal!)
  • Give them time to pray!
  • If they say yes, agree on healthy parameters for the amount of time your spend together & physical boundaries
boundaries are good
Boundaries are good
  • Physical touch exposes the heart and clouds the mind
  • Exclusive time together speeds up intimacy & the desire to unitespirit, soul, and body
  • You want your friends to stay in your life & rejoice with you on your wedding day!
gear 3 dating courtship
Gear 3: Dating/Courtship
  • Continue to build relationship in groups & alone
  • Leave romance for engagement/marriage
  • Spend lots of time talking/asking questions
  • Find out what you enjoy to do together
  • Ask about life dreams/goals
  • Avoid talking about marriage prematurely
  • Don’t lead them on if you feel “red flag” (most people know in 3-6 months if relationship is leading towards marriage or not)
gear 4 engagement
Gear 4: Engagement!
  • Focus = planning your marriage, not wedding
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Talk about finances, where you’ll live, children, more verbal/spiritual intimacy
  • Physical temptation is difficult (short engagements are best)
  • Do you want foundation of trust or lust?
communion triads1
Communion Triads
  • What is God speaking to you?
  • Where do you need the gospel?