Your community here healthy kids colorado survey
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Your Community HERE: Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. Data Presentation. Presentation Outline. Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) Overview HKCS Report Structure Your school/community here Background Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Results Questions. Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Overview.

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Your community here healthy kids colorado survey

Your Community HERE:Healthy Kids Colorado Survey

Data Presentation

Presentation outline
Presentation Outline

  • Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) Overview

  • HKCS Report Structure

  • Your school/community here Background

  • Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Results

  • Questions

Hkcs overview
HKCS - Overview

  • The HKCS assesses the health-related attitudes and behaviors of middle school and high school students across diverse communities in Colorado.

Hkcs overview1
HKCS - Overview

The development of the HKCS has been supported

and approved by Colorado state agencies such as:

  • Department of Education

  • Department of Human Services

    • Division of Behavioral Health

  • Department of Public Health and Environment

  • Department of Public Safety

Hkcs report structure1
HKCS Report Structure

  • Introduction

  • How to Use the Report

  • Demographics and Data Quality

  • Survey Results – HKCS sections

  • Appendices

  • Copy of Administered Survey

Hkcs report structure2
HKCS Report Structure

  • Survey Results - HKCS Sections

    • Substance Use

    • Delinquency

    • Personal Safety/Violence

    • School and Family

    • Mental Health

    • Physical Health

    • Sexual Health (High School Only)

    • Risk and Protective Factors

Your school community here background1
Your school/community here: Background

  • Provide the background of your school or community i.e.

    • Number of students surveyed

    • Ethnic make-up and grade levels of students sampled

    • Free and Reduced Lunch Rates

    • Strengths in your school or community such as: high parent involvement and/or high attendance at community events

    • Other relevant information you feel would be beneficial to share

Healthy kids colorado survey results

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey Results

Include the name of your school or community here:

Hkcs substance use
HKCS – Substance Use

  • The Substance Use section addresses the use of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) through measures such as:

    • 30-day Use: Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana.

    • Age of First Use: Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana.

    • Lifetime Use: Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Other Drugs such as:

      • Heroin

      • Methamphetamines

      • Cocaine

      • Ecstasy

      • Inhalants

      • Prescription Drugs

Hkcs delinquency
HKCS - Delinquency

  • The Delinquency section measures the frequency of anti-social or criminal behavior and the students perceptions of wrongfulness in area such as:

    • Physical Fighting

    • Stealing

    • Cheating

    • Carrying Weapons

    • Vandalism

    • Selling Drugs

Hkcs personal safety and violence
HKCS – Personal Safety and Violence

  • The Personal Safety and Violence section measures the rates in areas such as:

    • Driving Under the Influence (Self and other Driver)

    • Victimization (Physical and Verbal)

    • Helmet Use

    • Seatbelt Use

Hkcs school and family
HKCS – School and Family

  • The School and Family section measures attitudes and behaviors regarding:

    • Grades

    • Safety at School

    • School Staff

    • Parents

Hkcs mental health
HKCS – Mental Health

  • The Mental Health Section measures the state of emotional and psychological well-being with questions focused on:

    • Depression

    • Suicide

    • Future Aspirations

    • Altruism

    • Extra-Curricular Activities

Hkcs physical health
HKCS – Physical Health

  • The Physical Health section measures beliefs and behaviors regarding:

    • Weight

    • Weight Loss Methods

    • Physical Activity

    • Television Watching

Hkcs sexual health
HKCS – Sexual Health

  • The Sexual Health section Measures the:

    • Lifetime and Current Sexual Activity

    • Use of Birth Control

    • Sexual Victimization

    • ATOD Use and Sexual Activity

Hkcs risk and protective factors
HKCS – Risk and Protective Factors

  • Risk and Protective Factors are characteristics demonstrated by research to increase or decrease the likelihood of substance use, delinquency and other problem behaviors (Hawkins, Catalano, & Miller, 1992).

Hkcs risk and protective factors1
HKCS – Risk and Protective Factors

  • Risk factors are the variables or hazards that, if present, make it more likely that an individual will engage in problem behaviors.

  • Protective factors, on the other hand, buffer against risk, either by reducing the impact of risk factors or by changing the way young people respond to risk.

Risk and protective factors results
Risk and Protective Factors – Results

Risk Factors

Protective Factors





Risk and Protective Factor Scales - Percentage of Students Above Cutpoint

Summary of findings
Summary of Findings

  • Contact your RPC for guidance on how to summarize key findings from the report!

QuestionsInclude your contact information here