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外研版 高一年级 ( 必修 4) Module 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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外研版 高一年级 ( 必修 4) Module 1

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外研版 高一年级 ( 必修 4) Module 1 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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外研版 高一年级 ( 必修 4) Module 1

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  1. 外研版 高一年级(必修4) Module 1

  2. Cultural corner and Everyday English

  3. Read the passage and decide which prediction you find most amusing and most ridiculous. • Airplanes 2. Computers • 3. Clothes 4. Men on the moon • 5. The Beatles 6. Robots in the house • 7. Keys

  4. The most amusing one: Clothes and Robots in the house The most ridiculous one: Airplanes and The Beatles

  5. Translate the following sentences: • Not all predictions come true. 并不是所有的预言都会成为现实。 2. Thirty years from now people will be wearing clothes made of paper which they will be able to throw away after wearing them two or three times.

  6. 从现在之后的三十年人们将会穿着纸做的衣服, 这样他们就可以穿过两三次之后就可以扔掉它们了。 throw away扔掉, 抛弃, 浪费 (金钱) throw about 到处扔, 舞动 (手脚等) throw off 匆匆脱掉 (衣服), 摆脱掉

  7. 3. With the first moon colonies predicted for the 1970’s, working is now in progress on the type of building required for men to stay in when they’re on the moon. 20世纪70年代第一批月球移民的预言, 现在进展到为居住在月球上的人(设计)大楼样式。

  8. With+主语+adj\ adv\ v-ing\ v-ed\ 介词短语 With time passing by, our country is becoming stronger and stronger. With homework finished, John went home. With a book in his hand, our teacher came in.

  9. 1). The murderer was brought in, with his hands ____ behind his back. A. tied B. to be tied C. having tied D. being tied 2). With time ___ by, our country becomes stronger and stronger. A. to pass B. past C. passed D. passing

  10. 3). With the teacher ___ us tomorrow, we’ll manage ___ it in time. A. to help, finishing B. helping, finished C. to help; to finish D. helping; finishing

  11. 4. We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out. 即将过时 我们不喜欢他们的声音, 吉他音乐正在渐渐过时。 5. By the year 2000, housewives will probably have a robot shaped like a box with one large eye on the top, several arms and hands, and long narrow pads on the side for moving about.

  12. 到2000年,家庭主妇可能会拥有盒子形状的机器人,这些机器人在顶部有一只大眼,有许多胳膊和手,两侧又长又窄的脚用来移动。到2000年,家庭主妇可能会拥有盒子形状的机器人,这些机器人在顶部有一只大眼,有许多胳膊和手,两侧又长又窄的脚用来移动。

  13. shape • The picture is round in shape. • 2. She is in good shape after months of training. • 3. The chocolate is shaped like a heart. 在形状上 体形很好 形状上像

  14. 4. The plan will soon take shape. in shape/out of shape in the shape of 成形 身体好;身体差 形状是…

  15. Consolidation • 1. 做预测 • 。 • 2. 扔掉,抛弃 • 3. 在进行中 4. 即将过时 。 5. 形状像…… 。 6. 成为现实 on the way out make predictions throw away shape like come true in progress

  16. Writing Read through the passage quickly and answer each question. 1. Who will be a doctor in ten years? Ken. 2. What will Thomas be doing next week? Celebrating his birthday with friends. 3. Who is not sure what he/ she will be doing in 10 years? Thomas and Mary.

  17. Write about what you will be doing in ten years in 100 words, using the following words: maybe, hopefully, probably, eventually

  18. Everyday English: • You get rid of something if you _____. • a) need it • b) don’t need it • 2. If something is free of charge it______. • a) doesn’t cost anything • b) is allowed by the law 处理;清除 免费的

  19. 3. For a start means ______. a) at the beginning b) the first point is 4. If you run out of something you _______. a) leave it quickly b) haven’t got any of it left 首先 用尽

  20. 5. If something is on the way out it’s going to ______. a) disappear b) become famous 即将过时

  21. Translate the following sentences. 1. 他的钱快花光了。 2. 你一旦染上坏习惯就很难去掉。 His money was running out. Once you have fallen into a bad habit, it’s very hard to get rid of it.

  22. 3.这种植物快要消亡了。 4. 你可以在这里免费停车。 This variety of plant is on the way out. You can park your car here free of charge.

  23. 课后练习 I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字 母或汉语意思,写出该单词的正确形 式。 1. She was always o________, even when things were at their worst. 2. We waited three days for the letter and e_________ it came. optimistic eventually

  24. 3. All the students that work hard can __________ (无疑地) pass the exam. 4. Tom, would you please put the dishes in the ___________ (洗碗机)? definitely dishwasher II. 用方框内所给短语的适当形式填空。 look out, switch on, get stuck, for a start, on the way out

  25. 1. The trousers she is wearing are _____________. 2. We will take names and phone numbers _________, then later on we can get more details. 3. What will happen when you ________ most of those switches? 4. __________ for the cars on the way home after school. 5. I _________ in a traffic jam. I tried calling your mobile phone, but it was busy. on the way out for a start switch on Look out got stuck

  26. III. 根据括号内所给提示翻译下列句子。 1. 盒子太沉了,我抬不起来。(too ... to) 2. 不是他就是我会帮助你学习英文的。 (either ... or) The box is too heavy for me to lift. Either he or I am going to help you with your English.

  27. 3. 对医生来说,最重要的事是挽救生 命。(save lives) 4. 如果你去, 我也去。 (as well) To doctors, the most important thing is to save lives. If you go, I will go as well.

  28. IV. 根据所给的中文提示完成句子,每空 一词。 1. 并不是你们所有的人都通过了这次英语 测试。 All of you ____ ____ passed the English exam. ____ ___ ___ ____ have passed the English exam. 2. 他预测气温将会上升。 He _____ __ __________ that the temperature would rise. have not Not all of you made a prediction

  29. 3. 这个婴儿扔掉他的玩具汽车开始哭了起 来。 The baby ______ ____ his toy car and began to cry. 4. 对那名失踪儿童的搜索仍在进行。 The search for the missing child is still ____ _________. 5. 这个孩子把生面团揉成了小球。 The child _______ the dough ____ small balls. threw away in progress shaped into

  30. 6. 被邀请参加晚会的两位客人都是医生。 The two guests _______ __ ___ ____ are both doctors. invited to the party