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Cruising II

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Cruising II
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  1. Cruising II

  2. Cruising II Learning Objectives • Understand the importance of the industry • Explain the cruise industry • Reveal what a cruise experience like • Identify the common questions raised

  3. STB’s S&C • STB’s set up the Sightseeing & Cruise (or S&C for short) in Jan 2004 • Product & development, packaging, distribution, marketing support, communications, investment promotion and industry development.

  4. Cruise Department Cruise Department • regional hub with superb port infrastructure and a diverse range of cruise products • facilitate infrastructure development and attract more ships to Singapore • diverse range of attractively packaged and effectively distributed cruise products

  5. Cruise’s Contribution • Cruise Sector in Singapore contributes S$197 million in tourist spending in 2002 • Dropped by about 30% drop in tourist spending in 2003 during SARS outbreak

  6. Types of Cruises in Singapore • Types of Cruises’ companies in Singapore and the world

  7. Star Cruises • Star Cruises, the third largest cruise line in the world is a global cruise brand with a combined fleet of 20 ships • destinations and islands in Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Hawaii, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Mediterranean, Bermuda and the Antarctica

  8. Star Cruises • Brand names include Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL America, Orient Lines and Cruise Ferries • Vessels operating under the Star Cruises' brand in Asia-Pacific are SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Gemini, Star Pisces, MegaStar Aries and MegaStar Taurus.

  9. Types of Cruises in Singapore • SuperstarStar Virgo :- delivered in Aug 1999, 76,800-grt with a lower berth passengers, extensive facilities and features making her a favorite for cruisers filled cruise vacations

  10. Types of cruises in Singapore • Ship Facts  Ship Name: SuperStar Virgo  Gross Tonnage: 76,800grt  Length (metres): 268m  Width (metres): 32m  Average Cruising Speed (knots): 24kn  Maximum Cruising Speed (knots): 25.5kn  Number of Stabilisers: 1set  Bow & Stern Thrusters: 3  Full Satellite Navigation System: 2  Number of Cabins: 980  Passenger Capacity (based on lower berths): 1,960

  11. Why people cruise? • Getting away from it all • Luxury and service • Interesting destinations

  12. Why people cruise? • You can do it all • You can also do nothing • Something for everybody • A learning experience

  13. Why people cruise? • A friendly experience • A romantic experience 10) A safe experience

  14. Why people cruise? 11) A romantic experience 12) A trendy experience

  15. Why people cruise? 13) A no-hassle vacation 14) A prepackaged vacation 15) A vacation value

  16. Strategic Alliance • In December 2004, StarCruise and ValuAir’s – strategic alliance with StarCruise became the biggest shareholder in Singapore’s first international budget carrier

  17. Strategic Alliance • contributed over S$300M last five years • co-ordinate operations and jointly market attractive fly/cruise packages to provide passengers with a seamless, yet flexible, travel experiences at attractive prices

  18. Pre, Post, And off-ship experiences • Pre-Cruise :- Land package follow by cruise • Post-Cruise :- Land package after the cruise

  19. Common questions What does run of ship mean? • anywhere on the ship e.g. lowest deck to the highest deck, in inside or outside cabins, or front, back, or mid ship.

  20. Common Questions • Is there a benefit in purchasing trip insurance? • Absolutely. We recommend the purchase of trip insurance, as some things cannot be anticipated. Trip insurance offers protection if you have to cancel due to injury, sickness, or death to you, a traveling companion, or immediate family member. It does not cover unstable, preexisting conditions. Additionally, trip insurance provides emergency assistance while you are on vacation. In such a case, you would need to pay at the time of treatment and file for reimbursement later.

  21. Common Questions • What happens if my flight is delayed for the cruise? What should I do? • The cruise line and the airlines work together very closely to assist you in getting to your cruise. Speak to the airline first and find out what time your plane will leave. Then contact us, as we will advise the cruise line and the transfer can meet you as planned. Should you arrive at the point of embarkation, but still miss the ship, the cruise line will place you in a hotel for the evening and the airline will fly you to your first port of call. If you have not purchased your flights through the cruise line, then you will need to work directly with the airline for assistance. In either situation, you want to advise the airline that you are on your way to meet a cruise ship. In some cases, they will prioritize you above other passengers if they have to cancel your flight and reschedule you for a later flight.

  22. Common Questions • If I'm on the bottom deck, am I below the water? • All passenger cabins are located above sea level.

  23. Common Questions • Can I fly in the night before or stay an additional night after the cruise? • Cruise lines do offer pre-night and post cruise packages that you can purchase at an additional cost. However, there is a limited quantity. The sooner you purchase one, the greater you chances of it being available. Should you not be able to purchase one of these, then you can book a room on your own and customize your flights; you may hear this process referred to as air deviation. A fee is involved, but you will be able to choose to fly in a day earlier. In this way, you will most likely make your cruise despite inclement weather.

  24. Distribution Channels • Internet • Travel Agencies • Tour Operators • Cruise lines

  25. Summary • Major contributor to the economy • Star Cruise is the third largest cruise company in the world • Common questions that may occur in the cruise industry • Cruises are sold through different types of distribution channels