student leadership workshop how to set up a successful event
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Student Leadership Workshop How to Set up a Successful Event

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Student Leadership Workshop How to Set up a Successful Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Leadership Workshop How to Set up a Successful Event. April 18 th 2007. Event Timeline 1. Allison Miketa. Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline. Step One: Determine Event Type, Date, and Location Plan a business meeting to discuss the event

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event timeline 1

Event Timeline 1

Allison Miketa

event planning fundraiser timeline
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step One: Determine Event Type, Date, and Location
  • Plan a business meeting to discuss the event
  • Decide if this will be an event or a fundraiser
  • Decide if this will be co-sponsored with another organization and plan appropriately for paperwork – know what forms need signatures from both organizations
event planning fundraiser timeline1
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step One: Determine Event Type, Date, and Location
  • Check the University Calendar to pick a date (at
  • Only one event on the Health Science Campus per day
  • Request a location (the Office of Student Life (OSL) Health Science Campus (HSC) will handle scheduling and availability but you may request a specific room)
    • If you choose an off-campus location, you must go through the OSL and have a contract – Students cannot sign the contract themselves
event planning fundraiser timeline2
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step Two: Obtain Approval from the Office of Student Life
  • Complete at least 4 weeks before the desired event and at least 5 days prior to the monthly officer’s meeting.
  • All requests must be date/time stamped prior to submitting it to the OSL.
  • Must be processed before you can contact speakers or plan your event.
  • Do not go forward with the planning of an event until it has been approved by the OSL HSC – You need signed paperwork
  • You will not be reimbursed for any expenses if you did not fill out the proper paperwork
event planning fundraiser timeline3
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Submit the following:
  • Risk Assessment Form (#014)
  • Pre Event/Program Request Forms (#005) if planning an event or a Fundraiser Request Form (#008) if planning a fundraiser
  • * Ifplanning a fundraiser, be aware thatall letters for solicitation must first be approved by the OSL HSC.
  • Alcohol Registration Form (# 009) if applicable
  • Publicity Form (#017)
speaking of forms
Speaking of forms…
  • Forms are available
    • In the OSL on the “wall of forms”
    • On the Web at
  • Forms must be time-stamped (first-come, first-served)
event planning fundraiser timeline4
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step Three: Plan the event
  • Contact speakers or other participants
  • Begin promotion of the event
  • Arrange for food – Need an RSVP list to submit a food order
  • OSL must approve the food order prior to submitting it to the vendor
  • Order the food 3 business days prior to the event.
event planning fundraiser timeline5
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step Four: Day of the Event
  • Confirm food orders
  • Maintain an accurate attendance list
  • Keep all receipts for reimbursement
  • Sales tax is not reimbursable through state
  • Tip is not reimbursable through state
event planning fundraiser timeline6
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step Five: Reimbursement for the Event
  • Event/Program Reimbursement Form (#007)
  • The treasurer must submit the Event/Program Reimbursement form no later than 5 business days after the event/program.
  • An accurate attendance sheet and itemized receipt must be submitted along with the Event/Program Reimbursement Form (#007).
event planning fundraiser timeline7
Event Planning/Fundraiser Timeline
  • Step Six: Post Event
  • Two weeks after the date of the event/program the event chair must submit to the OSL a Post-Event Program Form (# 015)
  • Please refer to the Student Organization Handbook for more detail and remember to use the online resources at the Office of Student Life webpage
forms 1

Forms 1

Simas Laniauskas

hints with paperwork
Hints with paperwork
  • Keep copies of everything
fundraiser with speaker sponsored by students for medical missions
Possible Date: April 18th 2007 from 5pm – 7pm

Venues sought: Ingram Room (Student Union Hall on main campus of UT), Dana Center, Health Science Rm 110

Best Priced venue: Health Science Rm 110

Contact: Contact Kathy Kaczmarek for booking the room and arranging the setup you desire

Rental of the venue is free. Scheduled the date based on the OSL online calendar.

Publicize on HSC with posters and flyers


Venue: $0

Speaker: $350 – John Smith from Doctors without Borders

Food: $1000

Total cost of the event: $1350

Food purchased from Olive Garden – 100 students/faculty reservations (list of RSVPs attached) @ $10 per person

Donations will be taken at the back of the classroom for Iraqi War Victims Medical Relief Fund

Fundraiser with Speaker – sponsored by Students for Medical Missions

Name of event: Sights and Sounds from Across the Border

pre event program request form
Pre-Event/Program Request Form

Fundraiser with Speaker

  • Use the Pre-Event/Program Request Form to guide you through the planning process
    • Consult Event Calendar when planning dates
    • Submit form at least 5 days before monthly officers meeting with Risk Assessment Form and Alcohol form is applicable
  • Publicizing Event – Also need to fill out Request for Publicity Form
pre event program request form1
Pre-Event/Program Request Form
  • Budget – If unsure, overestimate a little
    • Divide funds for event between OSL funds and UTCOM Foundation funds (if available)
    • If speaker is UTCOM HSC faculty member – cannot be given an honorarium from OSL or Foundation funds
    • If speaker has fee – contract must be established through OSL – there is a special form if the speaker is to receive an honorarium
      • Check must be sent in mail
risk assessment form
Risk Assessment Form
  • Consider risks not part of daily living
    • Eating, sitting, event setup, etc. don’t need to be considered (unless you’re having an eating contest or something unusual)
    • Food poisoning need only be considered if food (beyond snack food) is not being provided by professionals
  • If program is minimal risk, briefly put your reasoning on the form
risk assessment form1
Risk Assessment Form
  • Once the Risk Assessment form is submitted to the OSL, it is sent to Risk Management on campus, and all of their suggestions will be emailed back to the contact student to implement all new changes on the form and for the event
  • You also need to consult with either your organizations advisor or risk management director Tom Claire to determine if the event will be adequately managed
risk assessment form2
Risk Assessment Form
  • Some risks require a waiver – must be submitted to OSL prior to the event
    • Travel
    • Sport-type activities (think MOOSE club)
    • Workshops (especially involving sharps)
fundraiser request form
Fundraiser Request Form
  • Submit Fund Raiser Request, Publicity, Alcohol and Risk Assessment Form 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • Start-up funds are available from the OSL HSC for fund raising purposes.
  • An organization may charge a fee for attendance at a fund raising event.
  • The proceeds from the event must be used to reimburse the costs that have been “borrowed” from the OSL HSC before any profit can be declared.
fundraiser request form1
Fundraiser Request Form
  • Extra info for Fundraising events
    • Representative Name, name and address of company used to purchase items
    • Is the company going to furnish a luncheon at their cost
    • How are auction items to be shipped – to who and where, verify with the OSL HSC before shipping to their office
    • How will the shipment be tracked – UPS number, US Post office
    • Is there a return policy for damaged goods or goods that aren’t up to quality may need to have a contract.
    • The above information must be supplied prior to approval by the OSL HSC or Risk Assessment.
forms 2

Forms 2

Jason Kodat

publicity form
Publicity Form
  • Get authorization for use of the UT name/logo
  • Include an expiration date on flyers
  • Flyers
    • Send large quantities to OSL
    • Up to 15 color flyers can be printed in Office of Student Life
  • E-mails
    • Cannot be used to solicit funds or personal advertisement
    • Submit copy of e-mail to OSL for distribution
  • Posters, Brochures, On Campus Intranet Sources, Transparencies, PowerPoint, T.V., Newspaper, Radio
  • Organization website
day of the event
Day of the Event
  • The Event was a Success!!!!
  • What to do next?
event reimbursement form
Event Reimbursement Form
  • Turned in no later than 5 business days after the event signed by treasurer and any co-sponsoring treasurers
  • Attached to the form:

1.) Accurate Attendance Sheet from the event

2.) All itemized receipts for the event

3.) Name and address of any student being reimbursed

  • Once the form is turned in to the OSL, the event is closed, and no reimbursements will be made
event reimbursement form1
Event Reimbursement Form
  • Account definitions
    • State Account = State money from your student general fee given to the OSL for student Organizations. Each organization receives $400 for travel and $400 for an educational/social event at the beginning of the year
    • Foundation account = Certain organizations have a foundation account with fundraising money in it for any event that the organization sees fit. It is up to the treasurer of each organization to know how much money their organization has in each account
post event program form
Post-Event/ Program Form

To assess the event/program, the persons responsible for planning the event should fill out a post event/program form. This will help you know whether this event is one that your club wants to continue in the future. It will also offer suggestions for future officers on what to change to make it better.

post event program form1
Post-Event/ Program Form
  • Two weeks after the date of the event/program the event chair must submit to the OSL a Post Event/Program Form
  • This form should be discussed with all students involved in the event and the risk assessment coordinator.
  • The form must be completed in its entirety before submission to the OSL.
The fundraiser was a success because a profit was made to donate to the Iraqi war victims medical relief fund.
alcohol registration form
Alcohol Registration Form
  • Policies currently being rewritten
  • Must submit with Risk assessment form, Publicity Form and Pre event request form
  • Alcoholic beverages served at any event can only be provided at a cash bar
  • Alcoholic beverages can only be provided by vendors who have appropriate license to distribute alcohol
  • The serving of alcohol must cease 30 minutes prior to the end of the event.
Alcohol Registration Form

Spring Fling


9 pm

2:30 am

Trotter’s Tavern

5131 Heatherdowns Blvd Toledo, OH

UT COM Students

Social Event - Dance


Trotter’s Tavern Bartender

Cash Bar

Joe Smith [email protected] (419-3434)



Carmen Quatman

travel and conference
  • Travel and Conference Guidelines
  • At least 6 weeks prior to the desired travel, submit the following forms:
  • Travel Request Form (#010) – one for each student traveling
  • Risk Assessment Form (#014)
  • Official documentation of the conference
  • Minutes of the business meeting at which the travel was discussed
travel and conference1
  • Travel and Conference Guidelines
  • Letter of intent from any student wishing to travel, stating why they wish to attend the conference and how they will benefit from the experience.
  • * All students traveling must register and sign a waiver with the OSL HSC prior to travel. If they did not register or sign a waiver no reimbursement will be given. A waiver can be e-mailed but must be followed up by a signed waiver being sent to the OSL
  • All students must be in good academic standing – OSL will verify all students’ academic status and notify students if they are not in good standing
travel and conference2
  • Making Arrangements for Conference Travel
  • Upon approval from the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in the College of Medicine, ALL TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS EXCLUDING LODGING MUST BE MADE THROUGH THE OSL HSC.
  • Conference registration fees can be paid through OSL HSC. In order to do so, individual registration forms must be submitted to the OSL HSC at least two weeks prior to registration deadline. The OSL HSC will not pay for late registration or to have registration priority mailed. Any such cost incurred will be the responsibility of the traveler.
travel and conference3
  • Reimbursement for Travel
  • For all expenses incurred during travel, the treasurer of the organization must submit a Student Travel Reimbursement Form (# 011), for each individual who traveled, ten (10) business days after the conference.
  • All original itemized receipts including boarding passes and proof of payment must be attached to the Student Travel Reimbursement
  • Must submit an agenda or program from the conference and proof of attending the conference
Mary Taylor

2nd Year

2345 Byrne Road Toledo Oh 43614


5/31/07 to 6/3/07

American College of Sports Medicine

Indianapolis, IN









Jack Smith, Cody Weiss, Sara Bins






osl will soon provide a copy of the student handbook for each officer s individual responsibilities
OSL will soon provide a copy of the student handbook for each officer’s individual responsibilities
  • Now it is YOUR turn
  • Each table will be given all appropriate paperwork needed to plan an event
  • Work as a group with your table to create, plan, and fill out all the Forms for your event
  • Be CREATIVE! It can be an event you would like to see on campus next year!