academic accommodation procedures for graduate students n.
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Academic Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Academic Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students

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Academic Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Academic Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students
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  1. Academic Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students Joel Lynn, Executive Director, Student Services | Jonathan Derry, Manager, Policy and Judicial Affairs Laurie Keenan, Manager, Resource Centre for Students with a Disability

  2. Overview • Introduction • Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with Disabilities Policy (AC1205) • RCSD Student Population and Graduate Students • Rationale for Creating Graduate Student Procedures • Key Issues Addressed in Draft Procedures • Discussion • Next Steps

  3. Policy AC1205 Academic Accommodation and Access for Students with a Disability Policy (AC1205) • Promotes and protects the rights of students with disabilities • Aims to create a safe, respectful and supportive environment for all university community members • Aims to make UVic as accessible as possible so students with disabilities can participate as equal members

  4. Policy AC1205 (Cont.) • Commits to providing academic accommodation up to the point of undue hardship • Supports the operations of the RCSD to provide academic accommodation advice, guidance and support to students, faculty and staff

  5. Supporting Procedures • New Academic Accommodation procedures for undergraduates were approved by Senate and implemented in 2011 • Recognition that specific Academic Accommodations procedures for graduate students also be developed. Research, drafting and planning have been ongoing for several months

  6. RCSD – Student Population

  7. Why Develop Accommodation Procedures for Graduate Students? • Policy AC1205 does not specifically address graduate students or provide direction for resolving increasingly complex accommodation issues for graduate students • Currently there is no formal process outlined in university procedures for graduate students or instructors to dispute academic accommodations sought or provided • Clarification required on the roles and responsibilities in accommodation process of FGS, line faculties, RCSD, Grad Students, grad supervisors, etc

  8. Key Issues Addressed in Procedures Draft procedures intend to: • provide information for individuals with disabilities on applying to graduate programs; • set out options to encourage grad students with disabilities to report accommodations they may need early to facilitate support for everyone involved in the accommodation process; • address confidentiality issues and highlight how student personal information is protected;

  9. Key Issues Addressed in Procedures • include the processes used including timelines and documentation requirements for requesting academic accommodation; • provide general information on academic accommodations that may be available to graduate students; • clarify the roles/responsibilities of those involved in the accommodation process (e.g., Grad Students, FGS, line faculties, grad supervisors, the RCSD, etc); • set out informal and formal processes to assist with resolving issues/difficulties related to implementing an accommodation plan.

  10. Discussion • Current practices • Feedback on draft procedures???

  11. Next Steps • Continue working closely with FGS, GSS and faculty on procedures • Consult with graduate students, Deans’ Council, faculty members, Senate Committee, Academic Accommodation Advisory Committee, LTC and others • Final drafting of procedures and endorsement • Bring forward final recommended draft to Senate for approval in Fall, 2013 • Implementation planning • Training opportunities