more than a business suit n.
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More than a business suit ... PowerPoint Presentation
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More than a business suit ...

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More than a business suit ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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More than a business suit . Making the transition from student to professional. It’s a different world that brings new challenges but also presents new opportunities.

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More than a business suit ...

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    1. More than a business suit... Making the transition from student to professional

    2. It’s a different worldthat brings new challengesbut also presents new opportunities

    3. What will the world look like?Loss of “control”No more long vacationsSet hours (…that may belong)Entry-level workFailureis even scarierNew social atmosphereHelpis not automatic

    4. How to deal with it all ?

    5. Adjust student mentality to a professional one think like an employer; figure out how to contribute to organisation’s needs; focus on balancing between organisation’sneeds and yoursKnow what you don’t know keep an open mind; look out for new learning opportunitiesBe prepared to work hard; to be flexible; to persevere

    6. Watch and learn observe and learn from experienced colleagues; ask ask questions; seek advice; find a mentor Work on your people skills being positiveand pleasant to work with is preferred to someone with a bad attitude; effectiveness on the job will depend on ability to collaborate and influence, persuade and negotiateNetwork, network, network get to know people; offer help; make new friends; develop a strong professional network that can vouch for you and serve you throughout your career

    7. Keys to professional success

    8. Good communication skills Ability to learn, apply and continue obtaining new skillsProblem solvingskillsCritical thinking skillsTeaming and teamwork Time management skillsTechnology savvy Enthusiasm and positive attitudeProfessionalism– in action and dress

    9. Find, follow and celebrate your passion