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Historical Facebook

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Historical Facebook. By (Your Name & Picture/ICON). GW’s Facebook Page (EXAMPLE …not to be included in final PPT ). GEORGE WASHINGTON is tired of the British…  . Stamp Act, Quartering Act… what’s next???!!! Time for a REVOLUTION! .

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historical facebook

Historical Facebook


(Your Name & Picture/ICON)

gw s facebook page example not to be included in final ppt
GW’sFacebook Page (EXAMPLE…not to be included in final PPT)

GEORGE WASHINGTON is tired of the British…. Stamp Act, Quartering Act… what’s next???!!! Time for a REVOLUTION!

MR. MARTINELLE lol..thebritish are gonna kill you!!! The continental army doesn’t stand a chance Georgy boy. You crazy colonists think that just because your in America that you don’t have to live by the King’s rules…LMAO!!!

Friends Online

Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Martinelle

Benjamin Franklin

John Adams

Mr. Love

GEORGE WASHINGTON uhhhh, just got off the phone with the French…HOLLA!!! TJ and me are drafting a D.O.I. right now, WHAT???!!!


facebook page
__________ Facebook Page


Friends Online