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School Food Service. Locking Bank Bags. Locking Bank Bags. PROTECT THE CASH AND YOURSELF! The cafeteria manager is responsible and liable for all missing cash and checks.

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School food service
School Food Service

  • Locking Bank Bags

Locking bank bags
Locking Bank Bags


  • The cafeteria manager is responsible and liable for all missing cash and checks.

  • During hours of operation all cash and equivalents must be in a locked cash register and/or a locked metal box in the manager’s office or a locking bank bag while the keys are in the possession of the cashier

  • If a manager leaves the kitchen, the manager should lock the office door to secure the cash and give the key to a designated SFS employee

Cash safety
Cash Safety

  • At night the daily deposit, change fund(s), and petty cash fund must be in a locking bag and locked in the safe at the school office

  • No money is to remain in the manager’s office overnight

  • Any unsecured funds discovered during a routine cash control or site review audit may result in disciplinary actions

Absent manger
Absent Manger

  • Absent Manager: In your absence, all cash and equivalents (change funds, petty cash, & daily deposits) must be kept in a locking bagin the drop safe at your school’s front office. It is the manager’s responsibility to train an employee to secure all funds in the drop safe. Train your employee to properly handle the daily deposit by doing the following:

  • Train your employee to count/verify every cash drawer then sign every Cash Report on the “manager signature” line. Remember: two signatures on every cash report (the cashier counts and the “acting” manager counts again).

Absent manger cont d
Absent Manger Cont’d

  • If the “acting” manager is unable to complete the deposit they must:

    • put $1.00 into the “cash collected field” on the WinSNAP deposit screen to ensure successful nightly communication. Please refer to the “Computer Operations Manual” for further instructions.

    • Put the daily deposit into a Brinks bag and seal it and write “Cafeteria Manager” on the outside.

    • Place the Brinks bag into a locking bag.

    • Place the locking baginto the drop safe at the front office.

  • When you return to work, if your employee did not complete the deposit, complete your deposit and change the WinSNAP deposit screen to reflect the actual deposit amount.

Daily routine
Daily Routine

  • The Manager should obtain the cashier’s change fund(s) from the front office safe. If the school has more than one change fund, each fund should be bagged separately- one vinyl zipper bag per cashier and all zipper bags should be placed in a “locking bag”. Verify that the courier representative (Brink’s) has signed the logbook from the previous days deposit and initial the log book. If the driver did not sign the courier logbook, please contact Brink’s representative, Andrew Talalay at (561) 848-0934 ext. 229 or email [email protected]

  • The manager should count and verify each change fund.

  • The manager should give each cashier his or her appropriate change fund. The Cashier should immediately verify the amount, place it in the cash drawer and lock it.

  • After counting the breakfast receipts, the cashier should put the change fund back in the register and lock the cash drawer.

Daily routine cont d
Daily Routine Cont’d

  • During meal service, each cashier should record sales as outlined in the “Cashier Manual”.

  • At the close of each meal session, each cashier should remove the cash drawer and place it in a “locking bag” and retain the key until called by the Manager for the cash count.

  • At the end of each meal session, the manager, with each cashier shall count the money in the cash drawer by denomination, i.e., checks (to include traveler checks and money orders), $20's, $10's, $5's, $1's, gold dollar coins, half dollar coins, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. The cashier records the quantities and amounts of each denomination on the Cash Report Form, and adds the total. The cashier must sign the report in ink. The manager will then verify and sign the Cash Report Form.

  • Manager must then collect all locking bags with keys attached. (One bag will be placed in the drop safe with the change funds)

Additional procedures
Additional Procedures

  • Cashiers are required to be rotated between registers and lines on a random basis for cross-training and theft prevention.

  • All managers must periodically cashier on various lines and compare total sales collected to regular daily sales

    • When cashiering managers should have their cash drawers verified by another employee

    • If large discrepancies are discovered contact Field Coordinator to discuss options or possible retraining