Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school
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Welcome to the Medical Careers Program at John F. Kennedy High School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Medical Careers Program at John F. Kennedy High School. Monday, August 31, 2009. Summer Assignments. Check off against list of student names If you don’t have your assignment YOU NEED TO SEE MS. MARCHWICKI. Objectives for 8-31-09.

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Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school

Welcome to the Medical Careers Programat John F. Kennedy High School

Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer assignments
Summer Assignments

  • Check off against list of student names

  • If you don’t have your assignment YOU NEED TO SEE MS. MARCHWICKI

Objectives for 8 31 09
Objectives for 8-31-09

  • Students will state emergency response procedures: Fire Drill, Code Blue,Code Red

  • Student’s will cohere as a team and know everyone’s name by Friday, September 4, 2009.

    • Quiz on Friday, September 4

  • Students will understand Standards for the Program and consequences for not meeting standards

  • Students will know the general semester plan

Emergency procedures
Emergency Procedures

  • Fire Drill

    • Fire Drill Captains:

      • AM: Damilola

      • PM: Breauna

  • Code Blue

  • Code Red

To be in the medical careers program
To be in the Medical Careers Program:

  • You must have completed an application form and been accepted into the program

    Program Entrance Requirements

  • You must have a minimum cum GPA of 2.5

  • You must have taken Biology and/or Chemistry with a minimum of a B

    See Ms. Marchwicki after class if you have questions

To stay in the medical careers program
To stay in the Medical Careers Program:

  • You must follow the standards of the program

  • Review standards now

    See Ms. Marchwicki after class if you have questions

May 30 or june 1 2009 information session john f kennedy high school

May 30 or June 1, 2009 Information SessionJohn F. Kennedy High School

Medical Careers Program


Medical careers program
Medical Careers Program

  • Medical Careers is part of the Tri-M Academy

  • The rigorous requirements of this program are based on Maryland Board of Nursing Nurse Practice Act and John F. Kennedy High School’s Student Guide to Rights and Responsibilities

  • This is a college level course and standards are expected to be met

  • Grades are EARNED according to standards

    (I do not give grades, I just document what the student earned)

Medical careers program1
Medical Careers Program

  • Is not labeled

    • Honors

    • AP

  • BUT


  • This Class is HARD WORK

Mission statement
Mission Statement

Members of the Medical Career Program Teams will explore a wide range of health care careers and successfully prepare themselves for admission into institutions of higher learning and for entry level health care positions.

Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school

I find that the harder I work,

the more luck I seem to have.

  • Thomas Jefferson

Medical careers program standards
Medical Careers Program STANDARDS

  • Students will treat ALL people with courtesy and respect at ALL times.


Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school

* Disrespectful language

in this room

  • *Junk food in this room


Medical careers program standards1
Medical Careers Program STANDARDS

  • Students will maintain standards of professional behavior and dress at all times.


No no



Medical careers program standards2
Medical Careers Program STANDARDS

  • Students will complete all assignments on or before the due date to the required standards.

  • Students will notify the instructor beforethe due date if there is any concern with assignment completion.


No late papers accepted
No Late Papers Accepted


Medical careers program standards3
Medical Careers Program STANDARDS

  • Students will arrive to class

    on time prepared for the day’s

    scheduled activity.

  • Students will report their absences before

    the start of class or clinical.

  • MAXIMUM OF FIVE absences each semesterStudent will monitor self




Be prepared
Be Prepared


Medical careers program standards4
Medical Careers Program STANDARDS

  • Students will meet academic standards in all classes.

  • Parents and students will review the student’s grade report weekly on Edlineto ensure student is meeting standards in all classes.

Call the main office to get your password
Call the Main Office to get your password


Signatures required
Signatures required

  • Date______ Student signature___________________

  • Date______ Parent signature____________________


Please hand in required forms
Please hand inRequired Forms

  • Mission and Standards

    • Signed by student and parent

      Information about Hepatitis B

  • Student Information

    • Complete chart

      • clear, professional emails

      • Working phone numbers for student and parents

Review files now
Review files now

  • Some students need to add information:

    • Professional email

    • Parent email

    • Etc.

Only students meeting the above standards will be
ONLYstudents meeting the above standards will be:

  • Eligible for admission into second semester

  • Eligible for college and scholarship recommendations

  • Eligible for CNA licensure

  • Eligible for second year internships

Medical careers program2
Medical Careers Program

  • First Semester Overview

    • Respect for all Humans

    • Foundations for Caring – Six Principles of Care

    • Nursing Care of Patients

    • Body Systems

      • Anatomy and Physiology

      • Disease Processes

      • Preventative Health Care

Medical careers program3
Medical Careers Program

  • Second Semester Overview

    • CPR Training

    • Internship in Skilled Nursing Facility

      • Provide Nursing Assistant care to residents

    • Internship at Suburban Hospital

      • Shadow Health Care Professionals

Medical careers program4
Medical Careers Program

  • Instructor

    • Barbara Marchwicki, RN, MS

    • Education

      • ADN – Montgomery College – 1981

      • BSN – Catholic University – 1985

      • MS, Nursing Administration – Georgetown University - 1993

    • Professional Experience

      • 27 years nursing experience in hospital, home health, management, research, and education

      • 10 years teaching adults – CNA programs

      • 2 years teaching English in Lodz, POLAND

      • 5 years teaching High School – AEHS, JFKHS

Professional awards
Professional Awards

5/09 Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction

The National Society of High School Scholars

4/08 Wheaton & Kensington Chamber of Commerce Community Award

Teacher of the Year – John F. Kennedy High School

6/07 John F. Kennedy High School: Above and Beyond Award

“Exceptional contributions, dedication and selfless service” 06/07 Academic Year

6/06 Montgomery County Public Schools: Teacher Excellence

C&TE Division: Biosciences, Health Service and Medicine

9/05Montgomery College: Outstanding Teaching Award for 2005

Workforce Development: Health Sciences

I am the teacher
I am the Teacher

  • I am preparing your children for second semester, internships, college and work


    • Follow directions immediately, ask questions if they do not understand

    • Manage and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR their own behavior


“It is our choices, Harry,

that show what we truly are,

far more than our abilities.”

Albus Dumbledore,

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,

J. K. Rowling

Medical careers program5
Medical Careers Program

  • How to contact me

    • Barbara_J_Marchwicki@mcpsmd.org

    • Work – 301-929-2174

    • Home – 301-589-6580 (only urgent calls)

  • Teacher Availability

    • 7:00 – 7:25 am

    • Lunch time

    • 2:10 until I go home

Medical careers program6
Medical Careers Program

  • Student Managed Projects

    • Student managed Blood Pressure


      • Student organized American Red Cross Blood Drives *1st blood drive 9-18-09

      • Managers? Maritza Mena

      • Bone Marrow Donor Registry – Managers? Breauna

Medical careers program7
Medical Careers Program

  • Projects, cont.

    • Student organized USUHS

      Medical Student Interviews

      Managers? Cindy Contreras

      *Interviews will start 9-17-09

    • Student developed Healing Garden

      • Need committed managers

      • Weed, then plant chrysanthemums

Other opportunities
Other Opportunities

  • sciLIFE – Manager?

    Saturday, October 24th, 2009

  • expectation – 100% attendance

  • Latino Nursing Career Opportunity Program

    • During lunch school, here in room 113

  • Health Fair – Manager? Lucia

  • and Leida

    • Saturday, Sept. 26

    • Minimum four volunteers

  • Medical Explorer’s Program **email communications**

    • Evenings, at Holy Cross Hospital

  • Summer assignments1
    Summer Assignments

    • Submit electronically by the first day of class:Barbara_J_Marchwicki@mcpsmd.org

    • Read book of choice and write an essay

      • List of 6 books provided

    • Write an essay about why you are in the Medical Careers Program

      • Topics to include provided

    Text books syllabus
    Text Books & Syllabus

    • Distribute textbooks

    • Review Syllabus

    Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school

    • Does any one want to be my “right hand man”?

    Warm up
    Warm - Up

    • Show PPT “Mathematics”

    Who s who
    Who’s WHO?

    • Arrange selves

      • in reverse alpha order

      • Fold line in half

      • Assess partner’s career goal, desired university, semester goal

    • Who is a fast typist?

    • Complete Careers and

    • Universities Chart

    • Set up email distribution list

    Medical careers standards and consequences
    Medical Careers Standards and Consequences

    + + + + + + + + + + +

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Welcome to the medical careers program at john f kennedy high school

    Welcome to Medical Careers

    Welcome to an exciting beginning chapter of your professional life