mexico s history and culture n.
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Mexico’s History and Culture

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Mexico’s History and Culture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mexico’s History and Culture. Chapter 7/ Section 2. Olmec. By 1500 B.C. the Olmec were living in Mexico The Olmec lived on the humid southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico They built temples and statues and traded carved stones. The Maya.

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mexico s history and culture

Mexico’s History and Culture

Chapter 7/ Section 2

  • By 1500 B.C. the Olmec were living in Mexico
  • The Olmec lived on the humid southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico
  • They built temples and statues and traded carved stones.
the maya
The Maya
  • Between AD 250 and 900 the Maya built large cities in Mexico and Central America.
  • They built stone temples, studied the stars, developed a detailed calendar, and kept good written records.
  • The Mayan civilization suddenly collapsed sometime after 900.
the aztec
The Aztec
  • After the decline of the Maya, people called the Aztec moved from northern Mexico to central Mexico.
  • In 1325, they built their capital in Tenochtitlan. This city was one of the most impressive cities of the time.
  • Two of the most important things to the Aztec people were their powerful empire and their gods.
colonial mexico and independence
Colonial Mexico and Independence
  • In 1519 Hernan Cortes and the Spanish came over, brought a lot of men, weapons and small pox and took over the land.
colonial times
Colonial Times
  • After the conquest, Spanish and American Indian people who were native to Mexico started to mix and they formed a new group of people called the mestizos.
  • The Spanish wanted to spread Christianity so they set up Church outposts called missions.
  • After the conquest the Spanish monarch started taking over farmers land and made them into Haciendas, which made wealthy landowners very rich.
  • Miguel Hidalgo led the Mexicans to revolt against the Spanish and in 1821 Mexico won its independence.
later struggles
Later Struggles
  • After Mexico got its independence, it went to war with the United States over land. Mexico lost the war and territory.
  • Under Benito Juarez’s presidency he allowed Hacienda’s to form, which took away land from small village owners.
  • As a result the Mexican Revolution broke out in 1910.
  • Many Mexicans speak Spanish and about 90 percent of all Mexicans are Roman Catholic because of the Spanish influence
  • Some people also speak American Indian.
  • Some people have cultural practices that combine American Indian and Mexican cultures. An example is celebrating the Day of the Dead.