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4Food:burgers go social

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4Food:burgers go social - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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4Food:burgers go social. MA190109 浦仲緯 MA190111 陳春米 MA190110 戚嘉蓁 MA190203 蔡邑丞. The business challenge facing 4Food is that it needs a way to stand out amid 20,000 other restaurants in New York City.

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4Food:burgers go social

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4food burgers go social

4Food:burgers go social

MA190109 浦仲緯

MA190111 陳春米

MA190110 戚嘉蓁



The business challenge facing 4Food is that it needs a way to stand out amid 20,000 other restaurants in New York City.


A 240-square-foot monitor constantly streams Twitter tweets, restaurant information, and Foursquare check-ins.

  • 4food uses social networking and mobile technology-including Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook-to attract customers, to process reservations, to promote its brand image, and to solicit customer feedback for improving its menu offerings.

This restaurant has multiple options for placing an order. You can give your order to a restaurant employee using an iPad, or you can place the order online yourself.

  • 4Foodhas its own Facebook page, which it uses for social marketing.

What makes 4food really stand out is its use of crowdsourcing for both marketing and menu development.


E-commerce and social networking technology introduced new opportunities for linking to customers and for distinguishing products and services.

  • By taking advantage of social networking tools,4food is able to differentiate itself from other restaurants and promote the business at a very low cost.

Business Challenges

  • Opportunities presented by new technology
  • Large number of competitors
  • Design new business model
  • Use crowdsourcing for marketing & menu development
  • Utilize FourSquare
  • Deploy Twitter
  • Deploy ipads
  • Create Facebook page
  • Deploy Wi-Fi


Information System

Business Solutions


  • Increase sales
  • Communicate with customers
  • Process reservations and orders
  • Promote brand identity
  • Create new menu items