the philippines a 5 themes analysis n.
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The Philippines A 5-themes Analysis PowerPoint Presentation
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The Philippines A 5-themes Analysis

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The Philippines A 5-themes Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Philippines A 5-themes Analysis. Schmidt/ Szimanski /Wolf January 31, 2012 CGC 1DI. Location Theme. Absolute Relative. Google Earth. Location - Absolute. 4° 40' and 21 °  10'N Latitude 116° 40 ' and 126° 34' E Longitude. Equator.

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the philippines a 5 themes analysis

The PhilippinesA 5-themes Analysis


January 31, 2012


location theme

Location Theme



Google Earth

location absolute
Location - Absolute

4° 40' and 21° 10'N Latitude

116° 40' and 126° 34' E Longitude


location relative
Location – Relative





Southeast Asia

Pacific Ocean

Celebes Sea

Google Map

place theme

Place Theme

Physical - Human

place theme physical landforms geology
Place Theme – PhysicalLandforms/Geology



5th longest


Mostly mountainous interior of volcanic origin

highest peak

Mount Apo

2,954 m

place theme physical climate
Place Theme – PhysicalClimate
  • Tropical climate
  • March to May is hot and dry.
  • June to October is rainy. Typhoons (hurricanes)are common.
  • November to February is cool.

Boracay Island Resort

Super Typhoon Bopha,

Sunday, Dec. 2,

International Space Station

place theme physical vegetation
Place Theme – PhysicalVegetation

Original jungle

is preserved on

some islands

but much is lost

to logging.

  • Dipterocarp
  • 40-50 species of this tropical tree
  • Half only found in Philippines

The Philippine Tropical Forest Foundation

place theme physical wildlife
Place Theme – PhysicalWildlife

One of the top 10 most biologically diverse countries.

  • Philippine Tarsier
  • One of the smallest primate
  • No taller than 16cm
  • Endangered
  • Often kept as pets
  • Mindoro Crocodile
  • Freshwater croc
  • Critically endangered from dynamite fishing
  • Visayan Warty Pig
  • Named after 3 warts on face
  • Critically endangered from hunting

place theme human national flag
Place Theme – HumanNational Flag

This flag can indicate a state of war if it is displayed with the red side on top

Eight Rays

  • 3 main regions
  • Luzon
  • Visayas and
  • Mindanao

place theme human demographics
Place Theme – HumanDemographics

Stage 2 Pyramid

Birth Rate 25

Death Rate 5

Growth Rate 1.9%

  • Fertility Rate 3.2/woman

place theme human quality of life
Place Theme – Human Quality of Life
  • Literacy Rate 92.6%
    • School life expectancy = 12 years
    • New policy since 2012, many schools overcrowded
  • Life Expectancy Males 69 Females 75

  • GDP per capita $4300

place theme human culture
Place Theme – HumanCulture




Kung paanoikaw ay

“How are you?”


(sour and savoury

soup or stew)


(marinade of vinegar

and garlic,

80% Catholic

Lechón(roasted suckling pig)



Many indigenous groups

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño

region theme

Region Theme



region theme national
Region Theme - National

Capital City - Manila

  • The Philippines is divided into
  • three island groups and 17 regions.
region theme international organizations
Region Theme –International Organizations
  • APEC – Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
    • Supports sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • UN – United Nations
  • WHO – WorldHealthOrganization
    • Providesleadershipon global healthmatters.
  • WTO – WorldTradeOrganization
    • Open tradeforthebenefit of all
region theme tourism
Region Theme - Tourism

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River

National Park, Palawan

longest in the world (8.2 km)

Limestone geology

Endangered species

San Agustin Church in Paoay

Built 1710

one of the most outstanding

“earthquake baroque”



Kalibo, Aklan,


Honors Santo Niño

(Infant Jesus)

PHILIPPINES - Exercise a high degree of caution

There is no nationwide advisory in effect for the Philippines. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to an ongoing terrorist threat to Westerners and Western interests

movement theme

Movement Theme




movement theme people migration
Movement Theme – PeopleMigration
  • Internally displaced Persons (approx.843,000)
    • Dispute between Muslim rebel group of Mindanao with government to have an autonomous region. Proposal includes:
      • share of revenues from the extraction of southern resources;
      • its own police force; and
      • sharia law for Muslims only.

The largest source country for Canadian immigration

2011= approx. 35,000 people.

movement theme people getting around
Movement Theme – PeopleGetting Around

Bus & jeepneys

(common form

of public transport)

driving is possibly at its most manic in and around Manila


important to

inter-island travel

Ferry or fastcraft

movement theme goods trade
Movement Theme – GoodsTrade
    • Top coconut producing country in the world
    • 340 Million nut-bearing trees
    • 15.2 Billion nuts/year average
    • 43 nuts/tree/year average
    • 26% of agricultural land

Philippine Coconut Authority

People’s Recovery, Empowerment and

Development Assistance

human environment interactions theme

Human-Environment InteractionsTheme

Survival for Tribal People

hei environmental issue
HEIEnvironmental Issue
  • Deforestation threats include:
  • Needs of lumber resource due to severe rural poverty and high GR
  • Mining industry
  • Land conversion (roads, farms)

seven percent of original, old-growth,

closed-canopy forest left

Conservation International

hei world heritage site rice terraces of the philippine cordilleras
HEI – World Heritage SiteRice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras
  • Rice terraces
  • higher altitude and steeper slopes than many other terraces
  • intricate irrigation systems, harvesting water from the forests of the mountain tops
  • an elaborate farming system built 2000 years ago
  • illustrate a persistence of cultural traditions