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Student Support Services. Stress Management. Developed by Camilla Bravo Designed by Alex Wilson. Coping Methods. Self-Understanding/ Awareness a) Get feedback from others on how they see you b) Keep track of your stress level

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Student support services

Student Support Services

Stress Management

Developed by Camilla Bravo

Designed by Alex Wilson

Coping methods
Coping Methods

  • Self-Understanding/ Awareness

    a) Get feedback from others on how they see you

    b) Keep track of your stress level

    c) Find out what is controllable in your life and what isn’t

    d) Be honest with yourself

    e) Don’t always strive for perfection

    f) Be yourself

  • Relaxation

    a) Focus to one thing at a time

    b) Learn to play again

    c) Laugh

    d) Increase

    e) Clear your mind

    f) Develop a hobby

  • Physical Exercise

    a) Begin with a medical check-up

    b) Plan for vigorous exercise weekly

    c) Practice good posture

    d) Work off your anger


a) Take time to eat

b) Eat balanced meals

c) If snacking, eat only nutritious, natural snacks

d) Identify and steer clear of hidden food additives, i.e., caffeine, sugar, etc

e)Drink plenty of water

Letting go

a) Confront your fears

b) Practice self-expression

c) Accept what you cannot change


a) Listen to your body signals

b) Be sensitive to life

c) Plan daily practice session of consciously reducing stress of thinking positive

Time Management

a) Organize your life according to personal priorities

b) Provide for variety within your life

c) Set goals for accomplishment of tasks

d) Make clear choices

e) Define the purpose of work

  • Environment

    a) Provide security and comfort

    b) provide a quiet spot for yourself

    c) Reduce the noise level

Take the stress test which type of stress is most prominent

Physical Stress




Holiday Stress

Or a combination of more than one

Take the Stress TestWhich type of stress is most prominent

Focusing on holiday stress
Focusing on Holiday Stress

  • Causes

    -Emphasizing gifts

    -Assuming all the responsibility

    -“Getting everything done”

    -Commercial pressures

    -Sad memories

    -Unfulfilled resolutions

    -Unrealistic expectations

  • Family Stressors

    -Feeling like a kid again

    -Seeing your grown children

    -Feeling isolated or alienated

Ways to help with these stressors
Ways to help with these stressors

  • Plan an Agenda

  • Reverse roles and invite your parents to your home

  • Clarify expectations

  • Expect the normal tensions

  • Importantly have fun!!!

How vulnerable are you to stress

How Vulnerable are you to stress??


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